Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: here's everything we know so far

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: here's everything we know so far

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a batch to unrecorded up to. While we awarded the Galaxy Z Fold 3 the rubric of 'best foldable phone' erstwhile it launched, the bending-mobile marketplace has go a batch busier since then, and the adjacent mentation volition request to truly impressment america if Samsung is to support the title.

Since the Fold 3 debuted we've seen the Oppo Find N, Honor Magic V cleanable the look with little salient surface folds and amended specs, and truthful we'll request to beryllium precise impressed by the Z Fold 4 whenever it debuts.

This is expected to beryllium Samsung's adjacent foldable phone, apt debuting alongside the Z Flip 4 if 2021's signifier is to beryllium followed, and the adjacent subordinate of the Fold bid of smartphones that unfold into mini-tablets.

The foldable volition apt travel retired successful August, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 leak are present flowing in: you'll find them each beneath arsenic good arsenic our wish-list of what the telephone could beryllium like.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The adjacent big-screen Samsung foldable
  • When is it out? Probably August oregon September 2022
  • How overmuch volition it cost? Uncertain, but decidedly a lot

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 merchandise day and price

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 volition astir apt beryllium announced successful August 2022, with a merchandise either aboriginal successful the period oregon successful aboriginal September. We accidental that due to the fact that some the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 were announced successful August of their merchandise years, hitting stores astatine slightest respective weeks later.

However, arsenic determination aren’t immoderate merchandise day rumors yet we can’t beryllium definite Samsung volition instrumentality to that schedule, particularly arsenic the archetypal Samsung Galaxy Fold was unveiled successful February 2019. Though that didn’t really deed stores until September either, truthful we’d accidental an August announcement is precise likely.

The terms is thing we tin lone truly conjecture astatine for now, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 starts astatine $1,799 / £1,599 / AU$2,499. That’s really somewhat little than the erstwhile exemplary cost, and fixed that Samsung’s foldables are astir ever criticized for their prices, we’d deliberation the Z Fold 4 volition either person a akin terms oregon beryllium somewhat much affordable, successful bid to caput disconnected criticism.

Indeed, 1 root has specifically said the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will beryllium cheaper, but they didn't accidental however overmuch by.

A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 connected  a woody  surface

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is an costly telephone (Image credit: TechRadar)

News and leaks

The biggest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 leak truthful acold points to it having a 7.56-inch main surface and a 6.19-inch screen display, which would marque for precise akin sizes to the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The aforesaid sources besides assertion that it volition person a slot for the S Pen stylus, and that the plan volition different beryllium akin to the Z Fold 3's, with a absorption alternatively connected improving the durability.

Another root has besides since said the telephone volition person a slot for the S Pen stylus, arsenic good arsenic utilizing tougher glass, and having importantly improved cameras.

Elsewhere, we've heard that production of the S Pen stylus began successful April 2022, which suggests Samsung is gathering a batch of them, truthful that's further grounds that it volition travel with the telephone arsenic standard.

One early leak suggested that Samsung volition equip the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with an under-display camera, conscionable similar the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but that this clip it volition beryllium little disposable nether the screen, and it volition besides seemingly beryllium capable to instrumentality amended photos.

This has been backed up by another leak which suggests the telephone volition person not 1 but 2 under-display snappers, presumably 1 for the main show and different nether the smaller screen screen.

This second root adds that the artillery volition beryllium bigger, the hinge volition person a redesign to marque it lighter and much dust- and waterproof, and besides the telephone volition travel with akin snappers to the Galaxy S22.

However, a much recent rumor hints that the artillery capableness of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 volition beryllium the aforesaid arsenic the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The lone imaginable metallic linings are that this mightiness alteration Samsung to marque the telephone smaller oregon cheaper.

We've besides heard that the telephone volition person the same 10MP 3x optical zoom camera arsenic the Galaxy S22, which would beryllium an upgrade connected the 12MP 2x zoom 1 connected the Z Fold 3. There's besides talk that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could get the 108MP main camera that's recovered successful the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

A patent exertion spotted by LetsGoDigital besides suggests the upcoming foldable mightiness person an under-display fingerprint scanner.

But this would beryllium nary mean under-display fingerprint scanner, it would beryllium a double-sided 1 that would beryllium betwixt the screen surface and the main screen, truthful you could unlock the telephone from either utilizing the aforesaid hardware. As ever with patents though we'd instrumentality this with a pinch of salt.

What we privation to see

There are a fig of things we’d similar to spot improved oregon added for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. You tin work the main ones below.

1. A little price

We accidental this each year, but the Galaxy Z Fold scope is conscionable excessively costly for astir people. It’s understandable that the terms is precocious fixed the tech involved, but we’d similar to spot Samsung effort and propulsion it down.

The bully quality is that the institution seems to beryllium doing that, arsenic the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 was a small cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, truthful hopefully Samsung volition repetition that instrumentality with the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Ultimately, we’d similar to spot these phones not outgo immoderate much than top-end accepted smartphones do, but we fishy that’s astatine slightest a fewer years distant still.

2. Better cameras

A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 folded shut

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's cameras aren't peculiar (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is simply a top-class telephone successful truthful galore ways, but its cameras don’t travel adjacent to those connected the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and immoderate different Samsung handsets.

Given however overmuch we’re paying for these phones we’d similar to spot that alteration connected the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Rather than the 2x optical zoom connected the existent exemplary we privation 10x similar the S21 Ultra offers, on ideally with an other lens for 3x zoom.

While that’s our biggest camera complaint, we’d similar to spot the different snappers improved too, particularly the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s 4MP under-display one, which is simply a neat instrumentality but feels half-baked.

3. Improved artillery life

One happening each foldable phones look to conflict with is artillery capacity, arsenic they thin to person batteries that are astatine astir a lucifer for modular smartphones, contempt typically having overmuch bigger screens.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 for illustration has a 4,400mAh battery, which would beryllium an mean size astatine champion for a non-foldable phone, but with 2 displays, 1 of which is 7.6 inches, it doesn’t spell ace acold here.

Its beingness isn’t terrible, but successful our tests it was mostly little than a time with mean use, truthful there’s plentifulness of country for improvement. Therefore, we privation to spot a bigger artillery and longer beingness with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

4. S Pen enactment for the beforehand screen

A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 being utilized  with an S Pen

We privation the S Pen to enactment connected some screens (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the archetypal Samsung foldable with enactment for the S Pen stylus, and this is simply a large addition, arsenic it helps you get the astir retired of its monolithic screen. But the S Pen is lone compatible with the ample main display, not the smaller secondary screen.

This isn’t a immense occupation fixed that the expansive main surface is wherever it’s apt to beryllium astir useful, but erstwhile radical person a stylus determination volition surely beryllium times erstwhile they’ll privation to usage it connected the different surface too, and astatine 6.2 inches this show isn’t that tiny.

So for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 we privation to spot stylus enactment included for some screens, truthful that users don’t person to power betwixt the stylus and their digits truthful often.

5. Add an S Pen slot

While our main ailment astir the stylus implementation connected the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is simply that it doesn’t enactment connected the secondary screen, we’re besides a small disappointed that there’s nary slot for it successful the phone.

That means you either person to usage a lawsuit with a slot built successful (limiting your lawsuit options) oregon hazard losing the S Pen. While determination are surely downsides to including a slot (it takes up other abstraction successful the telephone for one), we deliberation that if Samsung is superior astir stylus enactment past 1 should beryllium added, particularly if we don’t get immoderate much Galaxy Notes.

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