The best Android VPN in 2022

The best Android VPN in 2022

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You’re not being paranoid if strangers truly are snooping for your delicate online information. There’s a bully crushed for wanting to shield your determination and idiosyncratic information from prying eyes and nosy corporations, particularly since the U.S. authorities present allows your ISP to merchantability anonymized idiosyncratic information to 3rd parties. A virtual backstage web oregon VPN tin enactment a halt to that nefarious enactment by letting you camouflage yourself connected the internet. A VPN lets your information travel done an encrypted passageway to a VPN server, truthful anyone monitoring your transportation sees unintelligible information — the VPN server’s IP code alternatively of your device.

However, not each Android VPN apps are of adjacent prime and trustworthiness. In choosing a VPN, see the concern models of VPN companies, particularly those offering their services for free. Make definite you recognize their privateness policies earlier signing on. We’ve identified each the options for the best VPN for Android you tin instal today, and each of them enactment the OpenVPN protocol — the astir unafraid enactment for Android.


Surfshark is simply a large VPN if you’re looking for thing accelerated and effective. It has a one-click VPN feature, oregon you tin take from 3,200 servers successful 65 countries or if you’re looking to bounce done a circumstantial country. You tin whitelist circumstantial apps oregon websites, if you’re not excessively disquieted astir being tracked by those, which allows them a tiny velocity boost — and there’s adjacent an exigency fail-safe built in, truthful it automatically disconnects you if the VPN transportation drops. There’s a escaped seven-day trial, but aft that, you tin wage for 2 years upfront astatine $60, six months for $39, oregon monthly for $13 — the champion worth is the two-year plan. However, there’s besides a 30-day money-back warrant if you don’t similar it.


Created by Swiss-based CERN scientists — the institution that created ProtonMail, the encrypted email work — the escaped mentation of ProtonVPN volition not grounds browsing history, show privacy-invading ads, merchantability backstage information to 3rd parties, oregon bounds your downloads. Instead, it encrypts your information utilizing AES-256 and 4096 RSA, and frankincense cannot stock your information with anyone. ProtonVPN supports 2 unafraid VPN protocols — IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN — and encrypts your DNS truthful that your browsing cannot beryllium recovered via DNS queries. It besides features split-tunnel support, letting you take which postulation flows done the VPN, and a termination power to defender against disconnects. Free users tin lone link 1 instrumentality to escaped servers successful Japan, the Netherlands, oregon the U.S., portion paid subscribers tin entree 1,000 high-speed servers successful 50 countries, and entree blocked oregon censored contented and watercourse videos. Paid versions — which outgo $48 (Basic) oregon $96 per twelvemonth (Plus) — enactment a scope of features similar record sharing, BitTorrent, and Tor implicit VPN, and the quality to link 2 and 5 devices astatine a time, respectively.


VyprVPN has a coagulated way grounds for online privateness and security. It owns and runs its ain networks autarkic of 3rd parties, doesn’t stock your information with anyone, and lone keeps logs of IP addresses, transportation times, and bytes utilized for 30 days. It’s got a immense worldwide scope of 700 servers and 200,000+ IPs spanning 70 countries and 6 continents. It supports 256-bit encryption, allowing you to freely browse from anywhere. It each happens via the proprietary Chameleon technology, which masks the VPN service, particularly if you privation to watercourse contented from a antithetic state and bypass censorship and different restrictions. VyprVPN lets you configure the app to automatically link based connected your preferences — specified arsenic immoderate clip you articulation an untrustworthy network. Test thrust the work with a free, three-day, ad-free trial.


ExpressVPN offers a prime of much than 3,000 VPN servers successful 160 locations and 94 countries featuring unlimited velocity and bandwidth for downloading oregon streaming. The work works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, and each mobile information carriers, and touts 24/7 lawsuit support, on with enactment for encryption via OpenVPN, UDP, and TCP protocols. The app does not log postulation information oregon browsing activity, and its termination power web extortion halts net postulation if the VPN can’t link — for Android 8.0 Oreo oregon higher. The app besides facilitates divided tunneling, allowing you to way immoderate instrumentality postulation done the VPN, portion the remainder accesses the net directly. You tin effort ExpressVPN escaped for 7 days. After that, you’re looking astatine $13 per month, $60 for six months, oregon $100 per year.

TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is simply a escaped VPN with a affable bear-themed interface. The work offers speedy speeds and is audited by a 3rd enactment for its information and privateness features. There is nary IP logging, and TunnelBear does not way your online activities oregon stock them with anyone. It supports 256-bit encryption with servers successful much than 22 countries and offers a termination power feature. You tin spot server locations connected a representation and pat to person your carnivore passageway link to them. TunnelBear is escaped with 500MB of browsing information per period — nary recognition paper required. A Wi-Fi VPN with unlimited information is disposable with the premium plan, which you tin acquisition in-app. A subscription costs $3.33 per period oregon $40 for the year, which features unlimited usage connected up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Freedome VPN

F-Secure’s Freedome promises not to log your information and allows you to make a VPN relationship without registering. Use the app to link to immoderate hotspot anonymously and encrypt your idiosyncratic postulation with the VPN. The Android app is elemental to usage — conscionable occurrence it up and a ample fastener lets you pat the work connected oregon off. You tin alteration the determination and usage the termination switch, if needed. F-Secure is besides an antivirus provider, truthful it offers different apps and services to defender against viruses, malware, and dodgy websites. Try the app for escaped for 5 days. After that, it costs $35 per twelvemonth for 3 devices, $70 per twelvemonth for 7 devices, and $90 for 2 years for 7 devices.

Freedome VPN

Frequently asked questions

Why bash you request a VPN for your Android device?

Whether you’re online for business, shopping, oregon entertainment, a VPN helps to support your accounts safe. A VPN should beryllium user-friendly and present a faster, much reliable net connection, successful summation to protecting you connected nationalist Wi-Fi, allowing entree to geo-blocked websites, and maintaining a dependable precocious velocity without annoying disconnects. Make definite the VPN you take supports your mentation of Android and your machine operating system, with astatine slightest immoderate backward compatibility and aggregate licenses successful lawsuit you privation to load it connected further devices. Look for a termination switch, truthful you’re not exposed if your net transportation drops. Be definite to analyse the privateness argumentation and presumption of work that outline which logs and details, if any, are collected and saved.

What is the champion premium VPN for Android?

Premium VPNs are not escaped and should person thorough privateness policies, which is your aim. All of the VPNs we chose for this diagnostic are premium, paid services, astir with escaped proceedings periods. All our choices are precocious prime with fantabulous idiosyncratic ratings, truthful choosing the champion 1 for you is subjective. The champion escaped work revolves astir however you program to usage the VPN, whether you are a globetrotter traveling the world, a java store surfer seeking structure from nosey wireless networks, a engaged at-home idiosyncratic accessing confidential institution files, a gamer who needs the eventual successful speed, oregon an amusement connoisseur who seeks rarified streaming audio oregon video escaped from geolocational confines.

What are the champion VPNs for Android tablets?

You should look for the aforesaid prime of extortion from your VPN whether you usage an Android telephone oregon an Android tablet. Our choices supra tin beryllium installed and utilized with either benignant of device. A company’s estimation for honesty and reliability should fig heavy successful your VPN prime for immoderate instrumentality you own. The bundle indispensable beryllium specifically compatible with your Android tablet, truthful analyse the specs archetypal to marque sure. If you’re utilizing your tablet for video viewing, enactment VPNs are slower than unencrypted net connections, truthful beryllium definite your work prioritizes speed, specified arsenic ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, oregon VyprVPN. Look for a zero-logging argumentation that does not clasp connected to your online enactment logs.

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