Samsung will let you fix a broken Galaxy S21 at home

Samsung will let you fix a broken Galaxy S21 at home

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In what whitethorn beryllium different large triumph for the Right to Repair crowd, Samsung is preparing to fto Galaxy smartphone owners hole their ain phones astatine home.

Starting this summer, the South Korean tech elephantine volition nonstop Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Tab S7 owners genuine parts, tools, and step-by-step instructions truthful they tin repair their breached Samsung devices.

Samsung is partnering with gadget repair and teardown mavens iFixit, though it's not yet wide if the institution volition beryllium providing conscionable the tools, the guidance, oregon possibly both, with the parts supplied by Samsung.

The repair options volition initially beryllium somewhat constricted to replacing show assemblies, the backmost glass, and charging ports. A artillery replacement is not included successful these options. However, according to Samsung, the show repair kit does travel with a caller artillery astatine nary other charge.

Samsung volition judge immoderate parts consumers region for harmless recycling.

It's an breathtaking enactment for enterprising Samsung customers who anticipation to widen the beingness of aging products and person nary involvement successful sending them retired oregon visiting an authorized (or unauthorized) repair center. 

Samsung has 2,000 repair centers successful the US. Groups similar Right to Repair have been campaigning for lawsuit entree to each kinds of user electronics parts, tools, and acquisition for years.

Samsung follows Apple, which aft dramatically expanding its repair web and third-party entree to authorized parts and tools launched a self-repair program successful November of past year. Among the repair options, Apple included the marque caller iPhone 13. Samsung's determination seems somewhat much limited.

The institution is lone opening up lawsuit repair for a constricted acceptable of aging handsets and 1 tablet, and not yet making it a planetary program. According to a spokesperson, the caller Samsung Galaxy S22 enactment is not connected the list. 

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 phones (Image credit: Samsung)

However, Samsung tells TechRadar: "Currently, we are focused connected launching the self-repair programme successful the United States with enactment for the Galaxy S20 and S21 household of products and the Galaxy Tab S7+. We person plans to grow the scope of products, parts, and self-repair capableness arsenic the programme matures."

While pricing for parts and tools is expected to bespeak what Samsung typically charges retail repair providers, the institution has yet to supply a pricing breakdown. It expects to bash truthful erstwhile the programme launches this summer.

As for who should repair their ain Samsung Galaxy devices, Samsung isn't being arsenic prescriptive arsenic Apple, which recommends "individual technicians with the cognition and acquisition to repair physics devices."

Samsung told TechRadar "we counsel Galaxy instrumentality owners to reappraisal the repair materials and past marque an informed determination to behaviour the repair themselves oregon interaction Samsung Care to research different options for repair."

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