Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: what we want to see

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: what we want to see

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is astir decidedly connected its mode – we've nary crushed to judge the institution would halt making smartwatches conscionable yet – and the leaks and rumors are starting to travel successful astatine a dependable pace.

When we tested the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, we recovered them 2 of the best, but successful immoderate ways astir disappointing, wearables of 2021.

These devices promised a full caller operating system, melding the champion of Tizen with Wear OS, each powered by a speedy caller chipset, and with a big of caller wellness tracking skills. And they mostly delivered connected that, but with a fig of caveats and issues.

So for the inevitable Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (and the imaginable Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Classic) we privation a fig of changes, the biggest of which we’ve highlighted below.

We’ve besides taken a look astatine erstwhile Samsung’s adjacent flagship wearable is apt to launch, however overmuch it mightiness cost, and different aboriginal rumors astir it. As soon arsenic much leaks look we’ll adhd them to this nonfiction too, truthful this volition stay the definitive root of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 accusation up of its launch.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The adjacent high-end Samsung smartwatch
  • When is it out? Probably August 2022
  • How overmuch volition it cost? Unknown

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 merchandise day and price

A leaked merchandise docket obtained by South Korean tract The Elec states that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 volition onshore sometime successful the 2nd fractional of 2022, though that’s hardly astonishing fixed that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 scope landed successful August of 2021.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 landed successful August of 2020, truthful August of 2022 is our champion conjecture for erstwhile we’ll spot the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

There’s nary quality connected what it mightiness outgo conscionable yet, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 starts astatine $249.99 / £249 / AU$399 (rising successful terms for a larger size oregon LTE connectivity), portion the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic begins astatine $349 / £349 / $549, truthful we mightiness spot akin pricing for the adjacent model.

News and leaks

One aboriginal leak suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 could get a artillery boost.

SamMobile has recovered regulatory filings for batteries believed to beryllium headed to the upcoming smartwatch, and the Galaxy Watch 5's artillery is seemingly 276mAh (up from 247mAh successful the Galaxy Watch 4), portion the Galaxy Watch 5 Classic's appears to beryllium 397mAh, up from 361mAh successful its predecessor.

So those aren't tremendous jumps, but they mightiness marque a difference. Note that those are seemingly the starting artillery sizes - if determination are aggregate ticker sizes past we'll apt spot larger batteries successful immoderate too.

More precocious there person been rumors of a Pro mentation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 that could up the artillery size to a hefty 572mAh. That's bound to person a important interaction connected artillery life.

That Pro exemplary whitethorn good regenerate the Classic exemplary successful Samsung's 2022 smartwatch line-up, we've been hearing. What's more, it mightiness ditch the rotating bezel diagnostic astatine the aforesaid clip – a alteration we wouldn't beryllium successful favour of.

Beyond that, we person seen a Samsung patent for a smartwatch with an extendable surface that tin summation successful size by 40% erstwhile a pinch motion is used. The aforesaid patent besides shows a camera successful the watch.

You tin spot however this mightiness look successful the images below, but enactment that patents don’t ever get used, and adjacent if this plan does 1 time marque it into a wearable, we uncertainty it volition beryllium acceptable successful clip for the Galaxy Watch 5.

A Samsung smartwatch patent showing a ticker  with an extending display.

(Image credit: Samsung / LetsGoDigital)

What we privation to see

There are tons of ways that Samsung could amended its wearables, including the pursuing things.

1. Much amended artillery life

We recovered the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to person respectable artillery beingness successful our tests, but we can’t accidental the aforesaid astir the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which overmuch of the clip wouldn’t adjacent past a afloat 24 hours betwixt charges.

So portion it should person capable artillery to spot you done a day, it’s thing you’ll request to complaint each nighttime – and implicit clip arsenic the artillery starts to degrade, it whitethorn not adjacent marque it done each waking hour.

That’s truly not bully enough, and adjacent the modular Galaxy Watch 4 lone lasts astir 2 days, which is good but acold from exceptional, truthful we privation to spot large improvements present for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 range.

2. Full compatibility with much phones

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 scope doesn’t enactment with iPhones astatine all, contempt erstwhile models doing, and adjacent if you person an Android phone, if it’s not a Samsung 1 past you’ll beryllium locked retired of immoderate features, specified arsenic the ECG and humor unit measurements.

That’s hugely disappointing, and portion we’d expect astir iPhone users would instrumentality with the Apple Watch, it’s inexcusable to fastener Android users retired of features – particularly connected a wearable that runs Wear OS (an operating strategy created by Google).

So for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 we astatine a minimum privation afloat compatibility with each modern Android phones, and ideally we privation enactment for iPhones to instrumentality arsenic well.

3. Better workout controls

We recovered – peculiarly successful the lawsuit of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic – that the workout controls were a spot fiddly, particularly the enactment of pausing workouts. This isn’t a immense deal, but it did mean that the clip shown astatine the extremity of your workout tin beryllium inflated – arsenic a 2nd oregon much tin beryllium wasted erstwhile pausing.

So we privation these controls to beryllium rethought for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, to marque it a much compelling fittingness device.

4. A slimmer design

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

(Image credit: Future)

Another occupation that’s much contiguous connected the Classic than the modular Watch 4 is the thickness of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is simply a chunky wearable and portion to immoderate grade that mightiness beryllium an aesthetic choice, we’d similar to spot its successor slimmed down, arsenic that thickness makes it tricky to deterioration nether choky clothing, and perchance uncomfortable successful bed.

5. A wider strap selection

Unless you bid the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 nonstop from Samsung past the strap choices for it retired of the container are precise limited, and adjacent from Samsung itself you’re restricted to sporty oregon hybrid options, with nary afloat leather oregon metallic choices.

It’s worthy noting that Samsung astatine slightest uses modular ticker straps, truthful you tin ever swap 1 retired for a third-party enactment anyway, but that’s past an other purchase.

So for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 scope we privation immoderate classier choices to articulation the presently sporty mix, and for the enactment to beryllium wide wherever you acquisition the ticker from.

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