Samsung Galaxy S22+ review: An upgraded galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S22+ review: An upgraded galaxy

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Samsung Galaxy S22+ lying connected  a moss covered rock.

Samsung Galaxy S22+

MSRP $999.00

“The S22+ is simply a large telephone that offers mean upgrades to surface size, artillery capacity, and connectivity implicit the little costly S22.”


  • Large, durable, and beauteous screen
  • Excellent camera system
  • Powerful hardware
  • IP68 upwind resistance


  • Price is simply a spot steep
  • Doesn’t bash overmuch to acceptable itself apart

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is surely the unusual telephone retired of the Galaxy family. The base-level S22 is an charismatic enactment if you’re looking to prevention a spot of cash, portion the high-end ultra has each the bells and whistles for the large spenders. The S22+ sits awkwardly betwixt the two, struggling to clasp a beardown individuality each its own. Nevertheless, the S22+ is simply a fully-featured Samsung Galaxy telephone with an awesome spec expanse to beryllium it, and it’s worthy checking out.


The S22+ is the overgrown duplicate of the S22. Unless you comparison them side-by-side, the other 0.5-inches of surface abstraction isn’t going to beryllium precise noticeable, and visually there’s thing other to separate the S22+. It’s a good-looking phone, with rounded edges that marque it comfy to hold. It’s disposable successful a wide assortment of colors, including Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, Burgundy, and if you bargain it from Samsung’s online store you tin besides get it successful Graphite, Sky Blue, oregon Red.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ with container  and accessories connected  a table.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

The telephone features the powerfulness and measurement fastener layout shared by each modern Samsung phones, arsenic good arsenic the distinctive camera bump that’s been contiguous since the days of the S21. As with that phone, though it whitethorn somewhat unbalance the S22+ erstwhile lying connected a level surface, specified protruding camera bumps person ne'er bothered me.

The S22+ features an under-screen fingerprint scanner and is rated arsenic IP68 resistant to h2o and dust. Such resiliency is indispensable successful devices that spell everyplace with america and indispensable past each the elements we ourselves are exposed to connected a regular basis. Also, the usage of Gorilla Glass Victus+ has made the surface remarkably tough. Unlike the erstwhile procreation of Galaxy phones, neither the S22+ nor my S22 Ultra has suffered from the micro scratches that seemed to accumulate truthful easy connected the S21 series.


The Samsung Galaxy S22+ surface  and selfie camera.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

The 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED show of the S22+ is gorgeous, with heavy blacks and affluent colors, and is HDR 10+ certified. Its FHD+ resolution isn’t awesome connected a spec sheet, but I didn’t announcement immoderate deficiency of sharpness due to the fact that of it. The 120hz refresh rate makes for creaseless navigation. The surface is flat, without the curved edges sometimes featured successful Samsung phones, and has a bladed achromatic bezel.

Software and performance

The S22+ performed consistently good passim my clip utilizing it. Its 8GB of RAM allows for plentifulness of multitasking, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor handled each mobile exertion I threw astatine it. Dota Underlords performed flawlessly, adjacent with the graphics settings maxed out.

The audio prime of the speakers and microphones is excellent, and I was capable to easy recognize and beryllium understood erstwhile making telephone calls. The speakers person decent measurement and were capable to output a decent rendition of 2Cellos screen of Thunderstruck.

I’ve been a large instrumentality of Samsung’s Android interface implicit the years, and Android 12 connected the S22+ is nary exception.

I’ve been a large instrumentality of Samsung’s Android interface implicit the years, and Android 12 connected the S22+ is nary exception. It’s intuitive to navigate and is aided by a highly responsive touchscreen. Samsung has a wide scope of proprietary software, some pre-installed and disposable done Samsung’s Galaxy storefront. Normally I’d beryllium skeptical of pack-in software, but I really usage Samsung’s bundle specified arsenic the Samsung notes, Expert RAW, and Galaxy Wearable connected a regular basis.


The Samsung Galaxy S22+ sitting connected  a moss covered rock.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

I tested the S22+ connected USCellular utilizing the aforesaid sim paper arsenic I usage successful my S22 Ultra. The S22+ achieved akin results to the S22 Ultra utilizing Ookla net velocity tests, and the S22+ successful wide performed arsenic I would expect. The S22+ supports Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, some of which provided fantabulous performance.

Of peculiar enactment is the information that the S22+ supports ultra-wideband, which is simply a capableness that it shares with the S22 Ultra, but which is lacking from the basal S22. Such networks don’t beryllium successful my country and aren’t wide available, but it’s bully to person if you unrecorded determination wherever ultra-wideband is available.

The S22+ is expected to payment from amended reception successful wide owed to its upgraded antenna, but successful my tests, it offered nary noticeable betterment implicit different phones, astatine slightest successful my area. If you unrecorded successful a dense municipality country your acquisition volition astir apt beryllium different, but for smaller towns and agrarian areas, you’re apt inactive stuck with the aforesaid spotty work nary substance which telephone you use.


Close up   of the camera bump connected  the Samsung Galaxy S22+.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

The S22+ features the aforesaid camera arsenic the basal level S22, which is nary atrocious thing. The cardinal diagnostic present is that, alternatively than the disappointing integer zoom of the S21 bid of Galaxy smartphones, the S22+ camera features an optical 3x zoom camera. This makes a satellite of quality if you thin heavy connected telephoto lenses arsenic I do. In summation to the 10MP f/2.4 telephoto camera, the S22+ includes a 50MP f/1.8 main camera and a 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide camera. All but the ultra-wide camera diagnostic optical representation stabilization. The punch-hole selfie camera is 10MP with an F/2.2 aperture.

I was precise blessed with the results from each 4 cameras.

I was precise blessed with the results from each 4 cameras. They present the high-quality results I person travel to expect from Samsung’s phones. The S22+ delivers sharp, richly colored photos close retired of the camera, and you person the enactment of downloading Samsung’s Expert RAW app if you’d alternatively process the representation yourself successful Lightroom Mobile oregon different editing software.

If you’ve utilized a Samsung Galaxy telephone wrong the past fewer years, the interface should beryllium precise acquainted to you. Swiping done the assorted disposable settings and modes is accelerated and fluid, and determination are surely plentifulness of modes disposable from ace dilatory question to representation and timelapse.

The S22+ tin sprout video astatine up to 8K astatine 24fps, and 4K astatine up to 60fps. I tin corroborate that this telephone is conscionable arsenic bully astatine capturing video arsenic it is inactive photos, and I’d beryllium perfectly blessed utilizing footage from it alongside that captured utilizing my pro-grade camera cogwheel successful my YouTube videos.


One of the cardinal advantages of the S22+ is that it features a ample 4,500mAh artillery and accelerated 45W charging. It besides supports 15W wireless charging, and 4.5W reverse wireless charging. In real-world usage that translates to a telephone that tin easy marque it done the time without needing a refill partway through.

The powerfulness  and measurement   buttons connected  the broadside  of the Samsung Galaxy S22+.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

Price and availability

The S22+ is disposable present and volition acceptable you backmost $1,000 astatine MSRP for the 128GB model, which is astir $100 much than it truly should be. It makes different Samsung Galaxy phones look similar a bully woody by comparison.

Our Take

There’s nary uncertainty that the Samsung Galaxy S22+ is simply a large phone, and its lone existent flaw is its terms comparative to the competition. While that seems similar a tiny complaint, it’s a existent occupation for the S22+. Put simply, the S22+ is successful a precise crowded space, and it’s uncovering it hard to truly differentiate itself not lone from its contention but besides from its siblings. The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is simply a large telephone and the terms is astir right, but if you privation to prevention 20%, you tin spell location with the S22. If you privation a batch of further functionality (including the “Note experience” arsenic Samsung calls it) the S22 Ultra is conscionable a mates of 100 more. Even the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is astatine the aforesaid terms constituent and it folds successful fractional but is different a precise akin product.

This is simply a large telephone and it checks a bully container for Samsung successful the merchandise diverseness department. You won’t beryllium disappointed with it. But it inactive seems similar Samsung needs to bash thing a spot antithetic to telephone this a existent worth for the money.

Is determination a amended alternative?

While technically superior to the basal level S22, I’m dubious of the merit of spending an other $200 connected the S22+. That $200 lone gets you a somewhat larger surface and battery, arsenic good arsenic enactment for ultra-wideband, which is lone utile to person if you unrecorded successful an country with bully ultra-wideband coverage. Meanwhile, the S22 Ultra is specified an tremendous leap implicit the S22+, and it’s lone $200 much costly than the S22+.

If you’re not acceptable connected a Samsung device, the iPhone 13 Pro is the aforesaid terms arsenic the S22+, and the Google Pixel 6 is $100 cheaper. The S22+ is simply a amended bargain than the likewise priced Motorola Edge+ chiefly owed to the amended camera and h2o absorption of the S22+.

How agelong volition it last?

Samsung has committed to providing updates to S22 bid phones for astatine slightest 4 years, truthful the telephone should stay applicable until 2026. Given its IP68 waterproofing and my idiosyncratic acquisition with Samsung smartphones, I deliberation this is simply a beauteous harmless estimation for the lifespan of the S22+.

Should you bargain it?

For Samsung fans, definitely. The S22+ is an fantabulous phone, and if you walk a expansive connected it you won’t beryllium disappointed. However, determination are galore different options disposable to you that volition let you to prevention immoderate wealth and inactive person a large experience. The smartphone marketplace astir the 1000 dollar terms constituent is highly competitive, and adjacent an astir flawless instrumentality has a hard clip lasting out.

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