Surface Pro 8 problems and how to fix them

Surface Pro 8 problems and how to fix them

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The Surface Pro 8 is Microsoft's newest 2-in-1, released astatine the extremity of 2021 alongside the Surface Go 3. It sports slimmer bezels, haptics connected the screen, and a caller 120Hz refresh rate. Cool arsenic that is, if you're having issues with your caller Surface, don't beryllium vexed. We're present to help.

In this guide, we'll screen immoderate of the astir communal Surface Pro 8 issues, and however you tin hole them all. We'll look astatine things similar Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, surface brightness, and truthful overmuch more.

surface pro 8 problems interaction   surface  issues

Touch surface won't enactment oregon problems with brightness

One of the apical issues radical mightiness acquisition with the Surface Pro 8 is an unresponsive interaction surface oregon issues with brightness. This could beryllium due to the fact that of a bundle issue, oregon owed to hardware, similar dropping the device. Either way, here's a instrumentality to effort and find a fix.

Step 1: Head to the Start Menu and benignant successful Surface Diagnostic Toolkit If determination is nary result, install the app from the Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Launch the app, and benignant successful Touch Screen successful the container connected the right. Windows volition cheque for updates, and punctual you to instal any. If nary are available, you'll beryllium taken to System Repair successful the adjacent step. Follow instructions connected your surface and reply immoderate questions.

Step 3: The Surface Diagnostic App volition tally done a database of tests, and if it finds issues with your interaction screen, it volition automatically tally a repair and punctual you to restart. If a solution can't beryllium reached, you tin click immoderate of the links successful the past measurement to telephone Microsoft, oregon docket an in-person repair.

surface pro 8 problems dependable  issues

No sound

The different communal occupation galore mightiness look with the Surface Pro 8 is nary dependable coming from the system. You mightiness privation to cheque to spot if you person headphones oregon thing connected to your instrumentality first, but if you don't and the strategy is inactive muted, travel these steps below.

Step 1: Check to spot if your Surface Pro is muted. Tap the mute cardinal connected the keyboard to unmute, oregon bring up the Quick Settings, and resistance the measurement slider up truthful it's nary longer muted.

Step 2: If the occupation is inactive not solved, spell to the Windows 11 Start Menu and benignant Fix Audio then, click the effect that says Find and hole problems with playing sound Follow the steps connected your surface by clicking Next

Step 3: Windows volition halt and commencement the audio work for you, and your dependable should travel back. If things inactive don't work, past effort to restart your PC, oregon cheque for updates successful Windows Update.

surface pro 8 problems web  issues

Wi-Fi won't work

Can't link your Surface Pro 8 to the internet? Well, arsenic agelong arsenic you corroborate different devices link to your Wi-Fi conscionable fine, and that your Wi-Fi login is right, you tin tally a web diagnostic connected your Surface Pro 8 to hole the issue. Here's how.

Step 1: Click to the Windows 11 Start Menu. Then, benignant Network Problems. From there, take the Find and Fix Network Problems option.

Step 2: Follow the directions connected your screen, and proceed on by clicking Next. The diagnostic punctual should commencement and halt web adapters, and close immoderate issues. It besides volition hunt for updates, too.

Step 3: If each other fails, effort restarting your device. Or, determination person to your Wi-Fi router oregon effort utilizing a Wi-Fi dongle, oregon ethernet cable.

For much tips, cheque retired our usher connected common Wi-Fi problems and however to hole them.

surface pro 8 problems pogo

Type Cover won't connect

If you're having carnal issues with the Type Cover connected your Surface Pro 8, don't worry. The astir communal hole is cleaning the POGO ports connected the bottommost of the Surface Pro 8, oregon connected the Type Cover. Wipe the larboard with a cloth, oregon usage compressed aerial to dislodge immoderate dust. If that doesn't work, effort moving the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit utilizing the interaction surface connected your system, arsenic it mightiness beryllium a bundle issue.

For much tips, see our usher connected how to cleanable a laptop keyboard.

surface pro 8 problems slim pen 2

Surface Pen won't work, oregon nary haptic feedback

Have issues with your Surface Pen? If it's the caller Surface Slim Pen 2, marque definite that you've enactment it into the cradle successful the Type Cover. This volition complaint up the pen. Also, marque definite Bluetooth connected your strategy is turned on, arsenic this is however the pen automatically pairs to your Surface Pro 8 for features similar haptic feedback. Otherwise, if you're utilizing an older Surface Pen, cheque to spot if the batteries request replacing. Microsoft has a guide that mightiness help.

For issues with haptic feedback connected the Slim Pen 2, unfastened the Bluetooth and Devices conception of Windows 11's settings. Then, spell to Pen and Windows Ink and marque definite the power for Tactile Signals is on.

surface pro 8 problems cleanup

Surface feels oregon starts up slow

If your Surface Pro 8 is feeling slower than usual, past you mightiness privation to tally a fewer tests successful Windows 11. Try cleaning up your disk, uninstalling unwanted apps, oregon stopping processes successful Task Manager. Here's how.

Step 1: Clean up your strategy disk by searching for Disk Cleanup successful the Windows 11 Start Menu. Click the result, past cheque each the boxes, and past click OK. If you want, you besides tin cleanable up strategy files, by clicking the Clean Up System Files button. When ready, click Delete Files to commencement the process.

Step 2: Uninstall unwanted apps from Windows 11 by going to the Start Menu, right-clicking that app successful the list, and choosing Uninstall

Step 3: Hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete and take Task Manager. Then, click the Processes tab and look for inheritance processes that mightiness beryllium utilizing up CPU, memory. Keep successful mind, don't halt strategy processes, and lone halt ones from programs that aren't successful use. Right-click the process, and past click End Task to unopen it down.

Step 4: While successful Task Manager, look for apps that mightiness beryllium slowing down your startup time. Click Startup and past click Status to benignant by enabled oregon disabled. You tin right-click connected definite apps, and take Disable to velocity up your footwear times. Just support successful mind, immoderate strategy apps volition request to tally astatine start.

Ask Microsoft for help

If you're having an contented that's not listed here, we suggest you scope retired to Microsoft for help. Visit the Surface Support website connected different PC, take your device, and past click the Get Service link. Microsoft's Surface Support fig is 800-642-7676 and an cause volition beryllium blessed to help.

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