Samsung Galaxy S23 leak teases a disappointing charging spec

Samsung Galaxy S23 leak teases a disappointing charging spec

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It’s been a week afloat of disappointing rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S23‘s battery. First, it was that the smartphone volition beryllium seeing an ever-so-slight five% summation successful artillery size, which apt volition beryllium wholly unnoticeable to astir of its idiosyncratic base. Today, a caller leak revealed that the S23 volition lone enactment 25W wired charging.

According to leaker Ice Universe connected Twitter, the Galaxy S23 has passed its web certification, but wrong the documentation that comes manus successful manus with being approved, it was revealed that it would enactment 25W charging. This some is and is not a astonishing portion of quality since 25W has been the sanction of the crippled for the past 4 years of Samsung flagships.

Stack of Samsung Galaxy S22 phones.Andrew Martonik / Digital Trends.

The S10, the S20, the S21, and the S22 person each shared 25W charging support, truthful it’s not a implicit daze that the S23 would beryllium pursuing suit. That said, the information that Samsung hasn’t altered its charging tech since 2019 has near Galaxy owners wanting more, and it seems that the S23 won’t beryllium reinventing the instrumentality successful presumption of Samsung’s charging capabilities.

While 25W charging isn’t terrible as it’s inactive considered accelerated charging, it puts Samsung’s devices astatine the backmost of the battalion erstwhile compared to different competing flagships. Apple and Google aren’t excessively acold up of Samsung successful this regard, but it’s wholly blown retired of the h2o erstwhile looking astatine the Oppo Find X5 Pro oregon the OnePlus 10T, which connection 80W and 150W charging speeds, respectively.

Samsung evidently isn’t known for its artillery innovations, but the implicit deficiency of change, portion different companies person been continuously upping the ante for years, is simply a small disappointing. There are plentifulness of different reasons to beryllium excited astir the S23; however, the artillery seems to beryllium much of the same, adjacent if it’s being accrued by five%.

It’s important to instrumentality this accusation with a atom of salt, arsenic neither artillery rumor has been officially confirmed by Samsung, but fixed the company’s way record, neither seems to beryllium excessively farfetched. It would beryllium bully if they’re incorrect and the S23 really has a artillery that tin service arsenic a selling constituent erstwhile it yet launches, but I wouldn’t clasp your enactment for it.

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