Spotify’s 2021 royalty report paints a rose-tinted vision of the music streaming industry

Spotify’s 2021 royalty report paints a rose-tinted vision of the music streaming industry

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Spotify is continuing its effort to connection immoderate transparency to musicians who are unhappy with its streaming rates. The institution updated its “Loud & Clear” website today, providing a breakdown of immoderate 2021 metrics for however artists, publishers, and rights holders really marque wealth disconnected Spotify streams.

As 1 mightiness expect, Spotify chooses to telephone retired present are affirmative improvements over 2020. Spotify paid retired implicit $7 cardinal to artists, labels, and the different moving pieces of the euphony manufacture past year, up from $5 cardinal past year. Over 16,500 artists’ catalogs earned astatine slightest $50,000 successful royalties successful 2021, compared to 13,400 successful 2020, and implicit 1,000 artists cracked $1 cardinal from Spotify streaming for the archetypal clip (versus 870 artists hitting that precocious watermark past year). Meanwhile, implicit 52,600 artists earned astatine slightest $10,000 from Spotify streams past year, compared to 42,500 successful 2020.

And similar past year, there’s inactive a calculator wherever artists (and fans) tin input their monthly listener number oregon opus streams to spot however their stats comparison to the remainder of Spotify.

Of course, Spotify seems to beryllium specifically picking numbers that showcase its contributions to the euphony manufacture successful the champion airy — thing connected the Loud & Clear website portrays Spotify’s royalty rates arsenic thing different than a nett affirmative for the industry, thing that musicians intelligibly don’t spot oculus to oculus connected (as a recent protest successful LA shows). And portion Spotify’s numbers are large astatine highlighting the fig of artists who are succeeding connected the platform, the institution is notably quiescent erstwhile it comes to putting those large wins successful the discourse of the (presumably) acold larger fig of artists who aren’t pulling successful thousands of dollars each twelvemonth from the streamer.

The wide maturation is encouraging — but arsenic Spotify grows much popular, the comparative numbers for “success” shift. And fixed that Spotify divvies retired net based connected however good a opus oregon creator does compared to the remainder of the platform, it doesn’t conscionable substance however fashionable an artist’s catalog is — it’s however fashionable it is compared to everything other connected Spotify. The institution calls retired arsenic an illustration that implicit 230,000 songs broke 1 cardinal streams successful 2021, thing that would person been a rarified accomplishment backmost successful the service’s earlier days erstwhile it had acold less listeners.

Spotify’s accrued transparency is simply a bully thing, particularly arsenic the euphony manufacture continues to clasp streaming platforms to expanding scrutiny implicit however they wage artists. But there’s intelligibly inactive a batch of enactment to beryllium done successful translating streaming euphony occurrence into monetary occurrence for astir artists connected the platform.

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