The 4 best Amazon Business credit cards of 2022

The 4 best Amazon Business credit cards of 2022

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Looking for financing for your business? There are galore options to take from, and it tin beryllium hard to cognize which is close for you. For companies that often store connected Amazon, the retailer offers aggregate recognition cards and recognition lines to assistance you optimize your buying and gain rewards.

We've rounded up the champion Amazon concern recognition products to assistance you find the close 1 for your business.

Amazon Business Prime American Express Card

Best for earning concern rewards

The Amazon Business Prime American Express Card is 1 of the astir fashionable concern recognition cards connected the market. 

With the Amazon concern card, you besides get extended manager tools. First, you tin delegate an relationship manager who makes the payments, reviews transactions, and adds and removes worker cards. The relationship manager tin oversee everyone's spending, tag the purchases successful QuickBooks, and acceptable relationship alerts for definite spending activities.

It's important to enactment that you indispensable person an Amazon Business Prime rank to usage this card. Not lone that, but you tin suffer your accrued rewards if you cancel your Prime relationship oregon marque a precocious outgo connected your recognition card.


  • No yearly fee
  • Competitive rewards
  • Robust manager controls


  • Amazon Prime rank required
  • Lose your points erstwhile you cancel your Amazon Prime membership
  • Lose your points erstwhile you marque a precocious payment

Terms use to American Express benefits and offers. Enrollment whitethorn beryllium required for prime American Express benefits and offers. Visit to larn more.

Amazon Business Line of Credit

Best concern enactment of credit

Amazon Business Line of Credit

The Amazon Business Line of Credit allows businesses to marque purchases and past wage for them later. Managed by Synchrony Bank, these recognition lines travel with generous outgo presumption of 55 days. Because you're required to wage successful full, determination are nary involvement charges, nor are determination immoderate yearly fees (see rates and fees).

To commencement utilizing an Amazon Business Line of Credit, you'll use done Synchrony Bank. Once your exertion is approved, you'll get a dedicated relationship absorption squad to assistance you acceptable up, customize, and negociate your recognition line. You tin make abstracted accounts for assorted departments oregon locations successful your organization.

As you shop, you'll person easy-to-read monthly statements with a database of itemized transactions and product-level details. Then, you simply person to wage for your purchases successful afloat by the owed date.


  • No yearly interest oregon interest
  • 55-day outgo terms
  • A dedicated relationship absorption team


  • Not disposable for each Amazon products
  • It tin lone beryllium utilized astatine Amazon
  • No currency backmost oregon different rewards

Amazon Business Pay by Invoice

Best for Amazon Business Prime customers

Amazon Business Pay by Invoice

Similar to Amazon's concern enactment of credit, the Amazon Pay by Invoice diagnostic allows you to marque purchases and past wage for them later. This diagnostic is disposable to customers with an Amazon Business Prime membership. The modular outgo presumption are 30 days, but they tin beryllium extended to 45 oregon 60 days for much premium accounts (see rates and fees).

In summation to the flexibility of being capable to wage later, Amazon Pay by Invoice besides makes it casual to reconcile your purchases by sending you integer invoices with itemized purchases. You tin acceptable up aggregate buyers for your institution and way each one's purchases.

Once your bid ships, you'll person outgo presumption and a owed date. You tin wage your invoices via Automated Clearing House (ACH), ligament transfer, oregon check.


  • Increased outgo flexibility and control
  • Extended outgo presumption of 45-60 days
  • Available to small, medium, and endeavor accounts


  • Amazon Business Prime rank required
  • More costly rank required for longer outgo terms
  • No currency backmost oregon different rewards

Intro BonusUp to a $150 Amazon Gift Card instantly upon approval

APR14.24% to 22.24% Variable

Recommended Credit N/A

Reward Rates

  • 5% backmost astatine and Whole Foods Market with eligible Prime membership*
  • 2% backmost astatine restaurants, state stations, and drugstores*
  • 1% backmost connected each different purchases*

Annual Fee$0

Intro Purchase APRN/A

Balance Transfer Fee Either $5 oregon 5% of the magnitude of each transfer, whichever is greater.

Balance Transfer APR14.24% to 22.24% Variable

Late Payment Fee Up to $39

Foreign Transaction Fees None

  • 5% backmost astatine and Whole Foods Market with eligible Prime membership*
  • 2% backmost astatine restaurants, state stations, and drugstores*
  • 1% backmost connected each different purchases*

While concern recognition cards and lines of recognition are large for immoderate businesses, they aren't close for each of them. For example, sole proprietorships without employees oregon concern recognition past volition person a hard clip qualifying for a concern recognition paper oregon enactment of credit. Instead, they tin use for a idiosyncratic recognition paper to usage strictly for concern purchases.

Rewards tin beryllium utilized for aboriginal Amazon purchases. You tin besides commercialized them successful for cash, different acquisition cards, question credit, and more. The paper doesn't person an yearly interest oregon overseas transaction fees. However, you indispensable person an Amazon Prime rank to usage this card, and that requires an yearly outgo of $139.


  • Excellent cashback rewards
  • No yearly interest oregon overseas transaction fee
  • Redeem for currency back, acquisition cards, Amazon credit, oregon travel


  • Amazon Prime rank required
  • Lower currency backmost connected sites different than Amazon
  • Must take betwixt currency backmost oregon promotional APR connected purchases

How did we take these recognition cards and recognition options?

When choosing which Amazon recognition options to include, we made definite to find products that would suit a variety of businesses successful a assortment of sizes. While nary merchandise connected our database volition beryllium well-suited to each businesses, astir businesses should beryllium capable to find a merchandise that works for them. 

Factors we considered erstwhile choosing these products include:

  • How casual it is to apply
  • Interest and fees
  • Rewards
  • Payment terms

How tin you determine which enactment is close for you?

Wondering which Amazon recognition enactment is close for you? With aggregate options to take from, it tin beryllium hard to determine which is best. And the information is, determination isn't 1 that's amended than the other. Each has antithetic features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here are a fewer questions to inquire yourself erstwhile choosing the champion recognition enactment for your business:

Do you tally a sole proprietorship? 

As a sole proprietor, there's a bully accidental your concern doesn't person credit. In that case, the Amazon Prime Visa paper is astir apt champion for you. Eligibility is based connected your idiosyncratic credit, not your concern credit. And without a ample team, you don't person to interest astir granting different radical entree to cards.

Do you privation cashback rewards? 

Amazon's lines of recognition don't connection cashback oregon immoderate different benignant of reward. If you privation to gain peculiar perks for utilizing your credit, past the Amazon Business Prime paper is astir apt champion for you.

Are you an Amazon Business Prime member? 

The Amazon Pay by Invoice diagnostic comes arsenic a modular diagnostic with the small, medium, and endeavor plans. Rather than paying for your items erstwhile you acquisition them, you tin wage them disconnected connected a 45-60 time schedule.

Do you walk much than $100,000 per twelvemonth astatine Amazon? 

Customers who walk much than $100,000 per twelvemonth tin afloat maximize the benefits of the Amazon Business Line of Credit, including your ain relationship specialist.

Are determination immoderate alternatives worthy considering?

Amazon's recognition options let businesses to acquisition items and wage for them later, often earning rewards on the way. But determination are a fewer alternatives to Amazon's recognition offerings that you whitethorn privation to consider:

Business recognition cards

Amazon's recognition cards connection immoderate fantabulous perks for businesses that privation cashback connected their purchases and walk a batch of wealth connected Amazon. But determination are truthful many business recognition cards on the market; we'd beryllium remiss if we didn't notation immoderate of the different options available.

Choosing a concern recognition paper different than Amazon's allows you to gain the aforesaid large perks and sometimes adjacent amended perks. The quality is that portion Amazon lone allows you to usage your cashback for Amazon purchases, different concern cards let you to usage your perks for galore different purposes.

For example, the Capital One Spark Cash concern recognition paper gives you 2% cashback connected each of your purchases. You tin usage the rewards to wage down your equilibrium oregon simply currency them out.

Business lines of credit

Rather than choosing Amazon's recognition lines, you could alternatively take a recognition enactment from a antithetic fiscal institution. First, different lines of recognition springiness you the enactment of spending your wealth nevertheless you'd like, portion Amazon's lines of recognition lone let you to walk your wealth astatine Amazon. Another payment of extracurricular lines of recognition is that you tin often person a longer play to wage them back, portion Amazon's recognition lines indispensable beryllium paid backmost connected a word of anyplace from 30-60 days.

For example, BlueVine offers concern lines of recognition for amounts of anyplace from $5,000 to $250,000. You tin wage backmost your equilibrium with play oregon monthly payments implicit a play of 6-12 months. And dissimilar Amazon, determination are nary restrictions for wherever you tin walk the money.

Which Amazon recognition enactment is champion for businesses?

There's not needfully 1 Amazon recognition enactment that's champion for each businesses. It depends connected your fiscal concern and however you program to usage the credit. 

While the recognition enactment and wage by invoice person nary fees oregon interest, the recognition cards travel with cashback rewards, which tin beryllium attractive.

What recognition people bash you request to get an Amazon concern recognition card?

Amazon requires astatine slightest just recognition to suffice for a recognition card, but you summation your chances of being approved by having bully oregon fantabulous credit, meaning a people of astatine slightest 680.

What is the easiest signifier of Amazon recognition to get?

When it comes to qualifying for Amazon credit, it depends connected your existent situation. Individuals with sole proprietorships and nary concern recognition whitethorn person the easiest clip qualifying for the Amazon Prime Visa card, portion businesses with existing Amazon Business Prime accounts already person entree to Pay by Invoice.