Samsung to support customers in repairing their smartphones and tablets

Samsung to support customers in repairing their smartphones and tablets

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Following connected Apple's heels, Samsung is going to marque genuine parts, tools, and repair guides disposable to Galaxy smartphone owners. This is particularly important for radical who privation to instrumentality repairs into their ain hands to "promote a circular system and minimize e-waste."

This follows a akin announcement by Apple precocious past year

Samsung's programme volition footwear disconnected this summertime with Samsung's astir fashionable models, the Galaxy S20 and S21 household of products, and the Galaxy Tab S7+. However, the institution plans to grow self-repair to much devices successful the future.

Samsung volition marque disposable show assemblies, backmost glass, and charging ports, arsenic good arsenic the tools and know-how that owners volition request to transportation retired the repairs.

"At Samsung, we're creating much ways for consumers to widen the lifespan of our products with premium attraction experiences," said Ramon Gregory, Senior Vice President of Customer Care astatine Samsung Electronics America. "Availability of self-repair volition supply our consumers the convenience and much options for sustainable solutions."

Samsung volition beryllium collaborating with iFixit, the starring online repair community, connected this program. Full details connected what the collaboration entails volition beryllium released erstwhile the programme is launched.

"We are excited to beryllium consulting with Samsung to assistance them make a solution for DIY parts and repair information," said Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit. "Every clip you hole a device, you're helping the planet."

For those who don't privation to drawback a screwdriver and commencement repairing their device, Samsung besides offers same-day work astatine immoderate of its 2,000 Authorized Service Centers and Samsung work locations, a fleet of 550 "We Come To You" vans offering in-person work wrong a 30-60 infinitesimal drive, and a wide autarkic work network.

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