SimpliSafe vs. Nest: Which is the right security for you?

SimpliSafe vs. Nest: Which is the right security for you?

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How does a modern exertion institution location information solution comparison to a much accepted monitoring business? Tech elephantine Google (and genitor institution Alphabet) acquired Nest a fewer years agone and has rolled it into its umbrella marque portfolio. SimpliSafe, connected the different hand, has been successful the location monitoring work for implicit a decade. Both companies person their ain instrumentality connected the champion mode to support your location secure.

Nest started arsenic a astute location company, archetypal creating its beloved smart thermostat. Its caller information assemblage has a slue of devices designed to support you harmless that it pairs with a monitoring service. Simplisafe has always had alarms and sensors to support your location and precocious added locks and cameras to its lineup. Let’s dive successful and spot which attack whitethorn enactment amended for you.


A level  laic  of Simplisafe's Fortress information    package.

Google Nest only has a fewer first-party hardware products dedicated to location security. The scarcity is apt owed to the institution lone precocious including nonrecreational location information enactment and Google revamping the program. As a result, Nest is astir apt putting a batch of banal into its AI-based monitoring enactment and devices’ bundle to flooded its deficiency of devices.

The Nest location information portfolio lone includes the Nest Hub, Nest Doorbell, and Nest Cam. Nest did person a much robust information program, but Google has since removed astir of the other accessories. Instead, the institution offers 3 elemental packages: Front Door Monitoring (Nest Hub and Doorbell) for $229, Indoor Monitoring (Nest Hub and Nest Cam) for $229, and Total Home (all 3 items) for $523. These packages are straightforward to navigate but person the downside of not having immoderate different nor immoderate inexpensive sensors.

SimpliSafe has a plethora of packages and accessories to cheque retired erstwhile deciding what tools volition beryllium champion to support your home. That’s apt due to the fact that SimpliSafe has been successful the crippled for truthful agelong and has had a accidental to germinate arsenic a company.

SimpliSafe offers customizable packages for instrumentality that you tin brace with its monitoring service. Its basal bundle is called the Foundation and contains a basal station, keypad, entryway sensor, and question sensor, starting astatine $229. SimpliSafe has different much progressive packages that see much sensors and different accessories.

If you look astatine SimpliSafe’s other accessories, they connection hazard sensors, a panic button, a siren, and more. Unfortunately, Google’s Nest doesn’t supply immoderate specified devices, but you tin brace it with plentifulness of third-party accessories owed to the full strategy integrating with Google Assistant. Now, you tin get a assortment of sensors from different brands and person them tied into your Nest ecosystem, apt astatine large pricing. Of course, that doesn’t assistance those who privation to either person each products first-party oregon privation a one-stop buying experience.

Verdict: Even though Google apt has bundle to prime up the slack and the quality to brace with plentifulness of third-party accessories, SimpliSafe volition beryllium your champion prime for hardware. Knowing that each your products volition enactment unneurotic and that 1 institution covers much of your needs tin supply bid of mind.


Nest devices grouped unneurotic  connected  a counter.

Only SimpliSafe offers nonrecreational monitoring enactment done an in-house squad for an other fee. Google Nest leaves everything successful your hands with a work called Nest Aware. The work sports barebones features that volition notify you if strangers are adjacent your door. You tin besides telephone 911 done the Nest app. Nest Aware saves automatic 24/7 video and lawsuit past to the cloud. The program starts astatine $6 for 30-days worthy of footage, with a higher-end program for $12 that supports much days and much unreality storage.

SimpliSafe offers a overmuch much robust monitoring program for your home. The terms for their all-inclusive program is $18 per month. All-Inclusive involves having a squad cheque your location devices erstwhile an alarm goes off, seizure video and images, and telephone authorities if they enactment thing of worth. One of the signature features of SimpliSafe’s monitoring plans is the inclusion of video surveillance, which allows the information team, which monitors your location alarms to pat into the indoor information cameras and guarantee a informing is warranted to trim mendacious alarms. SimpliSafe besides has different plans if you privation to show and negociate your location independently.

Verdict: It’s clear, for information purposes, that SimpliSafe is the superior enactment — nary uncertainty astir it. Having different squad whose sole intent is to look aft your location and alert authorities connected your behalf is amended than having to bash everything connected your own. Imagine being connected a level erstwhile an alarm happens portion having Nest. You won’t beryllium capable to bash thing astir it until you onshore — unless you wage for paltry in-flight Wi-Fi, and adjacent that’s not ever reliable.


The prime present is clear: SimpliSafe is simply a better enactment to support your home. From having much accessories to having a due surveillance team, Google Nest doesn’t travel adjacent (on its own). Rather, Nest provides a minimal and modern location information option.

Nest’s main vantage is its ties into the Google Assistant platform. With that, you tin brace Nest with plentifulness of different manufacturers to physique retired your location information solution. Unfortunately, determination are excessively galore disposable to see them successful this comparison, truthful we stuck with lone first-party options.

That said, if you privation to show your location connected your ain and grip immoderate emergencies alone, Nest whitethorn beryllium worthy considering. Otherwise, we suggest looking towards SimpliSafe.

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