Stray: How to dunk the basketball for the Boom Chat Kalaka platinum trophy

Stray: How to dunk the basketball for the Boom Chat Kalaka platinum trophy

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Anyone who has ever owned a feline knows that they emotion to sound worldly astir – an arsenic adorable and frustrating trait – truthful it's not astonishing that you bash rather a batch of that portion controlling the feline protagonist of Stray.

This is particularly existent if you're trying to gain the game's coveted Boom Chat Kalaka platinum trophy. To gain this trophy, you request to dunk a hoops into a bucket. This is an casual task, but it isn't precisely wide however to get the occupation done — fto america help.

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How to dunk the basketball

The hoops and bucket indispensable for earning the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy are located successful the Slums, the archetypal inhabited country you'll travel crossed aboriginal successful your escapade done Stray. You'll instrumentality present a fistful of times passim the archetypal fractional of the game, giving you aggregate chances to gain the trophy. If you find yourself excessively acold successful the communicative and incapable to instrumentality to the Slums, don't interest excessively much, arsenic you tin load up earlier chapters and research the country to your heart's content.

The Slums is an underground dystopian metropolis filled with robots to talk to and galore quests to tackle, but you won't person to interest astir immoderate of that to gain the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy. Instead, you request to caput to the unfastened country wherever you archetypal met the Guardian robot wearing a reddish robe, easy identifiable by immoderate adjacent trees and a agleam airy shining down.

Facing the Guardian, crook close and look for a hoops sitting atop the adjacent stairs. There is simply a achromatic bucket embedded successful the crushed below, and you'll request to deed the shot into it. Slowly locomotion consecutive astatine the shot and lightly pat it with your caput to nonstop it down and into the bucket, which volition instantly reward you with the Boom Chata Kalaka trophy.

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