Tentacle Sync Track E audio recorder first look: Close to perfect

Tentacle Sync Track E audio recorder first look: Close to perfect

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I've been successful the marketplace for a caller audio recorder to hook up to my camera erstwhile signaling video to regenerate the Rode Wireless Go. The Wireless Go has been a superb workhorse and has been pushed hard implicit the past mates of years, but the instrumentality is afloat of limitations and quirks that mean that it's acold from being a cleanable spot of kit.

This is wherefore I've been looking to regenerate it with something, and that thing is the Tentacle Sync Track E audio recorder.

German designed and made, the Track E oozes prime the infinitesimal you instrumentality it retired of the box. And I'm not talking present astir "quality" relating to bully packaging oregon shiny plastic. The packaging is really wonderfully basal -- which I similar -- but arsenic soon arsenic you assistance the lid, you're shown beauteous overmuch everything you request to cognize astir the Track E. Where the ports are, however to crook it on, and a QR codification that takes you to the required app.

Tentacle Sync Track E presumption    is awesome

Tentacle Sync Track E presumption is awesome

But wherefore did I opt for the Track E? It has 1 diagnostic that I'm reasoning volition beryllium a game-changer -- 32-bit interval audio recording.

What is this?

Well, you tin deliberation of it similar autofocus for the audio.

Normally erstwhile I'm signaling audio, I person to marque definite I acceptable the signaling level for the audio conscionable right. If it's excessively high, past the audio volition clip and crackle and it sounds perfectly terrible. If the signaling levels are acceptable excessively low, past it's mislaid forever. This process is portion art, portion science, and 1 tiny mistake tin mean having to spell backmost and grounds thing again.

The 32-bit interval audio diagnostic takes each the accent retired of this. The audio can't ever beryllium truthful large that it clips and cuts retired (well, it is imaginable to overload the microphone, but idiosyncratic would person to beryllium truly yelling into it for that to happen), and it can't beryllium excessively low, truthful there's nary worry. 

You power the Track E on, and you commencement signaling audio. It's truly that simple!

32-bit interval  mode   takes the interest   retired  of mounting  audio levels

32-bit interval mode takes the interest retired of mounting audio levels

Tentacle Sync

It's that simple.

Another happening that I similar astir the Track E is however speedy it was to acceptable up and commencement using. I could person pulled it retired of the box, paired it with my smartphone, and started utilizing it instantly (the artillery was a bully 50% charged).

That's truthful uncommon for a merchandise these days. Usually there's a convoluted setup process and activation and loads of settings to tweak and messiness astir with and a steep learning curve earlier you get going.

Not with the Track E.

Tentacle Sync has made it arsenic casual arsenic imaginable abbreviated of putting an technologist successful the container to crook it connected for me.

Another pleasant happening astir the Track E is that each the accessories -- adjacent the Lavalier mic -- are bully prime items.

No disbursal has been spared.

32-bit interval  mode   takes the interest   retired  of mounting  audio levels

Track E accessories

I've had the accidental to play with the Track E rather a spot implicit the past fewer days and volition travel this archetypal look with a fuller reappraisal soon. But truthful far, I'm impressed with the Track E. Really impressed. The setup and usage are elemental and easy, the 32-bit interval audio takes each the interest astir whether the levels are acceptable right, and there's a built-in 16GB microSD paper for storage, truthful I didn't adjacent request to deliberation astir oregon interest astir that.

The Tentacle Sync Track E is arsenic adjacent to cleanable arsenic a instrumentality could be.

This happening has tremendous potential, and I'm looking guardant to seeing what it's truly susceptible of.

Note: For patent reasons, the headphone output is deactivated during signaling connected the US mentation of the Track E.

Tentacle Sync Track E



  • 32-bit interval signaling & 24-bit recording
  • Control aggregate devices via Bluetooth (iOS & Android)
  • Wireless timecode sync/jam-sync via cable
  • Up to 10 hours operating time
  • General-purpose Lavalier microphone with clip and windjammer included
  • 16GB microSD paper included
  • Belt clip made of achromatic powder-coated stainless steel
  • 2-year constricted warranty

In the box

  • Tentacle Track E timecode audio recorder
  • General intent Lavalier microphone with 3.5mm lockable connector
    - Mic clip
    - Windjammer (black)
    - Mini pouch
  • 16GB microSDHC card
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Belt clip
  • Zipper bag
  • Colored silicone bands
  • Stickers
  • Software licence for Tentacle Sync Studio (macOS only)