Surprise corgi FFXIV minion announcement delights MMO fans

Surprise corgi FFXIV minion announcement delights MMO fans

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A astonishment corgi FFXIV minion announcement during the caller FFXIV 14-hour livestream has canine lovers everyplace excited astir the newest pupper coming to the critically acclaimed MMORPG. The livestream, which celebrates the ninth day of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy multiplayer game, centred astir Live Letter 73 and the announcement of the FFXIV 6.25 merchandise date.

However, a mates of sneaky announcements slipped out, with details provided connected the secondary livestream for the event. Speaking to FFXIV crippled manager Naoki Yoshida, Hironobu Sakaguchi, known arsenic the begetter of Final Fantasy, had a peculiar petition for the MMO’s team. Sakaguchi is simply a peculiar instrumentality of kappa – Japanese h2o demons – and said helium would similar to spot a kappa kigurumi (hooded onesie) costume implemented.

Sakaguchi remarks that the Water Imp minion in-game already bears adjacent resemblance to a kappa, truthful the creatures are already established wrong Final Fantasy 14 lore. The squad notes that Sakaguchi is rather peculiar astir what benignant of kappa helium would similar to see, and arsenic specified the devs are ‘definitely going to wage attraction to his request.’

The different large quality pursuing connected was the uncover of a corgi minion. This adorable newcomer is acceptable to get successful spot 6.3, with a conception creation preview displayed connected the secondary watercourse of a happy-looking pup with a yellowish handkerchief tied astir its neck. So far, however, the squad is remaining coy astir however the magnificent mutt volition beryllium obtained.

Naturally, fans are already speculating the method of obtaining the pup, which has seemingly already been decided. Many suggest that it could beryllium tied to the precocious introduced Island Sanctuary mode, portion others joke, “Imagine its an eventual reward,” referring to the hardest situation contented successful the game. Others accidental it could beryllium tied to the adjacent FFXIV heavy dungeon, which is speculated to beryllium arriving successful spot 6.3. Whatever the request ends up being, you cognize it’s going consecutive to the apical of our 6.3 precedence list.

Our FFXIV Island Sanctuary guide should get you up to velocity connected however to marque the champion tropical getaway possible. Just beryllium wary to debar wasting rare Island Sanctuary spawns with our adjuvant advice. Meanwhile, we’ve picked retired much of the best single-player MMOs for those of you looking to dive into immoderate bustling online worlds by yourself.

Thanks to Iluna Minori connected the FFXIV Discord for translations (link opens Discord invitation successful a caller window).

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