The best Apple TV VPN for 2022

The best Apple TV VPN for 2022

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An Apple TV is simply a large mode to alteration your mean tv into a astute TV, but whenever you person the capableness to link online, it’s imperative you instal and usage an Apple TV VPN. A batch of astute TVs travel with Netflix, Hulu, oregon Disney+ subscriptions already built-in to the device, but what astir those who person an older TV? Using the Apple TV device, you tin hook up your streaming subscriptions and ticker successful Ultra HD arsenic you unbend connected your couch. Make definite you enactment harmless and protected with a VPN for Apple TV truthful that nary of your accusation oregon idiosyncratic information leaks oregon is compromised.

If you’re funny successful which Apple TV VPN is for you, this database volition beryllium cleanable for you arsenic we’ve researched and compiled each of the VPNs that we deliberation are close for our readers. Alternatively, you tin cheque our best VPN list for a broader scope of choices. If you’re connected the obstruction astir purchasing a subscription and committing to it, we’ve got you covered with our database of the best escaped VPN services. You tin springiness immoderate of them a spell and trial them with your Apple TV to spot if it’s close for you.


  • Country of registration: Panama
  • Clients supported: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Apple TV
  • Cost: $12 per month
  • Number of servers: 5,237+
  • Simultaneous connections: 6

Perhaps the biggest and astir fashionable Apple TV VPN, NordVPN has cemented itself successful the manufacture arsenic the go-to enactment for customers some caller and old. It’s much than apt that you’ve heard of this VPN, careless of if you person an progressive subscription yourself. The institution flexes its selling prowess successful truthful galore corners of the internet, which brings successful a batch of newcomers and brings much attraction to the benefits of VPNs.

NordVPN is celebrated for its sturdy servers and its committedness to idiosyncratic information and protection. Its NordLynx protocol successful conjunction with OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec means that you tin link to its servers safely, and much importantly, wholly anonymously. When connected, NordVPN’s AES 256-bit encryption ensures stableness and prevents immoderate intruders from accessing your precious information.

If you consciousness harmless investing successful a subscription from the astir fashionable merchandise successful the VPN industry, past determination should beryllium nary different enactment for you but NordVPN. It has everything you need, similar lightning-fast servers for streaming, world-class security, and large all-around service.


  • Country of registration: British Virgin Islands
  • Clients supported: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Apple TV
  • Cost: $13 per month
  • Number of servers: 3,000+
  • Simultaneous connections: 5

While typically you could assertion that the VPN manufacture is wide unfastened with lone a fewer titans successful the scene, it seems arsenic if ExpressVPN has marketed itself arsenic 1 of the astir implicit solutions arsenic an Apple TV VPN. It has a dedicated conception of its website regarding connecting your Apple TV to a VPN which is simply a large mode of educating the wide marketplace and making the merchandise accessible.

If you privation to unblock geo-locked content, you tin bash truthful with easiness done ExpressVPN’s 3,000+ servers. If you can’t ticker a highly anticipated oregon fashionable TV amusement owed to wherever your determination successful the world, you are escaped to bypass that with a VPN for Apple TV. Never interest astir buffering and lag erstwhile you’re connected to ExpressVPN’s servers, arsenic they are configured specifically for Ultra HD streaming.

Although galore consciousness that having information connected your Apple TV instrumentality whitethorn not beryllium necessary, it’s inactive important to have. While it’s existent that it’s highly uncommon for a hacker to people your device, it tin and has happened, and immoderate integer level wherever your idiosyncratic accusation is stored should beryllium treated with utmost caution. That’s wherefore ExpressVPN’s revolutionary information features similar Lightway and TrustedServer are worthy the subscription — truthful you tin enactment harmless without doing immoderate of the work!


  • Country of registration: British Virgin Islands
  • Clients supported: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Apple TV
  • Cost: $13 per month
  • Number of servers: 3,200+
  • Simultaneous connections: Unlimited

Surfshark is an astonishing VPN for Apple TV, but it’s besides fantabulous for each astute devices due to the fact that you tin link your azygous subscription program to unlimited devices. Yes, for $13 per month, you tin link an unlimited magnitude of devices to unlimited planetary bandwidth. Stream your favourite media without immoderate worries astir information caps oregon bandwidth.

This Apple TV VPN is rapidly becoming a instrumentality favourite and, portion it’s not arsenic fashionable arsenic the different titans similar NordVPN and ExpressVPN, we tin expect that to alteration soon if Surfshark continues to connection large worth to its customers. Connect to a server anyplace successful the satellite with the click of a button, oregon successful the lawsuit of an Apple TV, by simply turning connected your device.

The 3,200+ servers are optimized particularly for streaming capabilities, truthful you should expect highly high-quality streams perpetually (assuming you person a bully capable net transportation successful the archetypal place, of course). Gone are the days of VPNs throttling speeds and leaving you connected an endless buffer — Apple TV VPNs similar Surfshark are changing the mode we devour contented digitally.

Hotspot Shield

  • Country of registration: United States
  • Clients supported: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Apple TV
  • Cost: $8 per month
  • Number of servers: 1,800+
  • Simultaneous connections: 5

Hotspot Shield is the astir budget-friendly enactment connected this list, but its terms isn’t an indicator of its quality. This VPN for Apple TV is mostly seen advertised connected smartphone app stores, but not galore radical cognize that it tin beryllium utilized for your TV arsenic well. As agelong arsenic you person your DNS IP Address (see the applicable conception astatine the extremity of this article), you tin hook Hotspot Shield up to your Apple TV.

Admittedly, this VPN doesn’t travel with arsenic galore planetary servers arsenic the others connected this list, but if you’re utilizing it solely for the intent of watching shows without geo-blocking and you’re connected a budget, we promote you to usage this service. If you’re inactive unsure, consciousness escaped to usage its generous 500Mbps of escaped information per time connected a antithetic instrumentality to drawback a consciousness of the service.

Hotspot Shield is an astonishing prime for beginners successful the VPN satellite owed to its generous escaped information plan, truthful if you privation to dip your toes into the water of this industry, you mightiness privation to commencement here! After your instauration to VPNs, Hotspot Shield is an accessible prime for a premium program owed to its inexpensive terms point.


CyberGhost VPNCyberghost
  • Country of registration: Romania
  • Clients supported: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Apple TV
  • Cost: $13 per month
  • Number of servers: 7,300+
  • Simultaneous connections: 7

Last but not least, CyberGhost is simply a unsocial and trailblazing Apple TV VPN that has burst onto the country looking similar a superior contender for the throne. Through its unsocial branding and institution motif, this VPN looks to drawback the attraction of customers with its visuals first, past clasp them with its reliable product. The cute shade logo whitethorn look playful and charismatic, but the information that is implemented successful each server is superior business.

Connect your DNS IP Address to your Apple TV, and past hide astir it. Installation is easy, and the unlimited planetary bandwidth ensures you ne'er person to interest astir information caps, but much importantly, you’ll ne'er acquisition important lag oregon buffering. With implicit 7,300+ servers each implicit the world, you’ll beryllium capable to entree contented successful immoderate state you wish!

$13 per period isn’t cheap, but you tin link up to 7 devices simultaneously, and you tin entree thousands of planetary servers with a click of a button. Whether you’re streaming your favourite shows connected your Apple TV, browsing connected your smartphone, oregon conducting concern connected your laptop, CyberGhost is simply a invaluable and coagulated VPN nary substance the occasion.

Can you usage a VPN with Apple TV?

Although determination are importantly less options for you to take from, determination are inactive plentifulness of Apple TV VPNs circulating the internet! The occupation galore consumers look is choosing the close one. You whitethorn spot VPNs touting Apple TV support, but immoderate whitethorn beryllium scams, truthful it tin beryllium hard to find the best VPNs from the scams. It’s omniscient to bash your ain probe connected thing you’re spending hard-earned wealth on, and listening to experts portion forming your ain sentiment with the usher of websites similar Digital Trends is simply a surefire mode to find the merchandise that’s close for you. Installing a VPN connected your Apple TV isn’t arsenic casual oregon straightforward arsenic installing it connected your smartphone, though, truthful cheque retired the adjacent conception for installing a VPN for Apple TV.

How to instal VPN connected Apple TV

For this tutorial, we’ll beryllium utilizing ExpressVPN arsenic an example, but this method of installation is applicable to each of the VPNs successful the database above.

  • Go to your VPN relationship and click connected Set Up Other Devices or the equivalent of that option.
  • Note down your DNS IP Address.
  • On your Apple TV, navigate to “Network Settings.
  • Select your existent transportation and click connected precocious settings.
  • Select Configure DNS, power from Automatic to Manual.
  • Enter your DNS IP Address, and you’re bully to go!
  • If you’d similar to ticker an explainer video connected the subject, cheque retired ExpressVPN’s video tutorial.

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