ROX celebrates the 20th Anniversary of RO! Special Events, 2nd Classes, And New Maps Are Coming!

ROX celebrates the 20th Anniversary of RO! Special Events, 2nd Classes, And New Maps Are Coming!

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To commemorate this momentous milestone, the mobile iteration of the crippled Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has announced a bid of caller updates for each Midgard’s adventurers, including an instauration to caller classes for Archer and Mage, accrued level headdress and max beingness accomplishment level to 110 and 11 respectively, arsenic good arsenic a caller map, Comodo. 

Sound of Remembrance

Over the years, RO has produced assorted soundtracks for each caller representation release, bringing an progressively immersive acquisition for the players. To observe the 20th RO anniversary, ROX present presents a peculiar lawsuit Sound of Remembrance wherever adventurers are greeted with a travel down representation lane and provided a accidental to revisit the philharmonic travel of the crippled together.

During the event, adventurers tin get Memory Fragment by completing lawsuit regular missions oregon by purchasing Crystals. Each quality tin get up to 100 pcs of Memory Fragment during the event.

For each 5 Memory Fragments obtained, a Memory Disc volition beryllium unlocked. Besides, playing a Memory Disc for the archetypal clip grants a astonishment reward for adventurers.

But wait, there’s more! For each adventurer managing to unlock 20 Memory Discs successful total, an exclusive headgear Elven Ears awaits arsenic a bonus!

The Anticipated Map, Comodo

The astir anticipated map, Comodo is yet present successful Ragnarok X Next Generation. Famous for each the taverns and colorful entertainment, arsenic good arsenic the lively nightlife and beauteous formation view, it is simply a fashionable destination for adventurers hoping to bask the city’s relaxed ambiance and assorted attractions.

Sure enough, adventurers person aggregate reasons to sojourn Comodo, but beware of the different broadside unnoticed by many, a spot to observe caller monsters, and of course, summation immoderate unprecedented loot.

New Instance – Mutant Dragonoid

Try facing a much hard Boss: Mutant Dragonoid successful Comodo. Unlocking it astatine Level 108 surely means a challenging brag monster to fight.

Besides, determination volition beryllium caller MVP and Mini challenges to acquisition alongside different adventurers. Look guardant to the Tao Gunka, Lost Dragon, Ogretooth, Necromancer, and different monsters that nary has ever seen before!

Second Classes for Archer and Mage

The Archer Class volition spot 2 caller 2nd classes, the Dancer and Bard, portion Mage volition greet caller allies with the summation of the Sage. 

Dancers are evidently named for their dance-like steps and movements, with which they mesmerize their foes and supply a mendacious consciousness of information earlier striking. Their caller weapon, the whip, slings projectiles consecutive astatine their enemies.

Bards usage their euphony to power the battlefield, thereby supporting their allies and hindering their enemies. When warring unneurotic with the Dancers, the effect of some their choral skills is greatly improved, expanding the effectiveness of the party. 

Sages person the unsocial quality to formed spells freely portion moving around, granting awesome mobility and quicker attacks than different magic classes. With the mystical publication arsenic their weapon, they adhd other elemental harm with the magic bolts. Moreover, they tin besides negate the accomplishment of their people and sorb its SP.

Gender Transition

Adventurers tin present alteration their sex by utilizing the sex conversion voucher successful the crippled arsenic agelong arsenic Base Level 20 is reached. To activate this function, simply find the NPC Diolos connected Prontera to acquisition the voucher. Also, adventurers tin present usage the point Book of Travers to power to immoderate antithetic classes.

The momentous milestone of RO arsenic good arsenic the caller lawsuit brought to ROX volition surely delight each of the adventurers. To celebrate, let’s cheque retired the crippled and acquisition each of the caller updates first-hand. Haven’t downloaded Ragnarok X Next Generation yet? Click present to commencement the adventure. Learn much astir ROX from their official Facebook page!

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