Six features iOS 16 desperately needs

Six features iOS 16 desperately needs

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iOS 15 is halfway done its lifecycle, and connected June 6th astatine WWDC, Apple volition officially unveil the adjacent incarnation of iOS -- iOS 16.

I'm a dense iOS user, and I'm perpetually coming crossed areas wherever I privation iOS could beryllium better. So, what follows are caller features I'd find utile successful iOS 16.

While galore of the features are astir apt already baked into the release, Apple does merchandise caller features passim the lifecycle of an iOS release. So adjacent if we don't spot these astatine the unveiling oregon the release, there's a accidental we could get them earlier iOS 17.

A tiny chance. But inactive a chance.

Interactive app icons

iOS icons are boring. Some of Apple's ain apps person progressive icons -- specified arsenic Clock and Calendar -- but different apps are conscionable level pictures.

This seems similar a existent missed opportunity. I'd similar to spot icons person the quality to pass information, a spot similar mini versions of widgets.

And conscionable successful lawsuit an app decides to usage this powerfulness to annoy, it would beryllium bully to person a mode to power to a static icon for each app.

Better 2FA app integration

If you usage substance connection 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), past iOS volition instrumentality that accusation from the substance connection and populate the required tract with conscionable a tap.

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But substance connection 2FA is unfastened to abuse, and app-based 2FA is much secure.

I'd similar to spot iOS get the quality to bash this with app-based 2FA, either by adding enactment successful iOS for third-party 2FA apps specified arsenic Google Authenticator oregon Authy to grip this oregon by having Apple adhd a built-in 2FA app.

Always-on lockscreen

I don't cognize astir you, but having the quality to person an always-on OLED show showing the clip and selected notifications would beryllium useful.

This would person a negligible effect connected artillery beingness and connection amended at-a-glance entree to information.

Smarter Siri

I'd usage Siri a batch much if I didn't continually deed the boundaries of what it tin do.

This makes Siri frustrating to use, and it becomes a batch quicker and much convenient to disregard this feature, alternatively choosing to bash things manually.

Split screen

The iPad Pro has a divided surface diagnostic that allows you to tally 2 apps side-by-side, and I'm definite that the aforesaid could beryllium done for the larger iPhones (especially the Pro Max with its 6.69-inch display.

I'm not saying it would beryllium perfect, but having the quality to tally 2 apps side-by-side would surely boost my productivity erstwhile utilizing definite apps.

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Smarter artillery wellness screen

The iOS artillery wellness surface is dumb, displaying what is fundamentally garbage. It's similar to spot this updated to amusement existent accusation (things similar artillery capacity, recharge cycles, and temperature).

This would beryllium utile accusation that users could usage to marque educated decisions astir artillery health.

I'd besides similar a amended artillery metre that shows accusation similar estimated runtime.

What's connected your iOS 16 wishlist? Let maine cognize successful the comments down below.