Spin’s electric scooters will be available to rent in the Lyft app

Spin’s electric scooters will be available to rent in the Lyft app

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Lyft is integrating Spin’s electrical scooters into its app, with the extremity of yet featuring the scooters successful each 60 cities wherever Spin operates successful the US.

The determination comes amid much consolidation successful the micromobility satellite aft Berlin’s Tier Mobility acquired Spin from Ford earlier this month. Lyft, which owns Citi Bike successful New York City, continues to run its ain fleet of e-scooters contempt galore fiscal headwinds.

Lyft’s concern with Spin volition footwear disconnected successful Nashville, followed by 13 further markets passim April, including Phoenix, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Providence, Raleigh / Durham, Charlotte, Fort Collins, Ann Arbor, Kansas City, and Memphis.

Riders volition spot Spin scooters arsenic an enactment erstwhile they hunt their destination successful the Lyft app. A Spin scooter tin beryllium unlocked via the Lyft app by scanning its QR codification oregon entering the scooter ID fig — akin to however Citi Bike customers tin unlock a motorcycle done the Lyft app.

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The contention among large tech companies to go the “Amazon of transportation” has slowed down since the COVID-19 pandemic upended regular life. But Lyft inactive sees worth successful integrating assorted services into its app, including Google Maps, CityMapper, Moovit, Transit app, Bytemark, and Velocia.

Of course, Lyft isn’t the archetypal to integrate different company’s scooters into its app. Lime’s scooters person been disposable to rent successful Uber’s app since 2018 aft the ride-hail institution contributed to a $335 cardinal fundraising circular for Lime. Uber aboriginal sold its Jump e-bikes to Lime amid a broader determination by the institution to consolidate its holdings astir car trips and delivery.

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