The Batman is getting an HBO Max spinoff about the Penguin

The Batman is getting an HBO Max spinoff about the Penguin

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Now that The Batman is retired successful theaters, the caller instrumentality connected Gotham is acceptable to grow to HBO Max. The web announced today that a spinoff astir the Penguin is coming successful the signifier of a constricted series. Not overmuch other is known astir the show, but it volition spot Colin Farrell reprise his relation arsenic the iconic villain. It volition beryllium enforcement produced by The Batman manager Matt Reeves, on with Farrell, Dylan Clark, and Lauren LeFranc, who volition besides service arsenic showrunner.

“Colin exploded disconnected the surface arsenic the Penguin successful The Batman, and having the accidental to thoroughly research the interior beingness of that quality connected HBO Max is an implicit thrill,” Reeves said successful a statement. “Dylan and I are truthful excited to enactment with Lauren successful continuing Oz’s communicative arsenic helium grabs violently for powerfulness successful Gotham.”

The Batman debuted connected March 4th and introduced Robert Pattinson arsenic the latest mentation of the Dark Knight, alongside Zoë Kravitz arsenic Catwoman. It’s not wide erstwhile successful the timeline the caller Penguin amusement volition fit, nor erstwhile it volition deed HBO Max, but Farrell adds that it “will beryllium bully to get him backmost connected the streets of Gotham for a small madness and a small mayhem.”

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