Square Enix brings two surprising RPGs to Sony State of Play

Square Enix brings two surprising RPGs to Sony State of Play

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Square Enix revealed 2 caller titles, The DioField Chronicle and Valkyrie Elysium, to adjacent retired the Sony State of Play event connected Wednesday. Both games volition beryllium released sometime successful 2022.

The DioField Chronicle is simply a tactical RPG that is precise reminiscent of fan-favorite Final Fantasy Tactics. However, The DioField Chronicle boasts much modern 3D graphics arsenic opposed to Final Fantasy Tactics‘ 16-bit style. The trailer showed disconnected immoderate gameplay, arsenic good arsenic immoderate communicative elements. One absorbing takeaway from the trailer is that the crippled does not person a grid-based question system, but thing much akin to the XCOM series.

An service  travels to a misty metropolis  successful  The DiofieldChronicle.

The DioField Chronicle volition beryllium released this twelvemonth connected PS4 and PS5, and volition besides beryllium disposable connected the Xbox household of systems, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. The merchandise windows for these systems person not been confirmed.

To extremity the State of Play showcase, Square Enix showed disconnected Valkyrie Elysium, a caller action-RPG that is connected to the Valkyrie Profiles series. During the trailer, we saw hints astatine immoderate of the communicative beats for Valkyrie Elysium, arsenic good arsenic immoderate gameplay. It seems that players volition beryllium allowed to research this phantasy satellite and execute combo-based attacks successful existent time. Valkyrie Elysium volition beryllium coming to PS4 and PS5 this year, arsenic good arsenic PC.

Two upcoming Square Enix games were besides highlighted earlier connected successful the State of Play. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has a caller playable demo that is disposable today. We besides got to spot immoderate caller high-octane gameplay from Forspoken. The trailer comes aft a caller announcement that the crippled has been delayed to later this year.

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