STALKER 2 has cats, unfortunately

STALKER 2 has cats, unfortunately

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It’s ever bully to spot a feline successful a videogame. Or it was, anyway. Upcoming PC game STALKER 2 has cats that whitethorn person america to rethink our pro-cat position. The conception creation for the cats that volition look successful STALKER 2 shows thing astir arsenic un-cuddly arsenic you tin imagine, and the details GSC Game World has included are bone-chilling.

The STALKER 2 cat, known arsenic the Bayun, is an emaciated feline with a mat of fur moving down its back, terminating astatine the basal of a bony, withered tail. Its tegument appears insubstantial thin, and is torn successful aggregate locations implicit its ribs, knuckles, and face. Large reddish growths protrude done the tegument astir its neck.

“A precise stealthy and nimble mutant,” the statement reads. “For years, stories astir it were regarded arsenic specified fables. Bayun takes its sanction from its pharynx sacs, which let the beast to imitate each kinds of sounds, including quality speech.”

That is terrifying.

This isn’t technically the archetypal clip a STALKER crippled has featured mutant cats. The STALKER fandom wiki points out that mutant cats were contiguous successful the crippled codification for some STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl and STALKER: Clear Sky, but these were evidently chopped from some games, arsenic they don’t look anyplace successful the satellite – prevention for one, which is stuffed and mounted successful the Inquisitor’s zoo successful Clear Sky.

You can, however, sometimes perceive their cries portion sitting astir the campfire retired successful the zone.

STALKER 2 had been slated for merchandise successful December, but that day has been pushed backmost successful airy of the ongoing Russian penetration of Ukraine. The developers accidental they are still moving connected the game, but person not announced a caller merchandise day yet.

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