Starlink speeds have slowed as more people sign up, report shows

Starlink speeds have slowed as more people sign up, report shows

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(Image: Starlink)

Starlink, the SpaceX outer net service, has had a engaged year, expanding into caller countries and continents -- and adjacent onto boats and RVs. However, Starlink's increasing lawsuit basal is having an interaction connected its performance. 

According to a caller study from Ookla, a web quality firm, Starlink's speeds decreased crossed the globe successful the 2nd 4th of 2022 successful correspondence with much users signing up for the service. In fact, Starlink speeds decreased successful each state Ookla surveyed, crossed Europe, Oceania, North America and South America.


Median download speeds for Starlink fell crossed Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, dropping betwixt 9% and 54% from Q2 2021 to Q2 2022. In the US, Starlink's median download velocity successful Q2 deed conscionable implicit 62 Mbps -- that's much than capable for 1 oregon 2 radical to watercourse videos oregon download games. However, a twelvemonth prior, download speeds successful the US were person to 90 Mbps. 

Puerto Rico had the fastest Starlink download speeds successful North America successful Q2, with a median download velocity of 112.22 Mbps. 

Starlink's upload speeds besides slowed crossed the globe, portion latency remained comparatively flat. In the US, Starlink's median latency came successful astatine 48 ms, beneath different outer providers. 

Starlink's work has expanded importantly acknowledgment to its ample constellation of satellites. The institution presently has much than 3,000 satellites successful orbit and continues to grow it with near-weekly launches. On September 18, SpaceX launched another 54 satellites into space. 

In the US, Starlink work is disposable crossed the West, portion the institution says it's expanding to the eastbound fractional successful 2023. Meanwhile, Starlink is engaged expanding its services to mobile sites and vehicles, similar RVs and boats, truthful erstwhile you're connected the move, you tin instrumentality your broadband with you.