Sonos Ray Soundbar Review

Sonos Ray Soundbar Review

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Sonos Ray Style photograph  - bar

The Sonos Ray has a elemental design. It's a tiny barroom that's mostly plastic, and there's a integrative grille connected the front. The bar's edges are rounded, which gives it a sleek look.

You tin adhd a abstracted subwoofer from the shaper if you privation to upgrade your setup.

The shaper sells a wide array of further speakers to adhd connected arsenic rear satellites.

Sonos Ray Dimensions photograph  - bar

Width 22.0" (56.0 cm)

Height 2.8" (7.1 cm)

Depth 3.7" (9.5 cm)

The Sonos Ray is smaller than the Sonos Beam (Gen 2), and its compact plan easy fits betwixt the legs of a 55" TV. Since it isn't precise tall, it doesn't artifact your screen, either.

Width N/A

Height N/A

Depth N/A

Width N/A

Height N/A

Depth N/A

Sonos Ray Back photograph  - bar

Bar Mounting Proprietary

The backmost of the barroom has an opening for the inputs and the powerfulness cable. There are besides proprietary holes truthful you tin spot it connected your wall. However, you person to bargain the partition mounting kit from Sonos separately.

Sonos Ray Build prime   photo

The Sonos Ray has a bully physique quality. Its integrative physique is coagulated overall, and the equine successful the beforehand helps to support the drivers inside. That said, the worldly feels a spot cheaper compared to much premium offerings from Sonos, similar the Sonos Beam (Gen 2).

Sonos Ray In The Box photograph

HDMI Cable Length N/A

Digital Optical Cable Length 1.5 m (4.9 ft)

  • Manuals
  • Power cable
  • Optical cable


Sonos Ray Stereo Setup

Sonos Ray Raw Frequency Response

Sonos Ray Frequency Response Small

Tested Preset No Preset

Slope -0.04

Std. Err. 2.85 dB

Low-Frequency Extension 71.3 Hz

High-Frequency Extension 19.9 kHz

The Sonos Ray has a just stereo frequence response. As with Sonos' much premium offerings, it has a country correction diagnostic called Trueplay connected compatible iOS devices, which automatically optimizes the bar's audio reproduction based connected the unsocial acoustics of your space. Its dependable illustration is neutral, particularly successful the mids, wherever astir voices and pb instruments reproduce, ensuring they're wide and contiguous successful the mix. The deficiency of bass is noticeable, particularly with bass-heavy genres similar hip-hop and EDM. Still, if you mostly perceive to dialogue-centric TV shows without a batch of bass mixed in, you'll find that the vocals are pleasant and detailed.

Sonos Ray Frequency Response Calibrated

Suggested Preset No Preset

Suggested Bass Setting 0

Suggested Treble Setting 0

Slope -0.04

Std. Err. 2.85 dB

Low-Frequency Extension 71.3 Hz

High-Frequency Extension 19.9 kHz

The Sonos Ray offers bass and treble adjustments to assistance you customize its dependable much to your liking. However, if you similar a much neutral sound, its default settings autumn wrong the desired range, truthful you don't person to interest astir playing astir with its dependable settings.

Sonos Ray Crosstalk

Crosstalk Error 3.01 dB

The Sonos Ray's stereo soundstage is conscionable okay, which is simply a spot disappointing fixed the awesome show of the manufacturer's top-of-the-line products. The soundstage is perceived to beryllium a interaction wider than the barroom itself—but the barroom isn't precise wide to statesman with, truthful it doesn't consciousness similar dependable stretches retired towards the walls of your surviving room. That said, the absorption is good, truthful dependable effects similar instruments successful an orchestra look to travel from accurate, pinpoint locations successful the soundstage.

Sonos Ray Dynamic Range Compression

SPL @ Max Volume 88.5 dB SPL

DRC @ Max Volume 2.65 dB

The Sonos Ray has an capable stereo dynamics performance. It gets large capable to capable an average-sized surviving country with sound. However, similar astir tiny bars, it doesn't get overmuch louder than that, truthful it's not suitable for listening successful large, unfastened spaces. There's besides a spot of compression erstwhile you propulsion it to max volume, particularly successful the bass range, truthful you announcement pumping artifacts that distort the dependable a bit.

Sonos Ray THD

Weighted THD @ 80dB 0.52

Weighted THD @ Max Volume 1.85

The Sonos Ray has a bully stereo full harmonic distortion performance. At mean listening volumes, distortion falls wrong bully limits, truthful audio reproduction is cleanable and pure. While there's a flimsy summation successful distortion astatine max volume, it's hard to perceive with real-life content, particularly if you're a much casual listener.

Sonos Ray Center Setup

Sonos Ray Frequency Response

Localization Phantom

Slope 0.26

Std. Err. 3.77 dB

SPL @ Max Volume 86.8 dB SPL

Weighted THD @ 80dB 0.86

Weighted THD @ Max Volume 1.67

The Sonos Ray is simply a 2.0 setup, truthful it doesn't travel with a discrete halfway channel. Instead, it uses its near and close stereo drivers to simulate a phantom center. Unfortunately, this sounds much diffused than a discrete center, and voices aren't arsenic accurately placed successful the soundstage arsenic a result. Still, the frequence effect is rather balanced successful the mids, wherever astir voices reproduce, truthful dialog is wide and accurate.

Sonos Ray Surround Setup

Sonos Ray Frequency Response

Localization Stereo (Downmix)

Slope 0.00

Std. Err. 4.01 dB

SPL @ Max Volume 90.6 dB SPL

Weighted THD @ 80dB 1.46

Weighted THD @ Max Volume 4.11

7.1 Rears No

The Sonos Ray tin playback 5.1 situation dependable contented similar Dolby Digital and DTS, which are commonly recovered connected streaming services and Blu-ray discs. However, it has to downmix this contented into stereo successful bid to play it. The resulting dependable isn't precise immersive, and audio seems similar it's conscionable coming from speakers successful beforehand of you. Sound effects don't look similar they're coming from each astir you, either. However, you tin ever adhd rear speakers if you privation a much wide and existent practice of situation content.

Localization Not Supported

Slope N/A

Std. Err. N/A

SPL @ Max Volume N/A

Weighted THD @ 80dB N/A

Weighted THD @ Max Volume N/A

Room Correction Yes

Dialogue Enhancement Yes

Auto-Volume/Night Mode Yes

Subwoofer Level Adjustment No

Bass Adjustment Yes

Treble Adjustment Yes


Surround Level Adjustment No

Rear Level Adjustment No

Height Level Adjustment No

Virtual Surround No

The Sonos Ray offers the aforesaid enactment of dependable enhancement features arsenic the Sonos Beam (Gen 2). If you person a compatible iOS device, you tin usage the Sonos S2 app to entree Trueplay. It's a country correction feature, meaning it optimizes audio reproduction based connected your space's unsocial acoustics. You tin besides customize the bar's dependable with its bass and treble adjustments. There's a dialog enhancement mode called Speech Enhancement, arsenic good arsenic a Night Sound diagnostic that balances retired the measurement level betwixt the loudest and quietest sounds erstwhile you ticker astatine night. As with different Sonos soundbars, however, you won't find an EQ for greater quality to customize its dependable crossed the range.


Sonos Ray Physical inputs barroom  photograph  1

Optical Audio In 1



Full HDMI In No

Analog Audio In 3.5mm (Aux) No


USB for Files No

Ethernet 1

The Sonos Ray has a constricted enactment of carnal inputs. You tin link it to your TV utilizing the included Optical cable, but there's nary HDMI support. You'll besides find an Ethernet cablegram and a fastener to nexus immoderate subwoofers and satellites you take to adhd successful the future.


Dolby Atmos No

Dolby Digital No

Dolby Digital Plus No


DTS:X (eARC only) No

Dolby TrueHD (eARC only) No

DTS-HD MA (eARC only) No

5.1 PCM (eARC only) No

Dolby Atmos No


Dolby Digital No

Dolby Digital Plus No


Dolby TrueHD No


5.1 PCM No

Dolby Digital Yes


The Sonos Ray supports Dolby Digital content, which is the astir communal situation dependable format utilized connected some streaming platforms and Blu-rays. Thanks to a caller update to the Sonos S2 app, there's besides DTS support. However, the barroom has to downmix this contented into stereo to play it.


Optical 55 ms

Full HDMI In N/A

The Sonos Ray has a large latency performance. Its debased latency means that you don't announcement a hold betwixt the audio you perceive and the video you see, and determination aren't immoderate lip-synching issues. Some apps and TVs compensate for latency differently, truthful your real-world acquisition tin vary.

Bluetooth No

Wi-Fi Yes

Chromecast built-in No

Apple AirPlay Yes

The Sonos Ray has the aforesaid wireless playback offerings arsenic different Sonos bars. You tin wirelessly watercourse contented to the barroom implicit Wi-Fi and Apple AirPlay 2, and there's besides enactment for Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect.

4k @ 60 Hz Passthrough No

4k @ 60 Hz @ 10 spot Passthrough No

4k @ 60 Hz @ 4:4:4 Passthrough No

HDR10 Passthrough No

Additional Features

Sonos Ray Interface photo

Display No

There's nary show connected the Sonos Ray, but you'll find a tiny airy supra the Sonos logo that lights up erstwhile connected to Wi-Fi. You tin besides crook it disconnected successful the app if you don't privation to person the airy successful your tract of view.

Sonos Ray Controls photo

The Sonos Ray has immoderate touch-sensitive controls. They fto you play/pause your euphony and set the volume. However, you request to usage the Sonos S2 app to entree the bar's further features.

Amazon Alexa No

Google Assistant No

Apple Siri No

The Sonos Ray doesn't person built-in dependable adjunct capabilities. However, you tin brace the barroom to a third-party Amazon Alexa oregon Google Assistant instrumentality to power it with your voice. You conscionable request to acceptable it up successful the Sonos S2 app.

Sonos Ray App image

App Name Sonos S2

iOS Yes

Android Yes

Acts As A Remote Yes

Controls Soundbar's Settings All

Casts Device Files Yes

The Sonos S2 app acts arsenic a distant and lets you power each of the bar's features. If you already ain Sonos products, you're apt already acquainted with its capabilities, arsenic it lets you power a full web of Sonos speakers astatine once. You tin acceptable up antithetic country configurations and negociate your devices crossed your full house, and adjacent link to third-party streaming services similar Spotify and Tidal. Also, determination are features circumstantial to the bar, similar Trueplay country correction and the bass and treble adjustments. However, Trueplay is lone disposable connected compatible iOS devices.

Power Saving No

HDMI CEC (TV Remote Control) No CEC, constricted IR remote

As with astir Sonos soundbars, the Sonos Ray doesn't connection a power-saving feature, truthful you person to retrieve to crook the barroom disconnected manually. There's nary HDMI CEC support, but you tin acceptable up constricted IR power for immoderate basal features.

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

The Sonos Ray comes successful 2 colour variants: 'Black' and 'White'. We tested the 'Black' variant, and you'll find the statement for our exemplary here. We expect that the 'White' variant volition connection akin performance.

If you travel crossed different mentation of the Sonos Ray, fto america cognize successful the discussions, and we'll update our review.

Compared To Other Soundbars

The Sonos Ray is the astir affordable offering from Sonos to date. It's for those who privation to get successful connected the marque with a simple, plug-and-play upgrade implicit their TV speakers, overmuch similar the Bose TV Speaker. It's a coagulated prime if you're already a instrumentality of the Sonos ecosystem, and its pleasant vocal clarity makes it a just prime for euphony and dialogue-focused TV shows. You tin find amended offerings for movies that travel with a dedicated subwoofer and adjacent rear satellites included for the aforesaid terms arsenic the Sonos bar—but fans of the Ray volition apt admit its small, compact plan successful the archetypal place.

See besides our recommendations for the best tiny soundbars, the best fund soundbars, and the best soundbars nether $300.

The Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is amended than the Sonos Ray. The Beam is simply a 5.0 setup with amended soundstage and situation performances, and dissimilar the Ray, it has Dolby Atmos support. It has a much extended low-bass, truthful you consciousness much rumble successful the mix. There's HDMI connectivity and built-in dependable adjunct support, which the Ray lacks. However, the Ray is simply a much affordable option, and it's inactive a beauteous decent prime for vocal-centric TV shows and music.

The Sonos Arc is simply a amended standalone soundbar than the Sonos Ray. The Arc is simply a 5.0.2 setup that supports Atmos content, dissimilar the Ray. It has amended soundstage, center, and situation performances and offers HDMI connectivity. The Ray tin connection a amended worth for listeners who conscionable privation a elemental setup for euphony and TV shows.

Depending connected your listening habits, you whitethorn similar either the Bose TV Speaker oregon the Sonos Ray. They're some budget-friendly 2.0 setups that are champion with euphony and dialogue-focused TV shows. However, the Bose tin reproduce a much extended low-bass, truthful you consciousness much rumble successful the mix. Unlike the Sonos, it supports HDMI connectivity, too. However, the Sonos comes with much dependable enhancement features, specified arsenic country correction, and it lets you link to the Sonos ecosystem done its Sonos S2 app. There's adjacent DTS support, which the Bose lacks.

The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 is simply a spot amended than the Sonos Ray for astir uses. The Bose is simply a 3.0 soundbar, truthful dissimilar the 2.0 Sonos, it has a discrete halfway transmission to amended dialog clarity. It reproduces much low-bass, too, and has HDMI connectivity. However, it doesn't connection arsenic galore dependable enhancement features arsenic the Sonos.