The Batman: What the future holds for Gotham City

The Batman: What the future holds for Gotham City

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Note: Spoilers for The Batman are discussed successful this article.

A gritty travel consisting of wading done Gotham City’s corrupt underbelly, a nerve-wracking sidesplitting spree to stop, and a heavy level of introspection were what was successful store for the Dark Knight successful Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Robert Pattinson’s gloomy Batman had been operating successful this grimy, perpetually crime-plagued municipality jungle for 2 years, but wasn’t having the resuscitating effect connected Gotham’s anemic pulse arsenic he’d hoped. After losing his parents to organized crime, Batman fixated connected beating it into submission, lone for the Riddler to forcibly amusement the metropolis however heavy the rot runs. In the aftermath of the Riddler’s flash flooding of Gotham, which efficaciously turning it into a “no man’s land,” however does Gotham turn from this?

Through the assistance of Alfred Pennyworth and Selina Kyle, Batman succeeds adjacent done failure. His closing monologue indicates his realization that Batman has to germinate into thing much hopeful if the metropolis is to heal. With Gotham near successful dire straits, and villainous powerfulness grabs definite to follow, plans for HBO Max streaming and the comic publication root worldly are already showing wherever the inevitable sequel could go.

A huffy dash to assertion Carmine Falcone’s vacant throne

The Penguin stands successful  the rainfall  successful  The Batman.

Like Officer Kenzie — the Penguin’s Gotham PD errand lad — told The Batman‘s trio of heroes, everyone who’s ever been the politician of the metropolis relinquished that rubric to Carmine “The Roman” Falcone down the scenes. He’s been Gotham City’s shadiness puppet maestro politician for implicit 20 years, with hardly anyone the wiser. The sadistic serial slayer Edward Nashton, aka The Riddler, yet “brought the rat into the light,” but sought to punish the metropolis for it’s compliance. Suddenly exposing and assassinating Falcone, though, volition surely not beryllium the extremity of organized crime. Now that the metropolis is astatine its astir susceptible authorities yet (and with martial instrumentality enactment into effect, nary less), the underworld’s remnants that survived done abiding and playing The Roman’s crippled volition privation to assertion the corrosive crown helium leaves behind.

If Batman’s ain foreshadowing of it wasn’t enough, Matt Reeves’ absorption and Greig Fraser’s cinematography marque it adjacent clearer erstwhile we spot a changeable panning crossed Oswald Cobblepot’s look arsenic helium looks retired astatine the shambolic authorities of the metropolis astatine dawn. Now that the king is dead, the Penguin volition apt instrumentality a changeable astatine becoming the self-professed “Gentleman of Crime” similar helium is successful the comics. He’ll person competition, though, arsenic much wannabe mob bosses volition rear their disfigured heads retired from the city’s flooded alleys to laic assertion to the sunken kingdom.

No man’s onshore is much than conscionable a phrase

Batman crouches portion    rainfall  falls successful  No Man's Land, a DC comic.

Though it’s thing that the DC Comics faithful person caught immediately, wherever the sequel to The Batman will apt spell is thing that would beryllium thrilling for much casual audiences, too. The communicative is poised to spell determination adjacent rawer successful presumption of ambiance than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises by taking a leafage from the expansive No Man’s Land comics publication arc. That arc was written successful the precocious ’90s by an ensemble of talented writers and artists for DC and served arsenic the nonstop fallout of Cataclysm, a storyline wherever a terrible earthquake cuts Gotham disconnected from the remainder of the United States and the authorities declares it a “no man’s land” quarantine zone.

The chaos gets worse from there, arsenic the lawless metropolis sees galore of Batman’s colorful rogue’s assemblage members conception disconnected territories for themselves. Batman, Commissioner Gordon, and the former’s extended Bat Family are near arsenic the lone ones consenting to prime up the pieces and assistance the city’s neglected. Things look eerily akin to that by the extremity of The Batman successful a tasteful “bittersweet” epilogue. The World’s Greatest Detective couldn’t wholly unopen retired the Riddler’s expansive program outright, but helium thwarted the brunt of it to prevention countless radical who would person been killed otherwise. Gotham City astatine slightest has a accidental to marque a comeback, but going by Barry Keoghan’s astonishment cameo arsenic a captive astatine Arkham Asylum, that’s not the lone imaginable “comeback story” successful the cards.

HBO Max gathering The Batman’s future

With the 2 (so far) live-action TV shows confirmed by Matt Reeves successful the works, we whitethorn yet spot immoderate recurring villains popular successful and retired of the potential The Batman trilogy. Nolan somewhat toyed with this successful his The Dark Knight Trilogy through Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow, but the country with Keoghan’s Joker talking to the Riddler successful Arkham State Hospital hints astatine thing grander. Deepest into accumulation truthful acold is the officially greenlit The Penguin limited series, which aims to chronicle Colin Farrell’s villain climbing the ranks of the transgression underworld. It seems harmless to accidental for present that the amusement volition apt premiere earlier a sequel to this archetypal film, and could beryllium indicative of however oregon if we spot Cobblepot successful the Dark Knight’s sophomore endeavor connected the large screen.

Secondly, it looks similar the projected “Gotham PD” bid has been canceled oregon indefinitely enactment connected hold, with ideas shifting into different bid centering connected Arkham Asylum. A amusement with a premise similar this has the imaginable to task into the fearfulness elements of the Dark Knight’s portion of the DC universe, and could besides pave the mode for Keoghan’s aforementioned Joker and an expanded relation for Paul Dano’s Riddler. The Batman did good to archer a focused, implicit story that besides has the anticipation of planting the seeds for the future. That makes exploring different iteration of the brooding superhero’s astir infamous rogue done the capableness of Arkham consciousness natural. It besides justifies a 3rd theatrical instrumentality connected the Joker successful the modern-day era.

Split representation  of Colin Farrell arsenic  Penguin and Batman facing the Joker astatine  the entranceway  of Arkham Asylum successful  DC's comics.

Keoghan was apt not connected immoderate fans’ bingo paper for being the adjacent Clown Prince of Crime, but fixed the actor’s talents and Reeves being passionate and well-versed successful Batman’s mythos, astir volition beryllium anxious to spot what helium could bash with specified a rendition. As speculative arsenic this each seems astatine the moment, it could besides beryllium a earthy stepping-stone into The Batman 2‘s chaotic No Man’s Land-inspired landscape. We can’t precisely expect each of Arkham’s inmates to enactment there, aft all.

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