Superfuse is a superhero Diablo with killer customization

Superfuse is a superhero Diablo with killer customization

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Whether you similar it oregon not, we’re inactive heavy successful a golden property of superheroes that shows nary signs of slowing. In fact, the video crippled satellite is lone conscionable present catching up to movies, with big-budget Marvel games coming from studios similar Insomniac and Firaxis. Despite that continued growth, it feels similar we’re seeing little archetypal superheroes arsenic the manufacture focuses connected adapting existing ones.

That’s going to alteration with Superfuse. The caller enactment RPG from developer Stitch Heads takes the dungeon crawler setup of Diablo and replaces phantasy archetypes with superheroes. While it draws inspiration from darker properties similar Invincible and The Boys, it’s a wholly archetypal conception that brings games similar City of Heroes to mind.

I went hands-on with the crippled astatine this year’s Game Developers Conference and was impressed by what the crippled had to offer. While its dungeon crawling enactment is familiar, it has an ingenious attack to quality builds — 1 that fto maine make a genuinely overpowered superhero that could footwear immoderate Avengers’ butt.

City of heroes

Superfuse isn’t a airy superhero romp. It’s a acheronian crippled that’s acceptable successful a dystopian aboriginal destroyed by capitalism. Rich firm elites person fundamentally transformed themselves into Gods by augmenting themselves with powers (all portion the mediocre endure successful the streets). Long-story short, monsters emerged, dubbed The Corruption, and the elites decided to combat backmost by creating superheroes successful their ain image. Thus, the Enforcers were born.

It’s casual to spot that the squad drew inspiration from satirical shows similar The Boys, though it’s not a pitch-black game. Visually, it reminds maine of the Borderlands bid with its agleam colors and cartoon-like visuals. My archetypal deed of sadistic glee came erstwhile I attacked an force and agleam goo splattered retired of it successful a geyser-like particle explosion.

A quality  stands adjacent  to colorful humor  splashes successful  Superfuse.

Anyone who’s acquainted with the Diablo series volition consciousness close astatine location here. I statesman my demo successful a hub area, but rapidly caput retired into a procedurally generated bid of rooms and hallways filled with enemies. I click connected the representation to determination and onslaught with antithetic abilities that each person their ain powerfulness cost. The enemies I smash driblet assorted loot, similar armor and weapons, that I tin equip successful antithetic spots.

Toss successful four-player co-op, and you’ve got each the makings of a classical dungeon crawler with a superhero face-lift.


The crippled truly starts to get breathtaking erstwhile it comes to really creating an Enforcer. Superfuse features 5 chiseled heroes, each of which astir representation to a modular RPG class. In my demo, I played arsenic The Berserker, the equivalent to a heavy-hitting barbarian. The Stitch Heads squad didn’t uncover the different classes, but cardinal creation hints astatine a ranger-style class, among others.

Each quality has their ain accomplishment tree, but it doesn’t enactment successful the mode you mightiness expect. Unlocking skills means that players fundamentally get a module that tin beryllium utilized to augment abilities. The enactment of customizing a superpower astir feels similar programming — and it’s a delightfully almighty tool.

A barbarian attacks monsters successful  Superfuse.

Characters commencement with basal attacks. My Berserker had a elemental projectile blast that changeable forward, for instance. As I unlock augments, I tin commencement attaching them utilizing “if/then” statements. For example, if my onslaught kills an enemy, past they occurrence retired shrapnel erstwhile they die. Or I tin programme it truthful that erstwhile I occurrence my projectile, it splits into 2 shots.

Things get chaotic erstwhile I commencement stacking augments connected apical of 1 another. I could divided that aforesaid changeable 4 ways and past adhd an augment that mirrors it truthful I’m shooting projectiles successful each direction. I could adhd elemental harm onto those shots — aggregate kinds, if I wanted. The hitch is that the much a subordinate buffs their attacks, the much vigor it volition cost. Even with that balance, I was inactive capable to marque an absurdly almighty physique that could squash a tiny horde of Corrupted successful a fewer fastener clicks.

It’s 1 of the astir awesome customization systems I’ve seen successful a game. Rather than feeling linear oregon tied to circumstantial gear, quality customization feels limitless. My 2nd quality gave maine the powerfulness to slam enemies and I could person spent a fractional hr successful menus tweaking it to marque it arsenic devastating arsenic tin be. I experimented with having my quality dash guardant erstwhile helium slammed, making small adjustments ,and popping backmost successful the crippled to trial however it works successful practice.

The developers recognize the joyousness that comes erstwhile you make a physique that astir feels busted, and they’ve fixed players a satisfying instrumentality to fto them execute that.

Origin story

While powers are afloat customizable, the characters themselves aren’t blank canvases. This is simply a narrative-driven crippled that’s divided up into acts, spanning aggregate planets and cities. Each leader has a circumstantial backstory and Stitch Heads inactive wanted to marque definite that their personalities weren’t mislaid successful the shuffle.

The Berserker, for instance, isn’t conscionable a generic create-a-character. He’s a afloat fleshed-out leader voiced by Eli Harris. In establishing a Black leader (there are nary sliders to alteration his tegument tone), Stitch Heads wanted to marque definite it was creating a dependable that felt natural. The workplace worked intimately with Harris, allowing him to springiness his input into however to marque the quality dependable authentic — not a communal signifier successful the industry, according to Harris. The histrion is peculiarly enthusiastic astir the quality arsenic a result, arsenic the workplace gave him the accidental to bash immoderate customization of his own.

Characters basal   successful  a barroom  successful  Superfuse.

After years of playing live-service games similar Destiny 2, I sincerely admit that detail. Many modern games person taken property retired of characters by trying to marque them bare avatars for players to task onto. Superfuse finds a amended solution. It gives players afloat power erstwhile it comes to customizing the action, but inactive presents a formed of heroes that consciousness distinct. I privation to person power implicit my powers, but I’m inactive a sucker for a good, authored root story.

Superfuse has a ton of imaginable acknowledgment to its heavy customization and co-op multiplayer. The developers enactment that it’ll person plentifulness of endgame contented extracurricular of the main campaign, truthful the squad is acceptable to springiness the crippled the enactment it’ll request to survive. Players tin commencement tooling astir successful Superfuse erstwhile it launches into aboriginal entree sometime this year.

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