Store your files, videos, photos and more with this $149 1TB cloud storage plan

Store your files, videos, photos and more with this $149 1TB cloud storage plan

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Taking fabulous photos oregon videos with our phones, drones, and different caller exertion is simply a two-edged sword due to the fact that we don't ever person country to prevention them. And nary 1 wants to perpetually statement which files to delete to escaped up immoderate space. Fortunately, you don't person to anymore due to the fact that Koofr is offering a beingness of 1TB of unreality storage for $139.99.

With Koofr, you tin link to your existing unreality accounts, specified arsenic Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon and OneDrive, portion viewing them each successful 1 place. It's a safe, elemental and backstage unreality retention work you tin entree from an app connected your machine oregon mobile device, WebDav oregon conscionable online. And it has immoderate precise convenient features.

Koofr allows you to transportation an unlimited fig of ample files to your unreality accounts. And you don't person to interest astir aggregate files unnecessarily taking up space; the Koofr Duplicate Finder volition assistance you place and delete each duplicate files you person saved. Plus, you whitethorn adjacent rename galore files astatine once. You tin remainder casual knowing your files are encrypted during transportation and erstwhile they are saved.

The work is precise user-friendly. While you request a Koofr relationship for this promotion, you tin make 1 for free. Then it's conscionable a substance of connecting to your unreality accounts and selecting the files you privation to upload, entree oregon stock without considering size limits. It's casual to spot wherefore Koofr is rated 4.6 retired of 5 stars connected GetApp, G2 and Capterra.

If you request to prevention your files without worrying astir retention space, get a Koofr Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription (1TB) present portion it's lone $139.99.