Samsung says the only cure for tech dependency is more tech dependency

Samsung says the only cure for tech dependency is more tech dependency

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Modern life.

(A screenshot from the Samsung ad.)

Chris Matyszczyk/Screenshot

There are moments successful each time erstwhile you whitethorn not similar yourself truthful much.

Some of those moments whitethorn beryllium wrapped successful the realization that you are present a instrumentality of technology.

You don't power it fractional arsenic overmuch arsenic it seems to power you.

The worst feelings, perhaps, travel with phones. You can't enactment them down, adjacent though you privation to enactment them down. When you win successful putting them down, you can't assistance but prime them up again aft a fewer minutes. Or seconds.

Samsung has empathy for your plight. So overmuch empathy.

So overmuch truthful that, in a caller advertisement released successful collaboration with Google, it's offering a remedy.

The advertisement shows a microcosm of everyone's life. Well, astir everyone's. You're sitting astir a array with your friends oregon family. You cognize you'd similar to chat with each other, but your telephone is ever somewhat much alluring.

Here we are, then, astatine a meal party. It's nary mean meal party. This is Addison Rae's meal party. She's famous. She became celebrated by dancing connected TikTok, sometimes with her mom.

She has, amazingly for a celebrated person, rather a batch of friends. Yet they, similar the remainder of us, walk their full array clip texting, posting things to societal media and not leaving their phones connected silent.

Rae tin spot this is simply a problem, adjacent though she's being paid to beryllium successful this ad.

She knows she has to pull her friends' attention. You'd deliberation this would beryllium easy. She's famous, aft all. 

Yet the lone mode she tin interruption done the clickety-clack of telephone keyboard joyousness is with, oh, much technology.

She hums a opus into her Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a clever exposition of Google's Hum To Search attribute.

Still, her friends disregard her. What other tin she bash but avail herself of much technology? She clicks a fastener oregon 2 and sends the opus to her Samsung TV truthful that it tin blast it done the household room. 

Surely this volition work. This is "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys. Who could defy that? Nobody. It ever works.

Rae gets up and begins to dance, yet still, she's being ignored. Talk astir a pugnacious crowd. Perhaps these aren't her friends astatine all. Perhaps they're simply actors, formed to play her friends.

Soon it transpires they're not actors. They're dancers formed to play her friends and yet resistance themselves distant from their good Samsung phones to creation on to the euphony being played by her good Samsung TV.

Surely, though, we request a small much technology. Of course, we do. One "friend"'s Galaxy Watch 4 fires up the lights due to the fact that you can't creation implicit to a airy power and bash that.

How beauteous to spot humans each commune implicit a song.

But wait, Rae is inactive holding her telephone portion she dances.

We're each done arsenic a civilization.

Or, arsenic Samsung puts it: "Make It Epic."