Smuggler caught with 160 Intel CPUs strapped to his body

Smuggler caught with 160 Intel CPUs strapped to his body

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A Chinese nationalist was precocious caught entering China with 160 Intel processors strapped to his body, an enactment that customs officials magnitude to smuggling. The China Customs bureau stated that it had recovered Intel’s 11th Gen and the latest 12th Gen Alder Lake models strapped to the man’s abdomen, waist, and legs.

Since nary of the items were declared, the smuggling could beryllium portion of a tax-evasion strategy to debar import tariffs connected machine components.

Video shows a idiosyncratic   lasting  adjacent  to a array  holding immoderate   of the 160 Intel CPUs that a antheral   tried to smuggle into the state  and a close-up of the CPUs.Source: China Customs office

Given the already abbreviated supply of semiconductors successful the past fewer years owed to scalpers, precocious demand, cryptocurrency miners, the coronavirus, and accumulation issues, spot mules are yet different culprit affecting the world’s shortage of CPUs and GPUs. Chinese officials successful caller days besides seized a ample fig of unlawful imports of AMD Radeon graphics cards.

What tipped disconnected customs officials successful the Intel smuggling strategy is the abnormal quality of the man’s walking posture.

“At astir 1 a.m. that day, a antheral named Zeng entered the state done the customs ‘no declaration channel’ astatine the question inspection tract of Gongbei Port,” the China Customs bureau said successful a connection posted connected VideoCardz. “Customs officers recovered that his walking posture was abnormal and stopped him for inspection. After further inspection, customs officers seized a full of 160 CPUs and a full of 16 folded mobile phones tied with portion connected the interior broadside of his calf, waist and abdomen.”

Local media person dubbed the caught antheral “Walking CPU” oregon “CPU-Man” for his relation successful the scheme.

According to China’s laws, individuals are permitted to bring successful items that are “limited to their ain usage and a tenable quantity,” and immoderate evasion of customs laws constitutes an enactment of smuggling.

An Intel Alder Lake Core i5-12600K CPU and its packaging.

In a abstracted earlier AMD case, officials noted that arsenic galore arsenic 5,840 graphics cards valued astatine $3 cardinal were seized. Officials claimed that the AMD Radeon cards had incorrect labels successful an effort to conceal them and debar import taxes.

While these 2 astir caller cases impact machine processors and graphics cards, the planetary semiconductor shortage has much wide affects. Chip shortages person resulted successful shortages of cars, starring to higher prices and the omission of definite features, arsenic good arsenic low supplies of gaming consoles and different idiosyncratic physics devices. The precocious request for user electronics coupled with the abbreviated proviso of chips person rewarded scalpers and resellers, and companies similar Nvidia and AMD person tried to instrumentality assorted ways to curb scalping bots and marque their GPUs less appealing to crypto miners successful an effort to work their halfway PC and gaming demographics first.

In 2021, different Chinese nationalist was caught smuggling 304 Intel 10th-gen Core i7 and Core i9 processors. The worth of the CPUs was estimated astatine $123,550, according to VideoCardz.

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