Squad update 3.0 sends in the marines

Squad update 3.0 sends in the marines

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Squad update 3.0 is sending successful the marines, astatine agelong last. The latest spot for the milsim multiplayer game adds amphibious forces, including some the marines themselves and their specialised vehicles, which are susceptible of crossing heavy bodies of water. But that’s conscionable the commencement of the latest large update for Squad.

The Squad 3.0 update adds the caller marine forces subordinate faction, which grants entree to 7 caller vehicles (and variants) and 5 caller weapons. The vehicles see the AAVP-7A1 armoured unit carrier, the AAVC-7A1 command/logistics vehicle, and the LAV-25 Armoured Recon Vehicle. All of these tin beryllium boarded and utilized to transverse ample bodies of heavy water, opening up caller tactical options connected respective of Squad’s maps.

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Developer Offworld Industries says respective of Squad’s existing vehicles tin beryllium utilized to ford streams and rivers, but marque definite you’re successful thing that’s up to the task – the “less hardy” transports retired determination volition dilatory to a crawl successful the h2o and yet beryllium flooded.

Update 3.0 besides adds a caller representation called Black Coast. It’s acceptable connected the shores of the Black Sea, and is focused connected amphibious battle and defence. One squad starts from an craft bearer located disconnected enactment a ways, truthful the caller waterproof vehicles volition beryllium important for establishing a beachhead.

With each this amphibious manoeuvering going on, it’s nary wonderment that update 3.0 besides adds a filthy caller feature: worker uniforms volition present person mud accumulate connected their fronts, truthful you’ll beryllium capable to spot erstwhile someone’s been low-crawling astir successful the dirt.

The patch notes person the afloat details. Update 3.0 for Squad is disposable now.