SOUNDBOKS Go Speaker Review

SOUNDBOKS Go Speaker Review

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SOUNDBOKS Go Style Photo

RGB Lights No

The SOUNDBOKS Go is simply a rectangular rugged-looking talker that's reasonably large, and has a removable grip to assistance you bring the enactment with you anywhere. There's a removable loop strap you tin usage to clip assorted items to the speaker, and you tin besides acquisition the talker successful a bundle that includes a agelong carrying strap if you privation to transportation it connected your shoulder.

SOUNDBOKS Go Dimensions Photo

Volume 2,388 in³ (39,124 cm³)

Weight 21.4 lbs (9.7 kg)

Power Source AC & Battery

One-Hand Carry Yes

The SOUNDBOKS Go is decently portable. While it's bulky and heavy, it's importantly smaller than the SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3), and comes with a removable grip you tin usage to bring it on with connected the move. The shaper besides sells the SOUNDBOKS Go successful a tiny bundle that includes a longer carrying strap to assistance you transportation it connected your shoulder. They besides accidental it tin acceptable connected your motorcycle rack if you privation to bring it on with you connected the go.

SOUNDBOKS Go Build Quality Photo

Material Quality Good

Water Resistance No

Dust Resistance No

Impact Resistance Unspecified

Floats In Water No

The SOUNDBOKS Go's physique prime isn't bad. It's mostly plastic, with a rubber trim astir its edges to support the talker from drops and shocks. There's a mounting hole underneath the talker to equine it to a pole, and there's a hard integrative honeycomb grille that protects its drivers, though it isn't removable similar that of the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3). There's besides a removable silicone handle to assistance transport it, and a removable loop-strap wrapped snuggly astir the talker to clip items and accessories to it.

However, portion it's advertised to beryllium dentproof and splashproof, the SOUNDBOKS Go doesn't person an IP standing for particulate and h2o absorption oregon an IK standing for interaction resistance. The shaper claims its interior electrical components and parts are coated to comply with an IP65 standing for particulate and h2o resistance, meaning it should withstand immoderate spills. You conscionable request to beryllium mindful not to fto h2o and ungraded participate the talker done immoderate of its holes down the grille.

SOUNDBOKS Go Controls Photo

SOUNDBOKS Go Controls Photo 2

Ease Of Use Good

Feedback Great

Music Play/Pause No

Call Answer/End No

Volume Up/Down Yes (Physical)

Track Next/Previous No

Microphone On/Off No

Additional Controls Yes

The SOUNDBOKS Go has a constricted enactment of controls. You tin property its measurement power knob to crook the talker on/off. There's a JOIN fastener you tin usage to fto you articulation the SOUNDBOKS Go to a abstracted big SOUNDBOKS talker erstwhile you privation to make a stereo brace oregon amplify your audio crossed a ample space. This fastener besides acts arsenic the BOND button, which lets you entree and power a assortment of features which you tin spot here. There's a SOLO/HOST fastener to alteration the speaker's connection. You tin acceptable the talker to SOLO erstwhile you privation to usage it connected its own, and the HOST mounting lets the talker big and power up to 4 abstracted SOUNDBOKS Go oregon SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) speakers wirelessly. There's a fastener connected the rear of the artillery which lets you cheque its remaining artillery levels. However, you can't usage the speaker's carnal controls to play/pause your audio, skip tracks, oregon backtrack, and you request to bash truthful via your paired device.

SOUNDBOKS Go In The Box Photo

  • SOUNDBOKS Go speaker
  • BATTERYBOKS battery
  • Power cable
  • AC/DC adapter
  • 4x SOUNDBOKS stickers
  • User Manual


SOUNDBOKS Go Frequency Response Graph

Slope 0.07

Std. Err. 4.99 dB

Low-Frequency Extension 49.7 Hz

High-Frequency Extension 13.7 kHz

The SOUNDBOKS Go has a just frequence effect accuracy. With its default POWER EQ preset enabled, it has a V-shaped dependable illustration overall. Like the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3), The overemphasis successful the mid and precocious bass scope gives it a boomy quality, though this besides muddies the vocals and pb instruments successful your audio. There's besides an overemphasis successful the treble scope that gives higher-pitched vocals and instruments a agleam and sparkling quality, though sibilants similar S and T dependable harsh and honky astatine times. Fortunately, there's a graphic EQ and presets successful its companion app, which you tin usage to tweak its dependable to your liking. It inactive lacks immoderate low-bass, truthful you can't consciousness the heavy thump and rumble typically contiguous successful bass-heavy euphony similar hip-hop and EDM.

SOUNDBOKS Go Raw Frequency Response Graph

SOUNDBOKS Go Directivity Graph

Directivity Index 6.64 dB

Stereo No (mono)

The SOUNDBOKS Go has a mediocre soundstage performance. While you tin brace it to different portion to make a stereo pair, it downmixes stereo contented to mono erstwhile utilizing it connected its own, resulting successful a soundstage that isn't arsenic immersive. Its directivity is disappointing, truthful your audio doesn't dependable arsenic wide from each angles, and the soundstage is perceived arsenic constrictive and directional-sounding.

SOUNDBOKS Go Dynamic Range Compression

SPL @ Max Volume 106.6 dB SPL

DRC @ Max Volume 3.34 dB

The SOUNDBOKS Go has an awesome dynamics performance. With its POWER EQ enabled, this portable talker tin get incredibly large and easy capable ample crowded spaces similar parties with sound. It gets astir arsenic large arsenic the importantly larger SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) with a batch little compression contiguous astatine max volume, resulting successful cleaner-sounding audio erstwhile the measurement is maxed out. It gets a spot louder with its 'BASS+' preset enabled. However, portion the shaper advertises that the talker tin scope a max measurement level of up to 119dB connected its POWER EQ, it could lone scope 106.6dB during testing.

Active Features

Battery Life 35.7 hrs

Charge Time 2.1 hrs

Power Saving No

Charging Port AC

The SOUNDBOKS Go's artillery beingness is fantastic. With its POWER EQ enabled, it lasts up to astir 36 hours from a azygous two-hour charge, truthful you don't person to interest astir the talker dying connected you successful the mediate of a party. That said, artillery show varies depending connected your usage habits and chosen settings, and your real-world acquisition tin vary. The artillery is besides removable, and you tin acquisition a spare from the shaper and regenerate it erstwhile it drains. While you tin usage the talker and complaint the artillery simultaneously, the shaper advises against mounting the measurement supra half-volume with 5 lights illuminated to debar damaging the battery. They besides pass against utilizing the talker without its artillery plugged in.

Alexa No

Google Assistant No

Siri No

Voice Activation No

Microphone Mute No Microphone

Far-Field Performance No Microphone

Ambient Noise Performance No Microphone

SOUNDBOKS Go App Picture


iOS Yes

Android Yes

EQ Graphic + Presets

Stereo Pair Mode Yes

Party Mode Yes

Multi-Room No

The SOUNDBOKS app is precise good, and you tin spot abbreviated video of navigating the app here. You tin entree a graphic EQ and its 'BASS+', 'POWER', and 'INDOOR' presets to customize its dependable illustration to your liking. Using its TeamUP feature, you tin besides link the talker to up to 4 further SOUNDBOKS Go oregon SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) speakers and usage the app to delegate left, mono, oregon close channels to each paired speaker. There's an SKAA Pro Mode that reduces the latency betwixt paired speakers, though this mode is lone disposable erstwhile pairing nary much than 2 units together.

There's a Bluetooth auto-connect mode you tin alteration successful the app to guarantee the talker remembers and automatically connects to the past instrumentality you paired it to. If you ain an iOS device, you tin besides entree its DIREKT feature, which gives entree to unrecorded concerts connected Fridays and Saturdays.


Aux Input Yes

USB Audio No

Other Ports No

Aside from the power port, the SOUNDBOKS Go comes with an AUX input you tin usage to ligament your devices to the speaker. However, dissimilar the Soundboks (Gen.3), this talker doesn't person immoderate XLR ports to link an outer DJ mixer, microphone, oregon instruments.

Bluetooth Version 5.0

Bluetooth iOS Latency 48 ms

Bluetooth Android Latency 92 ms

Bluetooth Range 334.6 ft (102.0 m)

Multi-Device Pairing No

The SOUNDBOKS Go has large Bluetooth connectivity. It has low-latency with iOS and Android devices, truthful the visuals you spot and the audio you perceive stay successful sync erstwhile utilizing the talker to ticker videos and movies. It besides has a fantastic range, truthful your paired instrumentality stays connected to the talker erstwhile it's acold away. However, you tin lone brace the SOUNDBOKS Go to 1 instrumentality astatine a time, which isn't perfect if you privation to rapidly and often power betwixt audio sources.

Wi-Fi Version No Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Frequency Band No Wi-Fi

Apple AirPlay No

AirPlay Latency N/A

Google Chromecast No

Chromecast Latency N/A