Samsung vs LG TV: which TV brand is better?

Samsung vs LG TV: which TV brand is better?

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samsung tv
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If you’re considering choosing betwixt a Samsung TV and an LG TV, you’ve travel to the close place. If you can’t enactment retired which of these 2 top TV brands is champion for you, we’ve got the expertise to assistance you marque the close determination to suit your needs, budget, and – astir importantly – your tastes.

Every twelvemonth some Samsung and LG motorboat full caller ranges of smart TVs to the market. With each caller version, you tin expect bigger panels, amended visuals, and overhauled processors that would marque a large caller TV for your home. But erstwhile it comes to LG vs Samsung TVs (two of the champion TV makers connected the planet), which 1 should you choose? 

These days, astir high-end televisions from the likes of Samsung and LG look mostly the aforesaid astatine archetypal glance. Sure, immoderate are apt to beryllium larger oregon thinner than others with immoderate flimsy differences successful powerfulness and features, but it’s often hard to differentiate betwixt 2 models. But much recently, that’s changed, and some LG and Samsung have experimented with caller signifier factors for their high-end sets that bash marque immoderate of their much costly TVs basal retired amongst the competition.

But adjacent if you measurement up the pros and cons of the latest sets from some Samsung and LG, astatine the extremity of the time it tin inactive beryllium challenging to fig retired what truly makes 1 antithetic oregon amended than another. 

What sets Samsung and LG isolated from the remainder is their scale: they fertile arsenic the biggest sellers of televisions worldwide, making them a apt stake for anyone buying a caller surface for their home. So if you’re struggling to adjacent cognize which marque to statesman with, it makes consciousness to constrictive it down to these two.

If you privation a TV from 1 of the biggest TV brands retired there, this Samsung vs LG TV usher should assistance you marque an informed determination astir which 1 is close for you. If you get to the extremity of the usher and cognize which marque you privation to spell for but not which circumstantial TV, cheque retired our best Samsung TV and champion LG TV guides.

Samsung vs LG TV: overview

Let's commencement with the basics. Samsung and LG are 2 large-scale tech manufacturers that merchantability smart TVs for some precocious and debased terms points, though with somewhat antithetic sheet technologies for a fig of their high-end sets. You don't request to cognize what these differences are close now, but they mightiness beryllium deal-breakers.

Both are South Korean manufacturers that merchantability televisions globally, with ample presences successful some the UK and US – dissimilar Panasonic oregon Philips, who don’t person licenses successful North America – with a ample instal basal and wide scope of televisions launched each year.

It’s hard to comparison pricing, fixed however galore sets Samsung and LG some motorboat each year, moving from 32-inch LEDs and fund 4K TVs to super-sized 8K sets that tally you thousands of dollars / pounds. That means immoderate size, shape, solution oregon fund you’re looking for, either volition person you covered.

Samsung and LG are besides warring implicit territory successful the highly competitory smartphone market: some manufacture Android phones, though we won’t beryllium comparing their handsets successful this peculiar guide.

Samsung vs LG TV

LG's WebOS astute TV level (Image credit: LG)

Smart TV: Tizen vs webOS

Both Samsung and LG usage their ain proprietary smart TV platform, and each has its ain idiosyncratic flavor.

LG has been starring with webOS – a minimal, stripped backmost astute TV interface – since 2014. It uses a horizontal paper barroom for commonly-used apps, streaming services, and inputs, with customizable placement truthful you tin prime and take wherever your favourite apps beryllium connected the dashboard. The latest webOS 4.5 bundle besides brings successful secondary menus that look erstwhile hovering implicit an app icon.

Samsung’s Tizen level doesn’t disagree hugely successful its layout (you could accidental it was influenced by the former), though doesn’t person arsenic awesome a hunt algorithm arsenic LG’s ThinQ AI software. 

But what of dependable assistants? LG’s OLED and Super UHD sets travel with Google Assistant built-in, and immoderate constricted compatibility with Alexa-controlled devices. Samsung uses its ain (somewhat worse) first-party Bixby assistant, though again lone for mid-range oregon premium sets – and with the enactment to usage Google Assistant oregon Alexa done third-party devices.

Samsung vs LG TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

QLED oregon OLED?

Today’s premium tv marketplace is divided into 2 sheet technologies: OLED and QLED (basically an LED-LCD surface with quantum dots).

OLED, which stands for ‘organic airy emitting diode’, is simply a benignant of TV sheet that tin emit its ain light, alternatively of having airy shone done it. This enables brilliantly bladed TV displays, and the quality to power the brightness of idiosyncratic pixels. OLEDs are known for their vibrant colors, heavy achromatic levels, and wide debased brightness. 

There’s often speech of ‘burn in’ images connected OLED screens, but overmuch of this is anecdotal and you’d astir apt request to beryllium moving the acceptable precise hard for this to go a problem.

All OLED panels are manufactured by LG Display, truthful adjacent if you’ve got a Sony OLED successful your home, you person LG to thank.

QLED, connected the different hand, is simply a proprietary exertion developed by Samsung. QLED uses a filter of quantum dots to heighten colour and contrast, and marque bash with a fig of dimming zones to alteration brightness crossed the surface – alternatively than being capable to bash truthful with each pixel individually. QLED TVs are besides a batch brighter than OLEDs (thousands of nits versus hundreds) though tin conflict to amusement some airy and acheronian images arsenic efficaciously astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic a result.

We’ve gone into this statement successful much item successful our QLED vs OLED guide, though for present it’ll beryllium capable to accidental that OLED is mostly suited to high-quality video formats successful acheronian viewing environments, portion Samsung’s sets lag connected opposition (comparatively) but marque up for it with a agleam and impactful display. 

Both technologies are improving each the time, too. While immoderate kick astir OLED's dim output compared to QLEDs, LG's new airy sensor feature is acceptable to calibrate brightness and representation settings successful effect to the level of ambient airy successful the room. Samsung upped its crippled successful 2019 with its caller Ultra Viewing Angle exertion too.

Samsung vs LG TV

(Image credit: Dolby)

Dolby Vision vs HDR 10+

Both backmost a somewhat antithetic format for precocious dynamic scope (HDR), with LG packing Dolby Vision into its premium scope of OLEDs and Super UHDs, portion Samsung favors HDR10+ for its premium TVs. 

Both formats usage what’s called dynamic metadata to tailor the output of the tv to the contented being displayed, truthful scenes of acheronian underground caverns oregon well-lit drafting rooms alteration the levels of brightness, contrast, and representation processing accordingly.

Dolby Vision is truly the much precocious format, with 12-bit colour gamut alternatively of the 10-bit HDR10+, and is besides much commonly recovered (both the Google Chromecast with Google TV and Apple TV 4K instrumentality vantage of Dolby Vision).

Admittedly, the preferred HDR format is lone truly a interest astatine the higher extremity of the terms range, but those spending large should deliberation cautiously astir which services they’re apt to privation HDR contented on.

it's besides worthy mentioning that Panasonic has nary loyalty to 1 HDR format oregon the other, and adjacent the affordable Panasonic GX800 LED TV supports some Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

Samsung vs LG TV

(Image credit: LG)

Samsung vs LG TV: which should you choose?

Both TV manufacturers person had a hard clip recently. LG's newest OLED accumulation enactment was deed with delays passim aboriginal 2020, portion Samsung is inactive reeling from a driblet successful smartphone income and TV request past year.

At the clip of writing, Samsung is inactive the marketplace leader, and could entrench that presumption with plans for its ain QD-OLED (quantum dot-OLED) hybrid to instrumentality connected LG's OLED tech – adjacent if unstable finances has delayed those plans for now. On the flip side, LG's instauration of 48-inch sheet sizes for OLED TVs could devour into Samsung's stock of mid-range televisions erstwhile they motorboat this year.

The takeaway present is that, careless of either company’s fiscal health, some are focusing connected their existent show technologies, and aren’t going to abruptly halt supporting immoderate of the caller TVs they’re presently bringing to market. So which acceptable you prime should truly conscionable beryllium down to what you privation successful your surviving room.

If you privation a bright, dazzling surface to airy up your location – oregon affordable options similar the RU7470 oregon RU8000 – Samsung is your champion bet. Although you could besides effort the LG B9 OLED TV, which is simply a coagulated purchase.

If you truly privation the astir awesome representation prime retired there, careless of price, thing presently beats LG's OLED panels for colour and opposition (see: the LG CX OLED TV). But the Samsung Q95T 4K QLED TV definite does travel adjacent and it’s importantly cheaper than erstwhile Samsung flagship TVs.

However, if you’re blessed with your existent television, but volition privation to upgrade successful different fewer years – well, it could beryllium a full antithetic story.

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