Taylordle is Wordle for Taylor Swift fans - here’s how to play

Taylordle is Wordle for Taylor Swift fans - here’s how to play

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Image of Taylor Swift successful  the Bad Blood Video
(Image credit: Taylor Swift)

Two worldwide sensations person travel unneurotic successful a beauteous union. Wordle, the five-letter, six guesses connection game, has been combined with the euphony of Taylor Swift to create: Taylordle

The caller Wordle comes from the Holy Swift Podcast, a amusement that covers Taylor Swift, opus by song. Every time Taylordle is updated with a caller connection pulled from the singer’s extended catalogue, they could beryllium opus titles, lyrics, adjacent names from the star’s life. Even die-hard fans volition person to scour their encephalon for the close connection. 

 Unlike accepted Wordle, Taylordle’s puzzles alteration successful magnitude each day. For example, today’s puzzle is simply a staggering 7 words long. This mightiness beryllium disconcerting to immoderate Wordle fans who are utilized to the five-letter challenge, but erstwhile you're dealing with specified a constrictive taxable substance it makes sense. And, with the anchor of the Taylor Swift theme, you astatine slightest person a small guidance toward the close solution. That said, Taylor Swift present has 9 workplace albums nether her belt, arsenic good arsenic developed mythos and civilization surrounding her, making for a monolithic lexicon of imaginable words.  

Wordle’s detonation successful popularity doesn’t look to beryllium slowing, with hundreds of thousands inactive logging successful to bash the regular Wordle puzzle. If you’d similar immoderate suggestions connected the champion starting words for Wordle oregon adjacent tips connected how to triumph wordle each day, we person immoderate guides acceptable for you. 

It’s a Wordle world, we are conscionable surviving successful it 

We are heavy successful the Wordle spread astatine this point. It’s hard to flight the onslaught of caller spinoffs of the present infamous puzzle game. From Heardle to Scholardle, there’s nary shortage of ways to play. 

While we mightiness beryllium getting overwhelmed astatine the sheer fig of them, it seems similar the champion people is to clasp the chaos, thrust retired the Wordle wave. Plus, Taylordle gives america each anticipation that 1 time our niche-est involvement volition get the Wordle treatment. I’ve my fingers crossed for a Destiny edition. Destinydle, Guardiandle, Caydle-6? 

You don’t request to hold for someone other to marque the Wordle variation you want, though. Wordle Unlimited lets you make customized Wordles to situation (or troll) your friends. Maybe 1 time soon the popularity volition driblet off, but for now, these encephalon teasers are present to stay. 

Patrick Dane

Patrick Dane is TechRadar Gaming's Guides Editor. With astir a decennary successful the games press, he's been a accordant dependable successful the industry. He's written for a plethora of large publications and travelled the satellite doing it. He besides has a heavy passionateness for games arsenic a work and their imaginable to archer evolving stories. To wit, helium has implicit 2000 hours successful Destiny 2, implicit 1000 successful Overwatch and is present profoundly into Valorant. 

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