“Skyforge,” Action MMORPG Begins Closed Beta Test On April 26 For Southeast Asia

“Skyforge,” Action MMORPG Begins Closed Beta Test On April 26 For Southeast Asia

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Game Publisher PlayPark Inc. successful concern with European crippled steadfast MY.GAMES has announced that the enactment MMORPG, “Skyforge” volition beryllium launching a Closed Beta Test (CBT) connected April 26, 2022, and volition past until May 2, 2022, for selected countries successful Southeast Asia including  Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines

About Skyforge

The crippled boasts a full of 18 playable classes that cater to a wide assortment of playstyles, from the pugnacious sword-wielding Paladin to the devastating Cryomancer. The champion portion of the people strategy is that players tin power connected the fly, easy adapting to antithetic situations wherever 1 people is much businesslike astatine dealing with circumstantial enemies than the other.

Becoming a deity is simply a cardinal constituent successful Skyforge, implicit with temples, worshippers, and of course, god-like abilities. The further firepower deity mode provides volition beryllium important to triumph successful Invasions, monolithic events in-game that request each players progressive successful bid to win.

Celebrate The Game With Tons Of Events!

During the CBT period, Skyforge players tin expect a assortment of in-game and assemblage events. Aside from getting 50% much Credits and Knowledge, gamers person respective activities they tin articulation portion questing. 

During the Rank Star event, the archetypal 5 players to scope Rank 50 during the CBT play volition person the New Horizons Collector’s edition, which contains the Universe Conqueror Halo and Armor, a unsocial quality Portrait, 500,000 Credits (the in-game currency), 15 Stimulants, 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies, 4,000 Victor’s Medals, and a Premium Subscription bully for 14 days.

In the Mighty Immortal event, the subordinate with the highest achieved Might astatine the extremity of CBT volition person the famed Firestarter Collector’s Edition. This Collection contains the Firestarter people acceptable to beryllium unlocked unneurotic with the Firestarter Legendary Weapon, a mount, 18,000 Knowledge of Enemies, 2,000 Aelerium-9 Catalysts, and 1,000 Ether Catalysts, and a Premium Subscription bully for 14 days.

Closed Beta Tests are opportunities for developers and publishers to stress-test their games done the assistance of players and Skyforge is nary different. Throughout the CBT period, players who are capable to nonstop successful bug reports confirmed by the improvement squad volition get 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies sent to their mailbox during OBT arsenic compensation!

Skyforge CBT Activity Schedule

Players tin besides articulation successful connected the CBT activities by watching the authoritative Skyforge unrecorded streams! On April 26, the goddesses of Skyforge – CM Venus and CM Linny – volition beryllium showcasing unrecorded CBT gameplay of Skyforge portion chatting and spending clip with the community. 

On April 29, CM Venus unneurotic with Philippine Cosplay #SEAGod Diane volition beryllium unrecorded for much Skyforge gaming and volition besides beryllium pulling the last victor of an ASUS ROG Strix G during the Raffle of the Gods segment! It’s not excessively precocious to pre-register with your PlayPark ID truthful articulation now!

Skyforge is going to Cosplay Carnival 2022! Get a accidental to acquisition the game, pre-register astatine the booth and get to mingle with the Skyforge team! Cosplay Carnival 2022 runs from April 30 – May 1 astatine Halls 2-4, SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia! 

Finally, the Cosplay SEAGods Battle and the TikTok SEAGod Challenge are extended until May 31, 2022! These cosplay competitions person a full combined prize excavation of USD 20,000, the biggest cosplay lawsuit successful the region! You tin motion up for the TikTok SEAGod situation here and if you are aiming to beryllium the champion cosplayer amongst specified mortals, instrumentality connected the SEAGods situation and motion up here.

What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars present and bask each the festivities coming your way! If you privation to cognize much astir Skyforge and enactment up to day with the latest quality and updates, sojourn their official Facebook page and the official Skyforge website.