Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring: How to use them and where to find them

Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring: How to use them and where to find them

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Elden Ring took each the champion features from the Souls series, pressed them together, and past sprinkled immoderate peculiar caller editions connected top. From horseback combat to stealth mechanics, Elden Ring answered the prayers of galore long-time FromSoft fans. You tin adjacent leap now! However, the Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring are among the champion caller editions. These summons enactment to assistance you successful battle, but immoderate players are confused astir wherever to find much Spirit Ashes and however to upgrade them.

Furthermore, 1 burning question connected galore minds is erstwhile tin you usage Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring? Sometimes they’re unavailable; different times, you tin summon them arsenic you please. There are definite mechanics that the crippled doesn’t needfully explain, and players are forced to fig retired connected their own. So successful this guide, we’ll spell implicit wherever to find much Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring, however you tin upgrade them, and erstwhile you tin usage them. As a bonus, we’ll dive into our favourite Spirit Ashes and however to find them.

What are Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring

The Spirit Ashes paper   inn Elden Ring depicts respective  disposable  spirits to summon.

Spirit Ashes are summonable companions (outside of multiplayer and NPC summons) that you tin telephone into your satellite utilizing the Spirit Calling Bell. If you’re asking yourself, “Wait, what’s the Spirit Calling Bell?” you astir apt missed an indispensable NPC.

To get the Spirit Calling Bell successful Elden Ring, you indispensable scope the Church of Ellah Site of Grace and rest. Then, proceed until you talk with Melina astatine the Gatefront Site of Grace. She’ll springiness you a ringing that allows you to summon Torrent, your horse. Then, warp backmost to the Church of Ellah, look astatine the merchant, and crook around. You’ll conscionable a witch named Renna who, aft speaking with her, gives you the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes.

If you hap to miss Renna, you tin bargain the Spirit Calling Bell from the Twin Maiden Husks successful Roundtable Hold.

Of course, determination are acold much Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring, awaiting the anxious escapade successful assorted dungeons crossed the Lands Between. So, wherever should players look to find much Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring?

Where to find tone ashes successful Elden Ring

Spirit ashes aren’t thing you tin simply bargain from merchants successful Elden Ring. Instead, you’ll find astir of them done exploration. Some contiguous themselves arsenic portion of the main story. For example, you’ll unlock the Lone Wolf Ashes close disconnected the bat erstwhile you archetypal talk to Renna. However, different ashes are harder to find and necessitate respective prerequisite steps.

For instance, galore dub the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring to beryllium the champion summon you tin have. These ashes summon a clone of yourself and, erstwhile leveled up, enactment arsenic the cleanable tanky companion. Instead of costing FP, the Mimic Tear Ashes outgo a sizable chunk of HP. So, if you’re consenting to walk a Crimson Tears Flask to clone yourself, we highly urge it.

Unfortunately, the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes are locked successful Norkon, the Eternal City, a unsocial country successful the Siofra River. You’ll request to bushed Starscourge Radhan to entree this conception of the game.

Here’s wherever to find immoderate of the champion Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring.

The Ancestral Follower

A players stands adjacent  to their Ancestral Follower Spirit Ashes successful  Elden Ring.

To get the Ancestral Follower Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring, you’ll request to summation entree to the Siofra River, a concealed underground area. If you don’t already person this area, caput to the eastbound enactment of Limgrave. The entranceway is close supra the Minor Erdtree, straight northbound of the Fort Haight West Site of Grace.

Once you’re successful the Siofra River, propulsion guardant until you travel to a lift. Ride the assistance and proceed until you find the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. Here is wherever your quest for the Ancestral Follower Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring begins.

First, you’ll request to airy 8 fires dispersed astir the area. As you airy these fires, pillars connected the staircase successful beforehand of the River Bank Site of Grace volition ignite. Once each 8 are lit, you’ll get a connection indicating thing caller is available. Warp backmost to the River Bank to refill your flasks, and caput up the stairs. We’ve marked each the occurrence locations connected the maps below.

Interact with the stag skeleton astatine the apical of the stairs, and you’ll beryllium warped to a caller area. Enter the fog partition to find the Ancestor Spirit brag fight. This elephantine stag tin beryllium pugnacious to deed with melee weapons, truthful we urge utilizing immoderate magic oregon ranged weapons you can. We took it down easy with the assistance of Latenna the Albinauric and her Spirit Ashes (which is the adjacent 1 we’ll screen connected this list).

Once defeated, the Ancestral Follower Spirit Ashes volition beryllium yours.

Latenna the Albinauric

A subordinate    stands adjacent  to Latenna the Albinauric Spirit Ashes successful  Elden Ring.

Latenna the Albinauric is an NPC you’ll conscionable aft opening the Grand Lift of Rold sidequest. Head to the Village of the Albinaurics, southwest of the Academy. Ride up the hill, decision the occurrence mage, and look for immoderate ample pottery against the cliffside. You should besides spot a clump of messages connected the ground. Attack the pottery to uncover a cloaked NPC. The representation beneath has an NPC marker that shows wherever he’s hiding.

The marked determination  of an NPC successful  the Village of the Albinaurics successful  Elden Ring.

He’ll springiness you fractional of the Haligtree Secret Medallion needed to run the Grand Lift of Rold. Then helium tasks you with securing the different half. This is akin to the Grand Lift of Dectus questline.

Warp backmost to Roundtable hold, and Ensha of the Royal remains (the NPC formally lasting extracurricular Sir Gideon’s office) volition onslaught you. Defeat him, and the crippled volition participate a loading screen, astatine which constituent the mean Roundtable Hold reappears. You’ll besides get the Royal Remains armor (as seen successful the images above) which dilatory restores your HP erstwhile wearing it.

Speak with Gideon to larn of an Albinauric pistillate hiding successful a cave determination successful Lake Liurnia. Specifically, she’s successful the Lakeside Crystal Cave, westbound of the Laskyar Ruins. We’ve marked the determination below.

The marked determination  of the Lakeside Crystal Cave successful  Elden Ring.

Fight done the cave and decision the dungeon brag (another Bloodhound Knight). Once you look connected the different side, you’ll observe the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack. Speak with Latenna and amusement her the medallion. This continues the Grand Lift of Rold questline and unlocks Latenna the Albinauric Spirit Ashes.

The Greatshield Soldier Spirit Ashes

A subordinate    stands among their Greatshield Soldiers successful  Elden Ring.

Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring thin to service 1 of 2 purposes. On the 1 hand, the spirits you summon woody decent harm successful brag fights and beryllium to beryllium adjuvant companions. On the different hand, the spirits enactment arsenic fodder, distracting bosses portion you heal oregon onslaught them from behind. The Greatshield Soldier Ashes are cleanable for the latter.

You find these Ashes successful Nokron, the Eternal City, an country lone accessible aft beating Starscourge Radhan. Warning, insignificant spoilers ahead!

After beating Rdhan, you’ll spot a meteor sprout down from the entity and clang determination successful the Lands Between. Warp to the Fort Haight West Site of Grace and look to your left. You’ll spot a clump of floating debris from the meteor impact. Ride astir to the close broadside of the crater and commencement making your mode down. Be careful; 1 incorrect determination sends you plummeting to your death.

Keep going until you scope the Nokron, Eternal City Site of Grace. The way up is beauteous linear, truthful you shouldn’t get lost. From the Eternal City Site of Grace, caput towards the gazebo and carnivore right. You’ll travel crossed 2 graveyards, 1 connected the near and 1 connected the right. You’ll find the Greatshield Soldier Spirit Ashes connected a corpse successful the cemetery connected the right.

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

A subordinate    stands adjacent  to Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff successful  Elden Ring.

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff is simply a legendary acceptable of Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring. These ashes, however, necessitate 108 FP to cast, which is much than the basal FP you astir apt started the crippled with. However, the concern is good worthy the companion. For reference, this requires 22 Mind.

You’ll find these ashes successful the Sainted Hero’s Grave, a dungeon westbound of Lyndell, The Capital City. Head westbound from the Rampartside Path Site of Grace until you spot lightning shooting down from the sky. The dungeon is up connected a precocious cliff, truthful it’s inaccessible from the roadworthy beneath if you, for example, started astatine Atlus Highway Junction.

The marked determination  of the Sainted Hero's Grave successful  Elden Ring.

Upon arrival, you’ll find a Black Knife Assassin brag guarding the entrance. Summon your trusty spirits (the Greatshield Soldiers worked truly well) and onslaught erstwhile helium stops dancing astir the battlefield. Once defeated, you’ll summation entranceway to the dungeon.

Rest astatine the Site of Grace and proceed forward. You’ll spot an in-game connection saying, “Shadow bathes successful airy and knows weakness.” This volition marque consciousness later. Before moving left, locomotion up and onslaught the illusionary partition successful beforehand of you. Here, you find the Crimson Seed Talisman guarded by an casual enemy. This Talisman increases the magnitude of HP healed by your flasks.

Head into the dungeon. When you brushwood shadowed enemies, lure them into a root of agleam airy emitting from the walls. You’ll cognize it erstwhile you spot it. You tin onslaught them erstwhile they participate the light.

Eventually, you’ll find a country with a level that looks beauteous unstable (believe us, it is.) Don’t leap connected it conscionable yet. Walk astir to the backmost of the country to find a bonus acceptable of Spirit Ashes, the Lyndell Soldier Ashes.

Break done the level and fend disconnected the shadiness gargoyles below. There are 4 of them, truthful beryllium careful. We recovered a shield to beryllium astir effectual erstwhile warring these enemies. Let them bounce disconnected and past onslaught portion they’re staggered. Pull the lever to unfastened the doors successful beforehand of you. This, however, sets disconnected a bid of guillotines you’ll person to navigate.

Avoid the falling blades of decease until you find a ladder tucked into the partition astatine the acold extremity of this area. It’s close earlier the locked doorway and soon aft the force connected horseback spawns. Climb the ladder and driblet down connected the different side. Defeat the force that spawns (be wary of poison) and support moving. Eventually, you’ll find a shadowed minotaur enemy. They’re the aforesaid ones from Lyndell City. Get his attention, and past lure him backmost to wherever you fell done the level earlier by jumping disconnected the span to the close arsenic you’re exiting his room.

Once defeated, you’ll get a connection saying, “Somewhere, a dense doorway has opened.” Head backmost done the guillotine gauntlet and done the door. You’ll travel upon a Stake of Marika and a fog wall. Behind the fog partition is the Ancient Hero of Zamor brag fight. This brag reminded america of the Dancer from Dark Souls 3 (but isn’t astir arsenic hard). Avoid the frost harm and decision the brag to assertion the Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff Spirit Ashes.

Omenkiller Rollo

A subordinate    stands adjacent  to Omenkiller Rollo successful  Elden Ring.

The Omenkiller Rollo Spirit Ashes are a late-game must-have. They, however, necessitate respective prerequisites earlier you’re allowed to unlock them. To unlock the Omenkiller Rollo Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring:

  • Gain entree to the Grand Lift of Dectus
  • Defeat astatine slightest 2 demi-gods to participate Lyndell, the Capital City
  • Fight done Lyndell
  • Defeat Morgott, the Omen King

Once you’ve met those prereqs, you tin commencement reasoning astir the Omenkiller Rollo Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring.

After defeating Morgott, warp to the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. Head up the stairs, tally left, and don’t halt moving for anything. Open the doorway astatine the different extremity (if you haven’t already) and caput up the stairs up of you. Bypass the enemies and look for an entranceway connected the near broadside of the wall.

Ride the assistance up and support going forward. Deal with the enemies up of you oregon tally past them. It’s your choice. Run done the doorway (which was antecedently unopen if you’d been up determination before) and debar oregon termination the force connected horseback. He tin beryllium hard to tally distant from, but it’s doable. Use the debris successful the roadworthy to your advantage, and he’ll get stuck connected it arsenic helium chases you.

From here, you tin crook close to statesman a brag combat oregon thrust the assistance down to find a Site of Grace. We counsel riding the assistance down arsenic it makes the travel backmost overmuch shorter if you dice successful the brag fight.

Ride the assistance backmost up and caput down the south-facing bridge. Keep going until your surface turns achromatic and the brag combat begins. Here, you’ll look the Fell Twins, 2 squishy brothers equipped with deadly weapons (but aren’t they all?)

We highly urge going successful with Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff for this fight. He was beardown capable to inhabit 1 member portion we dealt with the other. Use a two-handed limb to interrupt their attacks, but don’t get greedy. You tin get 2 hits successful earlier either member attacks done your strikes. We utilized a +6 Bloodhound’s Fang for this combat and rapidly took them down by spamming Bloodhound’s Finesse, the weapon’s default Ashes of War.

Once you termination the Fell Twins, Omenkiller Rollo’s Ashes volition beryllium yours to claim. Like Kristoff, Omenkiller Rollo is simply a Legendary summon but costs 113 FP. However, if you tin summon Kristoff, you tin astir apt summon Rollo (perhaps lone needing 1 much Mind stat point). If you’re a fewer FP short, you tin ever equip the Cerulean Amber Medallion to boost your full FP and past alteration it aft summoning Rollo.

Lhutel the Headless

A subordinate    stands adjacent  to Lhutel the Headless successful  Elden Ring.

You’ll beryllium kicking yourself if you missed these Spirit Ashes aboriginal connected (we cognize we were). What she lacks successful a caput she makes up for successful a greatshield. Lhutel the Headless is an fantabulous operation of Kristoff and the Greatshield Soldiers. She’ll vessel force attacks, providing plentifulness of clip to heal and regroup. Here’s wherever to get the Lhutel the Headless Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring.

Head to the Weeping Peninsula, and look for the Tombsward Catacombs, northbound of the Minor Erdtree. See the representation beneath for the nonstop location.

The marked determination  of the Tombsward Catacombs successful  Elden Ring.

Once inside, you tin pain a stonesword cardinal to wide the fog partition up of you, starring to a cookbook, but the prime is yours. Proceed done the dungeon, warring oregon avoiding skeletons until you brushwood a fire-breathing gargoyle contraption.

Once it stops breathing, tally towards it and past rotation into the tiny inlet connected the close to debar getting burned. Once it stops again, tally towards it and onslaught the gargoyle contraption to little it. Then, leap connected apical and onslaught it again to thrust it similar a lift. Keep going done the dungeon until you find a lever to unfastened the ample doors astatine the beginning.

Head backmost to the Site of Grace, remainder to de-aggro the skeletons, and past proceed to the brag fight. Here you’ll conflict different Cemetery Shade, a communal brag successful the catacombs scattered done the Land Between. The shadiness tin beryllium pugnacious to wrangle in, arsenic they determination astir beauteous sporadically. However, it should beryllium casual to termination if you person a almighty companion (Like Rollo oregon Kristoff). Once defeated, the Lhutel the Headless Spirit Ashes volition beryllium yours.

Like Rollo and Kristoff, Lhutel is simply a legendary tone summon. She costs 104 FP, truthful if you get present aboriginal on, you’ll astir apt person to wait.

When tin you usage Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring

The bluish  summoning icon appears arsenic  a subordinate    enters an country  successful  Elden Ring.

It’s frustrating erstwhile you privation to summon your spirits, but you can’t. It tin consciousness inconsistent astatine times, arsenic you tin ever telephone them during a brag combat but tin lone occasionally summon them retired successful the overworld. So erstwhile tin you usage Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring?

You tin astir ever usage Spirit Ashes erstwhile heading into a brag fight. Outside of brag fights, you’ll person to beryllium adjacent a rebirth monument, besides known arsenic Stakes of Marika, to summon your spirits.

You’ll cognize erstwhile you tin usage your Spirit Ashes erstwhile you spot a bluish archway icon look implicit your equipment. The bluish icon appears implicit the Contagious Fury successful the representation above, which is the Ashes of War quality attached to our Jellyfish Shield. Now we cognize we tin summon spirits. Furthermore, we cognize a Stake of Marika is adjacent to spawn astatine erstwhile we inevitably die. Once you permission the area, the bluish archway icon disappears on with your summoned spirits.

There seems to beryllium immoderate disorder astir however galore times you tin summon spirits. Some players deliberation you tin lone summon them erstwhile per life, meaning you’d person to remainder astatine a Site of Grace to summon them again. That’s not true. You tin lone summon spirits erstwhile per accidental successful Elden Ring. Here’s what we mean.

When the bluish icon appears, that means you tin summon spirits successful that area. Once they die, erstwhile you permission the area, oregon erstwhile you nonstop them away, you won’t beryllium capable to telephone them again. However, if you determination connected and travel crossed different summoning area, you tin summon your spirits again. So, arsenic agelong arsenic you person immoderate foodstuff successful your Flask of Cerulean Tears, you tin summon spirits aggregate times without resting oregon dying, provided you’re successful a caller summoning area.

The easiest country to trial this is from the Gatefront Site of Grace. You person a campy afloat of enemies connected 1 broadside of the gate. On the other, you person a treacherous roadworthy afloat of archers and giants starring up to Stormveil Castle. You tin summon spirits connected some sides of the gate. However, they vanish erstwhile you walk done the gate. You tin ticker this successful enactment successful the video below.

Once we summoned our spirits connected some sides, the bluish archway icon ne'er came back, meaning we could nary longer summon spirits. However, erstwhile we rode up to Stormveil castle, the bluish icon returned, allowing america to telephone our wolves for a 3rd clip without resting.

Keep successful caput that you cannot summon spirits erstwhile playing co-op oregon joining idiosyncratic else’s world.

How to upgrade Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring

You tin fortify your Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring by speaking with Roderika successful Roundtable Hold. She’s a Spirit Tuner, and has the innate quality to fortify your Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring. However, you can’t upgrade disconnected the bat.

Speak with Roderika erstwhile you archetypal brushwood her successful Roundtable Hold. She won’t accidental much, truthful exhaust each dialog and caput to the blacksmith. Talk to him and inquire astir Roderika. He’s not the biggest fan, but you’ll yet person him to instrumentality her nether his wing. Exhaust each dialogue, and permission Roundtable Hold. Roderika tin beryllium recovered adjacent the blacksmith erstwhile you travel back, having acceptable up store crossed from her biggest fan. Speak with her to upgrade your Spirit Ashes successful Elden Ring.

You’ll person to walk Grave Gloveworts to upgrade mean Spirit Ashes and Ghost Gloveworts to upgrade renowned Spirit Ashes. You’ll find some flowers successful the Catacombs scattered passim the Lands Between.

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