Samsung Good Lock 2022: Here’s what’s new with the customization suite

Samsung Good Lock 2022: Here’s what’s new with the customization suite

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Samsung Good Lock 2021 Splash

Joe Hindy / Android Authority


  • Samsung has announced a changelog for Good Lock 2022.
  • Additions see parallax effects for wallpapers and the quality to tally apps connected the Z Flip 3’s outer screen.

Samsung’s Good Lock suite of bundle modules is simply a must-have if you privation acold much customization than your Galaxy telephone tin connection out-of-the-box. This suite allows you to customize everything from your fastener surface and timepiece look to your multi-window functionality and location screens.

The institution is rolling retired Good Lock 2022 and has elaborate a changelog for the updated suite connected its Korean-language forum (h/t: 9to5Google), confirming a fig of tweaks and additions. 

For starters, the Wonderland unrecorded wallpaper module has present received the quality to show wallpapers with a parallax effect. That is, the wallpaper volition determination arsenic you determination your device. You tin besides usage videos for this benignant of wallpaper effect. Check retired an illustration posted by the institution below.

Samsung has besides updated the Multistar multi-window module, present allowing Galaxy Z Flip 3 owners to tally immoderate apps connected the tiny outer display. The shaper does enactment that it has a database of recommended apps that enactment good connected the outer screen, but it’s inactive letting you tally unsupported apps connected the tiny sheet anyway.

Other notable additions see much motion actions for the One Hand Operation Plus module, Sound Assistant gaining dependable disguise functionality and the quality to make your ain measurement sheet successful Dex mode, and the quality to instantly delete a screenshot aft sharing it successful Nice Shot.

You tin download Samsung Good Lock 2022 via the Galaxy Store nexus below.