Samsung Cloud storage: Everything you need to know

Samsung Cloud storage: Everything you need to know

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Samsung Cloud

Own a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone? Then you astir apt already person entree to Samsung’s escaped cloud storage solution: Samsung Cloud. As you mightiness expect, this is simply a cloud-based solution that allows you to store files from your Samsung smartphone (or mobile device) remotely and much, overmuch more.

More specifically connected the servers handled by 1 of the lesser known Samsung divisions, Samsung SDS, which is contiguous successful much than 40 countries globally. 

Note that Samsung has confirmed that the Gallery Sync and Drive storage for My Files volition nary longer beryllium supported by Samsung Cloud from June 30 2021. If customers that person a premium retention subscription plan, this volition automatically beryllium canceled connected April 1, 2021.

User information volition beryllium transferred to Microsoft OneDrive from October 2020. Those who person paid for other capableness connected Samsung Cloud Storage volition get other OneDrive retention capableness for 1 twelvemonth aft which, they volition person to bargain other OneDrive retention capacity.

What is Samsung Cloud?

As the proprietor of a caller Samsung device, you usually get 15GB of escaped unreality retention successful Samsung Cloud – though Verizon customers are excluded from that deal.

You tin backmost up your telephone oregon support immoderate files that you privation successful this retention locker. Note that information generated by preloaded Samsung apps specified arsenic contacts and calendar arsenic good arsenic information associated with the instrumentality itself does not number against the 15GB quota.

Samsung splits the information that tin beryllium processed into 2 groups, arsenic follows…

What tin beryllium synced: Calendar, Contacts, Samsung Internet, Samsung Keyboard, S Notes, Samsung Notes, Samsung Pass, Gallery and Reminder.

What tin beryllium backed up: Calendar events, contacts connected sim paper and phone, telephone logs, timepiece settings, location surface layouts, apps, settings, messages, music, dependable recordings and documents.

Unfortunately, neither WhatsApp messages nor photos are included successful this process. There is besides a 1GB record size limit; thing bigger won't beryllium backed up.

How to prevention information successful Samsung Cloud

To get started, spell to cloud and accounts successful your instrumentality settings, prime Samsung Cloud and negociate your information immediately. You tin cheque your unreality usage, backmost up your data, reconstruct it, and sync information crossed aggregate devices but outer retention (there’s nary enactment for microSD cards). You volition evidently request to make an relationship oregon motion successful to the service.

Remember that the work is not disposable connected older Samsung devices (older than the Galaxy S6), and that the relationship is not tied to the smartphone oregon tablet, but to your ID (or email address). You tin entree Samsung Cloud retention via a browser astatine but you won’t beryllium capable to adhd files – that tin lone beryllium done via your (Android) telephone oregon tablet.

Should I usage Samsung Cloud?

If you request other storage, Samsung charges $0.99 per period for 50GB and $2.99 per period for 200GB with nary discounts fixed for yearly subscriptions. Just retrieve that the enactment to upgrade is not disposable successful each territories oregon connected each carriers.

As of June 2019, the retention enactment was lone disposable successful 30 countries, and adjacent past not each mobile networks rolled it out. In comparison, Google charges $1.99 per period for the 100GB tier and $7.99 for the 1TB tier connected Google Drive.

Even this sounds costly compared to our editor’s choice, the iDrive Personal which provides 5TB of retention for conscionable implicit $3.50 erstwhile buying connected an yearly basis. 

Given that Samsung’s apical of the scope smartphone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra , has up to 1TB interior retention and tin accommodate different 1TB retention via a microSD card, it makes consciousness to take a unreality retention locker susceptible of backing up that magnitude of information safely.

Other smartphone manufacturers similar Huawei/Honor (with Mobile Cloud) oregon Apple (with iCloud) supply akin cloud-based offerings and each endure from the aforesaid nagging contented – the deficiency of flexible retention upgrades crossed a wide scope of operators and countries.

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