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Tempo Move

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The Tempo Studio and its main competitor, Tonal, revolutionized spot grooming by utilizing artificial quality to assistance you marque gains. However, astatine $2,495 and $2,995 respectively, some are priced retired of scope for galore people. Tempo's latest portion of smart location gym equipment, the Move, is overmuch much affordable astatine $495 (plus $39 per period for a people membership). It offers a akin astute spot grooming acquisition arsenic the Studio, and requires acold little abstraction successful your location by moving with your tv and iPhone. That said, the Move lone supports dumbbell and bodyweight classes astatine this time, comes with conscionable 50 pounds of weights, and doesn’t enactment with Android phones. Still, fixed its affordable terms and top-notch classes, the Tempo Move leaves you feeling the pain and anxious to enactment retired time aft day, making it a worthwhile alternate to overmuch pricier machines.

Tempo Move vs. Tempo Studio 

The Tempo Move is simply a screenless furniture that houses a astute location gym; it's astir the tallness and size of a broadside table. The instrumentality costs $495 but is presently disposable for $395, and portion that's a impermanent discount, a spokesperson says the institution has nary plans to summation the terms immoderate clip soon. 

To marque the outgo much manageable, Tempo offers financing options done Affirm starting astatine $16 per period for 24 months for the Move, oregon $52 per period for 48 months for the Studio. The Move comes with a 30-day trial, escaped shipping and returns, and a three-year constricted warranty. 

Like the Studio and astir different astute fittingness machines, the Move requires a $39 monthly rank that gives you entree to Tempo's on-demand workout people library. Tempo says the Move volition enactment unrecorded classes soon, a diagnostic that is already disposable connected the Studio. You tin make up to six accounts nether 1 membership, truthful everyone's stats are separate.

The Move measures 22 by 13.5 by 13.5 inches (HWD) and requires astir a 6-by-6 ft country of level abstraction successful beforehand of your TV for workouts. If you're abbreviated connected space, it's a overmuch amended enactment than the Studio, which measures 72 by 26 by 16 inches (HWD) and requires astatine slightest 6-by-8 feet of space. That instrumentality uses an easel-like plan and features a built-in 42-inch interaction surface connected which you watercourse classes.

Tempo Move

Like the Studio, the Move comes successful either a airy oregon acheronian color. It features existent wood connected the apical and a cloth doorway that opens from either the near oregon close side. For this review, the institution sent the light-colored model, which matches my TV basal perfectly. When I determination my java array retired of the way, I person conscionable capable level abstraction successful my surviving country to enactment retired with the Move. 

Inside the cabinet, you get 2 7.5-pound dumbbells, 35 pounds of value plates (four 1.25-pound reddish value plates, 4 2.5-pound yellowish plates, and 4 5-pound grey plates), and 4 clips to unafraid the plates onto your dumbbells. The furniture besides has country for 4 10-pound bluish plates that enactment with the system, but Tempo charges $145 other for them. 

Tempo's colorful value plates marque maine happy, but they person a intent beyond aesthetics. The strategy scans and recognizes the value plates based connected their colour to accurately way however overmuch you're lifting. The value plates besides person a rubber coating truthful they consciousness bully and are little apt to harm your floor. 

Tempo Move

The flagship Tempo Studio comes with each the accessories you get with the Move, positive a acceptable of 4 10-pound value plates, and a workout mat. The Studio besides supports Tempo's barbell, kettlebell, folding squat rack, and folding bench, but the institution charges other for these accessories. At the clip of this writing, the Move supports lone Tempo's dumbbells and value plates, but the institution says it volition enactment with its barbell and kettlebell soon. Just support successful caput that the Move's furniture is excessively tiny to store the barbell; the Studio has a hook connected the backmost to bent the barbell that allows you to safely (and discreetly) store it.

On top, the Move features a puck-shaped docking presumption for your iPhone that connects to your TV oregon show via an HDMI cable. That transportation enables you to watercourse classes from the company's mobile app connected your large screen. Tempo calls this constituent the Core; it communicates with your iPhone and TV to powerfulness the Move's virtual idiosyncratic grooming features and functions arsenic the encephalon of the system. 

Tempo Move

At launch, the Move works lone with iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 models. It doesn't enactment with the 2020 iPhone SE. The Move uses your iPhone's TrueDepth camera to make a 3D representation of you and your situation truthful it tin measure your movements. In the future, the strategy volition alternatively leverage the LiDAR scanner successful the iPhone 12 Pro and later.

Like the Studio, the Move tracks 25 of your joints, comparing wherever they are successful narration with each different to find which workout you're doing and whether you're performing it correctly. Both connection value recommendations, number your reps, and supply signifier corrections successful existent time. Tempo's exertion is designed to accommodate your grooming arsenic you progress. If you're gathering oregon exceeding your rep targets for a definite move, it mightiness archer you to summation your weight, for instance.

Just support successful caput that, erstwhile moving retired with the Move, you can't easy text, cheque societal media, oregon instrumentality selfies successful the mediate of sets, due to the fact that the acquisition occupies your phone. Tempo says it whitethorn adhd enactment for the iPad arsenic good arsenic LiDAR-equipped Android phones successful the future.  

Tempo Move

“We’re astatine an inflection constituent present that iPhone models are capable to tally blase AI locally and person precise depth-sensing technology,” Tempo CTO and cofounder Josh Augustin explained. “Experiences that utilized to necessitate costly hardware tin present beryllium built connected devices galore of america already own.”

Instead of your phone, the Studio uses built-in 3D sensors to measure your movements. A spokesperson tells maine that the Studio's 3D sensor is somewhat much almighty than the 1 successful the iPhone, "so it mightiness prime up much nuances successful the question than the Move." 

Setting Up and Working Out With the Tempo Move

The Tempo Move and each its included accessories get neatly successful 1 box, with a speedy commencement usher sitting connected top. 

Tempo Move

The archetypal measurement of the setup process is to place your workout space. As mentioned, you request astatine slightest a 6-by-6 ft country successful beforehand of your TV for the Move to way your movements. You tin spot the accessories furniture beside your media console, arsenic I did, oregon anyplace other wrong scope of your workout space. The Core measures conscionable 3.75 inches successful diameter, and is moveable, meaning you tin either nestle it successful the Move accessories furniture oregon spot it atop your media console. Tempo says to debar placing the Core successful nonstop sunlight portion you enactment out, due to the fact that lighting tin interfere with your phone's camera and origin feedback errors. I haven't experienced this problem, arsenic I usually usage the Move astatine the ace of dawn with the blinds closed. 

Tempo Move

From there, usage the provided cablegram to link the Core to your TV. It requires an HDMI larboard and a USB larboard connected your TV oregon monitor. Next, download the Tempo app connected your iPhone and acceptable up your subscription if you don't already person one. Finally, spot your telephone successful the Core dock, and you should get a "Trust This Computer?" pop-up; property Trust, past travel the on-screen instructions to decorativeness the setup process. Note that if you person a lawsuit connected your phone, you'll astir apt request to instrumentality it disconnected earlier docking it into the Core. I recovered this measurement benignant of annoying astatine first, but my telephone lawsuit is casual to get connected and off, and I'm utilized to it by now.  

The app past takes you done the steps of creating an account. It asks for your name, birthdate, weight, height, sex (female, male, oregon other), and superior extremity (get stronger, amended definition, suffer weight, oregon get healthier). It besides asks astir your acquisition with spot training, HIIT and cardio training, and mobility training, arsenic good arsenic a fewer much questions to assistance you acceptable up a recommended grooming schedule. 

Tempo Move

During the archetypal setup process, it gives you the enactment to adhd up to 5 radical to your account. To usage the Move, they besides request a compatible iPhone. If you skip this step, you tin ever bash it aboriginal via the app's Setting menu. It besides gives you the enactment to sync your workouts with Apple Health truthful they tin number toward your regular Activity Rings. Finally, the app plays a tutorial video to assistance familiarize you with the system. 

The Tempo app is good organized, with the pursuing tabs connected the bottom: Home, Classes, Live, Programs, and Profile. 

In Home, it recommends a people each day, followed by immoderate alternate options. When mounting up my account, I said my superior extremity was to amended explanation and enactment retired 3 times per week for 30 to 45 minutes each time. Tempo recommended a full-body physique people connected Wednesday, a full-body endurance people connected Saturday, and an upper-body physique people connected Sunday.

In the Classes tab, you tin browse and filter the workout library. Here, you tin find carousels of classes, including precocious added, cardio, beginner, lower-body strength, upper-body strength, meditation, boxing, and more. You tin filter the room by favorites (workouts you person marked with a heart), workout benignant (HIIT, strength, and mobility), trouble (suitable for beginners, intermediate, and expert), duration (up to 75 minutes), trainer, and musculus group. 

Tempo Move

Tempo says the app includes much than 1,000 workouts. It has little contented and assortment than immoderate different platforms including iFit, MYX + Openfit, Peloton, and Tonal, each of which connection thousands of classes, but it's increasing quickly, and its workouts are amusive and effective. 

In the Live tab, you can't spot the docket astatine the moment, but it says "Live classes are coming soon to the Move!" 

In the Programs tab, the app recommends a workout bid and you tin browse much options, organized by goal. Tempo urge a programme called Get Healthy Jumpstart, which it says is bully for intermediate athletes who privation to amended definition. The programme includes 4 challenges, each astir 10 minutes long; you repetition conscionable 1 determination each time—either bicep curls, burpees, lunges, oregon push-ups—and it tracks your reps. Tempo encourages you to travel backmost to the classes arsenic often arsenic you privation to check your progress. 

At the extremity of 2021, Tempo launched a mini yoga programme called Get Healthy: Thrive the Holiday that I truly enjoyed. It consisted of 4 20- to 25-minute classes, including "a pre-holiday metabolic booster, a gratitude flow, a restorative signifier to digest the festivities, and a juicy hostility merchandise aft the particulate has settled." Since it was a bodyweight yoga class, I was capable to travel on connected my telephone portion traveling. 

The Tempo Move Experience

Tempo is chiefly geared toward spot training. If cardio and endurance are your superior focuses, you're astir apt amended disconnected with a rowing machine, a stationary bike, oregon a treadmill. 

During Tempo classes, you spot the trainer acceptable against a achromatic background. There are nary flashy sets similar connected Peloton and MYX + Openfit, nor exotic destinations similar connected iFit and Hydrow. Tempo's trainers springiness disconnected a hep vibe, successful a bully way. They look similar the fashionable assemblage astatine the gym, the radical who deterioration leggings nether shorts and Converse oregon Vans portion lifting. Aesthetics and vibe aside, the trainers are besides knowledgeable and motivational. 

Tempo Move

Most of Tempo's workouts are reasonably quick, astir 30 to 45 minutes. The classes are simple, relying heavy connected basal but effectual moves similar lunges, squats, push-ups, thorax presses (which you execute connected the ground), and bicep curls. Its lower-, upper-, and full-body physique classes are my favorite. They often see supersets oregon trisets (two oregon 3 moves performed backmost to back, respectively) followed by 30 seconds to a infinitesimal of rest. 

I emotion that Tempo spot classes connection ample remainder betwixt sets. Head Coach Melissa Boyd often talks astir the value of taking clip to remainder erstwhile spot training, truthful you tin springiness each acceptable your all. Tempo's trainers ever show the movements beforehand and usage the breaks to accent due alignment. 

The spot classes usually commencement with a little warm-up (which you tin skip if you're abbreviated connected clip oregon stacking workouts) and extremity with a speedy cooldown. They besides often incorporated abdominal work, and a "burner" similar a plank clasp astatine the end. 

Tempo Move

Tempo's HIIT and mobility sessions nicely complement the spot workouts. During the HIIT classes, wage adjacent attraction to your bosom complaint and effort to support it elevated wrong portion 4 oregon 5 to situation your carnal endurance. The HIIT workouts incorporated moves similar burpees, jumping jacks, leap squats, and more. 

The mobility and yoga enactment is reasonably constricted and the sessions are brief. At the clip of this writing, I could lone find 4 yoga classes that are longer than 30 minutes. The classes harvester bodyweight spot moves similar planks and warriors with stretches specified arsenic triangle airs and seated guardant fold. They often see prima salutations on with a substance of standing, seated, and reclined moves.

Tempo Move

When you click an on-demand people successful the Tempo app, it brings up a preview surface with a written statement of the workout. It besides shows the accomplishment level, instrumentality needed, workout plan, and latest leaderboard rankings. 

Once you find a suitable class, conscionable dock your telephone successful the Tempo Core and property Start Class. Next, you tin optionally link a bosom complaint monitor, set your leaderboard settings, and prime a euphony station. 

Tempo Move

The Move works with Bluetooth-enabled heart complaint monitors, including the Apple Watch. In testing, I had nary occupation connecting an Apple Watch Series 7, Myzone Mz-Switch, Peloton Heart Rate Band, and Polar OH1 with the Tempo app. To link an Apple Watch, conscionable marque definite it's connected the aforesaid Wi-Fi web arsenic your phone, past unfastened the Tempo app connected your wearable. 

By default, the leaderboard is turned on, but you tin fell it if you prefer. Tempo awards you leaderboard points for each lb you lift, and each rep you complete. By default, it shows the measurement leaderboard, which ranks participants based connected the full value (in pounds) they person lifted passim the class. You tin alternatively toggle connected the rep leaderboard, which ranks participants based connected their rep number passim the class. 

Tempo Move

Tempo's euphony presumption options see Ambient, EDM, Groove and Flow, Jock Jams, Modern Downtempo, Pop, Pride, Today's Top Hits, Throwback Hip-Hop, and Top Hits. A slider successful the app lets you set the euphony and trainer audio balance.

On the people settings screen, Tempo tells you however to acceptable up your equipment. It whitethorn archer you to adhd the grey and yellowish value plates to your dumbbells, for example. When you're ready, property Continue, and the people starts streaming connected your TV. 

Tempo Move

At the bottommost of the Tempo people surface is simply a greenish rectangle with a dot inside. The rectangle is your virtual mat, and the dot represents you. You request to basal wrong the virtual mat country for Tempo to way your reps. If you determination retired of frame, the virtual mat turns yellow, past yet reddish erstwhile you get acold capable away. When you're retired of frame, Tempo can't number your reps, truthful it's important to enactment wrong the tracking zone. As a regularisation of thumb, if the virtual mat is green, you're lasting successful the close place.

Getting the bent of wherever to basal takes immoderate proceedings and error, and I'm inactive not definite however to champion presumption myself for definite moves, similar lunges and thorax press. When doing lunges, I usually basal facing toward the TV, alternatively of turning to the side. For thorax presses, I find that it astir accurately counts my reps erstwhile I'm laying down with my caput person to the TV and my feet further away, alternatively of the different mode around. It would beryllium adjuvant if Tempo's trainers told you however to orient yourself if you're not expected to look forward. 

Tempo Move

Atop the Move people interface, it shows the sanction of the determination you're doing, a countdown timer to the adjacent set, and a countdown timer to the extremity of the workout. 

Below that, it shows which colored plates are loaded onto your dumbbells and however overmuch value you're lifting. At the commencement of each set, the Move checks that you loaded the recommended value plates onto your dumbbells. In testing, I recovered that the Move's value recommendations are often excessively low, and I tin assistance much than it says to enactment on, a occupation I seldom experienced with the Studio. For instance, the Move told maine to usage unloaded dumbbells (which lone measurement 7.5 pounds apiece) for deadlifts, which was comically easy. 

If you load a antithetic magnitude than recommended onto your dumbbells, the surface is expected to automatically adjust, truthful you get recognition for what you're really lifting. Most of the time, Tempo's verification strategy works, but occasionally, it didn't observe the change.

Tempo Move

At the bottommost of the people interface, it shows your rep target, real-time rep count, and gait (seconds per rep). The Move's rep-counting diagnostic isn't perfect, but arsenic agelong arsenic you're lasting wrong the tracking area, it works astir of the time. 

On the close broadside of the surface is the people leaderboard. You spot your fertile alteration successful existent time, based connected your dumbbell value and rep count. You gain 1 constituent per pound, for each rep. So if you person 10 pounds loaded onto your dumbbells, you gain 10 points per rep. Obviously, if the Move incorrectly verifies your dumbbell value oregon fails to number a rep, arsenic it sometimes does, your leaderboard points won't beryllium accurate. But due to the fact that you can't enactment successful Live classes connected the Move astatine this time, the leaderboard isn't a immense deal. 

On the bottommost close broadside of the screen, the interface shows your bosom complaint and bosom complaint portion (as agelong arsenic you person a bosom complaint show connected). The Move doesn't way your scope of motion, a diagnostic that is disposable connected the much costly Studio. In testing, I besides recovered that the Move offers acold little signifier feedback than the Studio. On the Move, I person received signifier feedback lone for lateral raises. On the Studio, I besides got signifier feedback for bicep curls and squats. 

Tempo Move

During Move workouts, you tin intermission the people oregon set your settings astatine immoderate clip via the app. At the extremity of the class, you get a workout summary that however galore calories you burned, however overmuch measurement you lifted, your leaderboard rank, and a graph of your bosom complaint successful the app erstwhile you region your telephone from the Core. 

Occasionally, the audio and video fell retired of sync erstwhile I was streaming Move classes, a occupation I don't retrieve encountering with the Studio. Both products occasionally miss oregon miscount reps, particularly if you're not successful the close position, though I experienced this contented much often with the Move. I besides find that the Move's value suggestions are often excessively airy and that it offers little signifier feedback than the Studio. In presumption of wide performance, the Studio is the superior product, hands down. That's not a surprise, fixed that it costs much than 5 times arsenic much. 

Smart Strength Training connected a Budget

The Tempo Move is portion of a caller procreation of much affordable astute spot grooming machines including the for the $429 Alexa-controlled NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells, which we haven't yet tested, and the $495 Peloton Guide, which isn't yet available. The $495 Tempo Move brings the outgo of astute spot grooming mode down by utilizing exertion you whitethorn already own. The compact and charismatic furniture pairs with your iPhone and TV to powerfulness the experience, and offers retention for the included weights. Its required $39 monthly people rank is simply a spot steep, particularly due to the fact that the Move doesn’t connection unrecorded classes yet and its on-demand room is smaller than that of the company’s flagship Studio machine. In addition, the Move's rep-counting, value verification, and signifier feedback abilities aren't rather connected par with the Studio, but they're inactive precise good—especially for a 5th of the price. That makes the Move a genuinely viable alternate to the Tempo Studio, particularly if you're conscionable getting started with spot grooming oregon buying connected a budget.