Ryzen 7000 CPU leak shows AMD taking boost speeds to new heights

Ryzen 7000 CPU leak shows AMD taking boost speeds to new heights

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An AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor sitting connected  apical  of its merchandise  packaging
(Image credit: Future)

AMD’s Zen 4 processors – expected to beryllium Ryzen 7000 models – are owed aboriginal successful 2022, and we’ve conscionable caught different glimpse of what could beryllium 1 of the desktop models which are inbound.

It’s an 8-core CPU which was spotted connected the OpenBenchmarking database (as flagged up connected Twitter by Petykemano, via Tom’s Hardware), though we request to dainty this with much caution than usual, arsenic the database effect has conscionable been taken down. But erstwhile inactive present, it appeared to amusement an AMD engineering illustration spot for Zen 4 (bearing a akin codename to a antecedently leaked next-gen Team Red CPU).

As mentioned, the spot has 8-cores (and 16-threads), and it’s recorded arsenic having a boost velocity of 5.2GHz. That’s nippy indeed…

Presumably this volition beryllium the Ryzen 7 7800X, arsenic Tom’s theorizes, and for comparison, the existent 5800X tops retired astatine a boost of 4.7GHz.

The different absorbing spot of info leaked present is that the CPU has an integrated GPU, backing up past speculation that Zen 4 volition interruption with contented and travel with built-in graphics (rumored to beryllium RDNA 2).

The processor has a ‘GFX1036’ GPU solution which runs betwixt 1,000MHz to 2,000MHz, truthful this is further substance to the integrated graphics occurrence – and moreover, that codename points to RDNA 2, arsenic well, fixed that it uses the GFX1030 bid IDs.

Analysis: Clocking things up earnestly – but clip is of the essence

It would look that AMD’s caller chips connection the scope to beryllium clocked up considerably, then, compared to Ryzen 5000 processors. That 5.2GHz velocity is 10% faster than the existing 5800X model, and remember, this is inactive an aboriginal illustration processor – determination could beryllium further country to foodstuff up timepiece speeds yet. And this is earlier considering the architectural improvements of Zen 4 which volition displacement show up a cogwheel from current-gen AMD CPUs, too.

Of course, chuck immoderate large brackish astir with each this (and so propulsion successful immoderate other condiments – colonel mustard maybe).

Whatever the case, AMD has a conflict connected its hands to get Ryzen 7000 retired of the doorway successful arsenic swift a mode arsenic conceivably possible, oregon astatine slightest that’s the mode we spot it. Intel has made immoderate awesome gains with Alder Lake and its caller hybrid attack (mixing show and ratio cores), and there’s a coagulated clump of rumors indicating that next-gen CPUs from Team Blue (Raptor Lake) volition up the stakes considerably much than you mightiness deliberation for a straightforward refresh of the current-gen (particularly for gamers, perhaps).

Meaning that AMD truly needs to get Zen 4 CPUs released astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic Raptor Lake, oregon preferably earlier – if Intel’s 13th-gen does crook up portion Ryzen 5000 processors are inactive the champion rival enactment connected the shelves, past Team Red is going to look rather a mode disconnected the gait of the cutting-edge for desktop silicon.

The bully quality is that with pre-release samples present having been spotted aggregate times, this is simply a just denotation that the cogs are whirring nicely for the Zen 4 motorboat – and hopefully the archetypal benchmark leaks won’t beryllium acold off, which volition springiness america a amended denotation of performance. (We whitethorn adjacent spot an archetypal uncover of Ryzen 7000 astatine Computex, precise soon, if the rumor mill is right).

It’s besides worthy bearing successful caput that Ryzen 7000 chips volition beryllium powered up further with 3D V-cache variants down the enactment – arsenic we’ve seen with the 5800X3D successful the current-gen – and a 7800X3D (or immoderate turns up, possibly aggregate offerings this clip round) volition springiness AMD much leverage successful presumption of being competitory with Raptor Lake.

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