State of Survival Launches New Carnival Event ‘Doomsday Theme Park’

State of Survival Launches New Carnival Event ‘Doomsday Theme Park’

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Come one, travel each – everyone is invited (except zombies, of course) to the caller State of Survival event, Doomsday Theme Park. As you whitethorn person already guessed, this lawsuit volition diagnostic a bid of mini-events centered connected a carnival theme.

Before we dive into the contents of this carnival event, cheque retired the BlueStacks usher and database of every benignant of zombie successful State of SurvivalThis volition assistance you cogwheel up decently for immoderate benignant of infected and undead creatures successful the game, from the Banshee to the Swiper.

State of Survival Launches New Carnival Event ‘Doomsday Theme Park’

Here is simply a little breakdown of the Carnival Event “Doomsday Theme Park.”

Doomsday Theme Park

There volition beryllium a full of 5 mini-events successful the Doomsday Theme Park. After completing the tasks successful each event, you person a accidental to get artifact fig Decorations.

Carnival Events volition beryllium disposable successful each states connected February 27.

Carnival Performance

During the event, 3 types of tasks volition beryllium unlocked each time – login, stamina, and infected. Some of these volition necessitate you to log successful each day, devour a definite fig of stamina, and termination infected.

Complete the unlocked tasks during the full lawsuit play to person task rewards (including Carnival Balloons). After completing a definite fig of tasks, you volition get further rewards. At the extremity of the event, unclaimed rewards volition beryllium issued automatically by mail.

Down with the Workaholic

During the event, you tin get Briefcases to find the Corporate Slave. Defeat him with your allies to triumph large rewards.

State of Survival Launches New Carnival Event ‘Doomsday Theme Park’

To get much and easy find the firm slave, you tin bash immoderate of the following:

  • Rally and destruct infected fiends
  • Donate to Alliance Tech
  • Give Timer Help to allies

Theme Park Carnival

The apical 10 players who volition fertile successful this lawsuit volition get the imperishable enactment signifier HQ skin. This HQ tegument masks your current, default office and transforms it into the beingness of the party. It comes with balloons, and a unrecorded signifier truthful you’ll ne'er person to accent astir zombies extracurricular your HQ.

Rewards besides see speedups for completing tasks successful your headquarters.

Jubilant Parade

Players indispensable implicit tasks during each signifier to cod Carnival Balloons, with further rewards reserved for reaching specified rankings.

Carnival Scavenger Hunt

During the event, players tin get Carnival Balloons by utilizing speedups and Biocaps, gathering resources successful the Wilderness, collecting resources successful the Settlement, sidesplitting Infected, and Exploration. Players are required to cod Carnival Balloons to enactment successful the Theme Park Carnival event.

Some of the lawsuit tasks include:

  • Use biocaps
  • Use speedups
  • KIll infected
  • Gather wilderness resources
  • Explore
  • Collect colony resources

Bustling Theme Park

When you enactment successful the Bustling Theme Park event, you volition get a accidental to get HQ skins, March skins, Frame skins, and decorations specified as:

  • Tengu Statue
  • Heartbeat Stage
  • Party Stage
  • Nanami-themed Car
  • Jolly Balloons

State of Survival is 1 of the hottest zombie endurance games connected the Google Play Store. It’s not your accustomed zombie game, however, arsenic it focuses connected a strategy centered connected your precise ain zombie headquarters. In this garrison, players tin physique structures, harvest foods, and fortify their defenses against the undead and the infected.

State of Survival Launches New Carnival Event ‘Doomsday Theme Park’

State of Survival is simply a precise grind-y crippled that requires a batch of clip and effort to physique the eventual anti-zombie headquarters. Fret not, due to the fact that BlueStacks is present to assistance you successful your travel against the undead. BlueStacks has a Multi-Instance Sync feature that lets you usage aggregate accounts, a diagnostic that tin beryllium precise utile erstwhile farming materials successful State of Survival.

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