Samsung’s new Jet 60 vacuum is a more affordable alternative to Dyson

Samsung’s new Jet 60 vacuum is a more affordable alternative to Dyson

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Samsung Jet 60 coordless vacuum
(Image credit: Samsung)

Cordless instrumentality vacuums are each the rage these days but they tin get ace pricey, putting them retired of scope for some. Samsung’s latest astute cordless vacuum, the Jet 60, looks similar a decent entry-level enactment for those who privation the lightweight convenience of a instrumentality vacuum. 

It’s surely not inexpensive coming successful astatine AED 999 - a constricted launch-time discount - but it is much approachable than Dyson’s offerings and immoderate of Samsung’s much costly instrumentality vacuums - the Jet 75 and Jet 90. 

The Jet 60 follows a akin plan to its much costly siblings but trims the bells and whistles from the pricier models to absorption connected functionality and performance.

It has a lightweight assemblage that weighs 1.48kgs, which makes it casual to maneuver astir the home. With an input powerfulness of 410W and suction of up to 150W, the Jet 60 tin prime up good particulate particles from some hard and carpeted surfaces without exerting excessively overmuch effort. 

There’s besides a multi-layered filtration strategy successful the vacuum that traps astir 99.999% of good particulate particles, according to Samsung, and releases cleanable air, which helps trim allergens. 

With a artillery capableness of 2,000 mAh, the Jet 60 tin past up to 40 minutes connected a azygous charge. It comes with a spare artillery that tin treble the cleaning clip and a 2-in-1 charging presumption truthful you tin ever marque definite the vacuum is acceptable to go.  

You’ll besides get a humble smattering of accessories including 3 tools, 2 washable particulate bags and an casual to cleanable dustbin. 

The Samsung Jet 60 is disposable to bargain present successful the UAE crossed Samsung stores and large retailers. It comes successful signature violet colour and is discounted to AED 999 for a constricted time.

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