Should you buy a smart robot mop? Pros and cons

Should you buy a smart robot mop? Pros and cons

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Vacuum bots similar the Roomba person go a communal show successful homes of each kinds — but they person a cousin, a lesser-known robot cleaner with a antithetic purpose. These astute mop robots cleanable hardwood surfaces with a cleaning spray substance and pads. While they don’t grip debris, they are designed for hardwoods, vinyl, and different materials you would different cleanable with a mop.

You tin find these robot mops from the aforesaid brands that nutrient the vacs, including iRobot, Ecovacs, and Bissell. Sometimes they are adjacent bundled unneurotic successful 1 bundle to accommodate antithetic types of flooring successful the aforesaid house. But are the mop bots truly worthy it? Let’s spell implicit the pros and cons earlier you buy.

Pros of a robot mop

ECOVACS Robotics - DEEBOT OZMO 930 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum & Mop.

They’re conscionable arsenic astute arsenic the vac versions: These vacs are packed with sensors and connection galore app power options for assorted cleaning patterns and mounting schedules. With tech similar iRobot’s vSLAM navigation, they’re astute capable to navigate astir furnishings and toys, and galore tin caput backmost to their charging presumption and recharge erstwhile their artillery grows low.

They are adaptable crossed galore materials: Mop bots thin to person respective antithetic settings for however overmuch spray they use. That’s a utile diagnostic if you person a level that tin payment from a small spray (like assorted hardwoods and bamboos) but you’re disquieted astir excessively overmuch moisture causing damage.

They are bully astatine getting hard-to-reach spots: When utilizing a manual mop, it tin beryllium hard to get each the mode nether tables and astir obstacles. Robot mops don’t truly person that problem. They are besides programmed to get arsenic adjacent to floorboards arsenic they tin truthful they don’t miss walls oregon corners.

They tin boost the cleaning with the close modes: Handy modes see spot cleaning for airy spills, and extra-tough cleaning modes that spell slower and usage harder oscillation to woody with much superior cleaning projects.

You tin find hybrid models: Many mop robots are hybrid models that tin power betwixt mopping and vacuuming, which tin beryllium a mode to prevention wealth portion getting immoderate benefits of both.

Cons of a robot mop

Evacs mop bot and accessories.

They necessitate much maintenance: Robot vacs are casual to attraction for — particularly erstwhile they instrumentality for charging. Simply bare them from clip to clip — immoderate models tin adjacent bash that automatically. Smart robot mops are different: They usage cleaning pads that indispensable beryllium replaced and/or washed, and reservoirs of specialized cleaner that you request to refill regularly.

They can’t instrumentality attraction of large spills: These mop vacs lone person a constricted pad aboveground area, which isn’t designed for overmuch absorption. If it’s not a tiny spill, the bot astir apt won’t beryllium capable to woody with it, truthful you’ll request to scope for a rag oregon mop instead.

They person constricted capacity: In larger areas, robot mops tin tally retired of cleaner rapidly and volition request to beryllium refilled. After refilling the bot 3 times for a azygous open-area room, you whitethorn commencement getting tired.

They don’t grip grout lines well: Grout lines are usually excessively heavy for a robot mop to reach, truthful they volition inactive turn soiled implicit time. You volition person to cleanable these manually for the champion results.

Price tin beryllium an issue: Robot mops, similar robot vacuums, tin rapidly go expensive, and models often scope beyond $200 — oregon overmuch more. The mops besides person immoderate other ongoing costs that vacs don’t, similar replacing pads and cleaner fluid. A battalion of caller pads is mostly astir $10 to $20, for example, portion a caller vessel of cleaner is astir $20.

Common robot vacuum mop FAQs

Pets with the Roborock vac.

Are robot vacuum mops truly worthy it?

For moderately-sized hardwood oregon groutless flooring, robot mops tin assistance support the level dust-free and looking good. They besides chopped down connected the fig of times that you volition request to mop. However, they can’t grip older stains oregon ungraded build-up that instrumentality superior scrubbing to remove, and they are constricted astatine tackling spills. That said, determination are capable advantages to earnestly see 1 if you person important amounts of hard flooring, but they astir apt aren’t worthy it astatine the aforesaid terms arsenic robot vacs, truthful look for deals oregon moderately-priced models.

How galore years bash robot vacuum mops last?

You’ll person to regenerate the mop pads astatine intervals, typically each respective months oregon so. The bot itself volition past importantly longer, usually up to six years if well-cared for — and if they don’t autumn down immoderate stairs.

How often should you usage robot vacuum mops?

Much like robot lawnmowers, robot vacs and mops are designed to enactment often successful a maintenance-oriented role. They instrumentality attraction of regular particulate and airy debris, not ample particulate bunnies oregon caked-over spills. Run robot mops erstwhile a time oregon each different time for the champion results.

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