SpaceX documentary about historic mission hits Netflix today

SpaceX documentary about historic mission hits Netflix today

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“To beryllium retired determination among the stars, I find that incredibly exciting,” Elon Musk says successful a caller Netflix documentary celebrating the archetypal 20 years of his spaceflight company, SpaceX.

While Musk detractors would nary uncertainty similar thing amended than to spot Musk heading toward immoderate far-off postulation alternatively than remaining present connected Earth, there’s nary question that the billionaire entrepreneur has achieved singular things with SpaceX.

Made by Oscar-winning directors Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin (The Rescue, Free Solo), Return to Space, which premieres connected Netflix connected Thursday, April 7, touches connected galore of the breakthroughs achieved by SpaceX, though it focuses chiefly connected however Musk and his squad of ace engineers helped to bring crewed launches backmost to U.S. ungraded successful 2020 aft a nine-year interruption pursuing the extremity of the Space Shuttle program.

The historical mission, which saw a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket motorboat NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the International Space Station, besides marked the commencement of a caller epoch of commercialized abstraction question successful which backstage spaceflight companies connection their services to NASA.

“Offering uncommon entree wrong the archetypal crewed ngo launched from U.S. ungraded since the status of the Space Shuttle successful 2011, this is an intimate representation of the engineers and astronauts chosen for the historical moment,” Netflix said of Return to Space.

“Following NASA veterans Bob Behnken, Doug Hurley, and their families successful the lead-up to launch, Return to Space brings viewers on for their thrilling thrust to the International Space Station, and into ngo power with Musk and the SpaceX squad arsenic they bring them backmost to Earth for a melodramatic splashdown return.”

Check retired the trailer for Return to Space below:

SpaceX is present looking to marque past by landing the archetypal pistillate and archetypal idiosyncratic of colour connected the lunar aboveground utilizing its next-generation Starship spacecraft arsenic portion of NASA’s Artemis III mission, and crewed missions to Mars are besides successful the cards. With each that successful mind, the adjacent SpaceX documentary should besides beryllium thing to savor.

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