Spotlight on eppfun CuteMeet 300 earbuds: Dual microphone noise-cancelling for clearer calls

Spotlight on eppfun CuteMeet 300 earbuds: Dual microphone noise-cancelling for clearer calls

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The eppfun CuteMeet 300 earbuds  do not beryllium wholly successful the ear. The instrumentality signifier origin means that these earbuds are comfy to deterioration and easy adjustable. There are nary receptor tips to set the comfortableness -- the pear-shaped plan volition acceptable astir each receptor and are easy adjustable.

I americium not a instrumentality of in-ear buds. I overmuch similar the dependable of over-ear headphones, and it is uncommon that earbuds oregon sticks present the heavy affluent sounds I prefer. However, I americium blown distant with the eppfun CuteMeet 300 earbuds, the prime of the dependable they deliver, and the agelong playtime for the earbuds.

The earbuds person 4 built-in microphones and person CVC8.0 and ENC (environmental sound cancelling) exertion to filter retired extraneous sound automatically. The dependable prime is bully with superb bass, delivered by 13mm speakers, and I tin hardly observe immoderate distortion astatine each astatine mid and precocious ranges. The dependable is delivered by their Qualcomm APTX HD chips.

The CuteMeet 300 are rated IPX5, truthful they are sweatproof -- but bash not spell swimming successful these earbuds.

The interaction country is towards the apical of the earbuds. Touch the eppfun logo to invoke commands. Tap either earbud to play/pause euphony and pat and clasp the close earbud to summation the measurement and the near earbud to alteration the volume.

Double-tap to navigate done tracks and triple pat to crook connected oregon disconnected crippled mode -- which reduces the latency of the buds to 60ms for faster gameplay.

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The metallic lawsuit is solidly made with 4 indicator lights to amusement the level of charge. It volition complaint the earbuds 4 times connected a afloat charge, delivering up to 32 hours of playing clip earlier the lawsuit needs to beryllium charged again. Earbuds volition present up to 6 hours of playtime earlier they request to recharge.

The earbuds request a pat if you privation to halt the euphony and perceive to idiosyncratic else. Taking the buds retired of your ears volition not intermission the music.

There is nary Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) connected these buds either, but ambient sound is minimised and does not interrupt your playing enjoyment.

For $59.99 the eppfun CuteMeet 300 earbuds  will present a large dependable acquisition that is akin to much costly earbuds. Buy these earbuds - you volition not beryllium disappointed with your choice.

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