The best apps for a second smartphone number

The best apps for a second smartphone number

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Do you request a 2nd telephone fig for websites, strangers, dating, oregon business? It’s casual to get an other telephone fig with precise small fuss. There’s nary request to splurge connected a 2nd telephone fig with your wireless carrier. Instead, you tin thin connected immoderate of the best Android apps and iPhone apps connected the marketplace to adhd a 2nd backstage enactment to your smartphone. This strategy helps you support your superior telephone fig backstage and disposable lone to trusted contacts.


Phoner 2nd  telephone  fig   app for iOS and Android.

Phoner app has it all: It offers idiosyncratic and concern 2nd telephone numbers, reverse telephone fig lookup, telephone telephone recording, anonymous caller lookup, and backstage texting and calling. Phoner supports planetary calling and texting successful implicit 40 countries, SMS and MMS, arsenic good arsenic telephone telephone recording. You get escaped texting and cheaper calling rates betwixt Phoner users. Make your caller telephone fig semipermanent for your concern oregon usage Phoner arsenic a impermanent disposable telephone and make arsenic galore numbers arsenic you need. Phoner offers subscription plans starting astatine $5 per period for premium numbers.

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Sideline is simply a business-oriented app that provides a 2nd telephone fig arsenic good arsenic calling, texting, and voicemail features, designed for workplace collaboration. All calls are cellular and usage your existing bearer plan. Texting includes SMS, MMS representation messaging, and radical messaging. Pro features see a squad fig that allows you to divided a azygous fig among aggregate devices. The app lets you physique a unsocial individuality with vanity telephone numbers, wherever your sanction oregon merchandise is spelled out. You tin take country codes to find an disposable section fig for your portion and employment auto-reply via substance oregon MMS. An endeavor relationship lets you negociate institution telephone numbers connected worker devices. Additional features see customized caller ID, concern voicemail connection and greeting, voicemail to text, and car voicemail. You tin prime a caller Sideline telephone fig and larboard numbers from a burner number, Google number, Smartline, Line2, oregon different services. Sideline is updated often with bug fixes and interface enhancements.

iOS  Android

Google Voice

If you person a idiosyncratic Google account, Google Voice volition springiness you a telephone number for calling, substance messaging, and voicemail that you tin usage with your smartphone oregon computer. It volition adjacent sync crossed devices for on-the-go connections and connection management. The app automatically filters retired spam and blocks designated numbers. You tin put personalized settings for forwarding calls, substance messages, and voicemail. All communications are stored and backed up truthful you tin hunt your history. Google Voice provides precocious voicemail transcriptions and lets you telephone planetary destinations without other charges for planetary minutes. Google Voice calls are placed via the app’s entree fig utilizing modular minutes from your compartment plan. Google Voice lone works for idiosyncratic Google Accounts successful the U.S. and G Suite accounts successful immoderate markets. Text messaging is not universally supported. Updated versions present enactment marking radical messages arsenic spam.

iOS  Android

Cloud SIM

If you request aggregate telephone numbers connected your smartphone for planetary conversations betwixt mobile and landline, Cloud SIM — which offers numbers from the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, and Poland — whitethorn beryllium the answer. The work offers low-cost and escaped rates for calls oregon substance SMS without further oregon roaming charges, lets you take your transportation type, and lets you acceptable up your telephone via either section entree (GSM), mobile data, oregon Wi-Fi to immoderate 200 countries. Cloud SIM facilitates receiving texts and calls to your caller number, escaped substance chat betwixt phones worldwide portion utilizing Wi-Fi oregon data, sharing pictures, and utilizing section entree from your escaped minutes portion you question oregon person nary internet. It offers dedicated voicemail for each abstracted mobile number. You tin bargain up to 4 virtual numbers. New versions fto you export and import SMS and chats.

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Burner 2nd  telephone  line.

Burner gives you a 2nd enactment for calling, texting, and representation messaging. It intercepts calls connected your Burner, routing them to your compartment telephone truthful nary 1 sees your existent number. You tin call, text, and negociate contacts from wrong the app and dainty it arsenic a semipermanent 2nd telephone fig for concern oregon projects oregon make a disposable telephone fig for dating, sales, deliveries, shopping, oregon selling items connected Craigslist. Integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack fto you archive messages and voicemails, oregon pass with your team. You tin make aggregate telephone numbers, support them arsenic agelong arsenic you privation — oregon pain them anytime. Share your Burner with anyone portion keeping your caller fig concealed for anonymous texting. Burner is escaped to download and comes with a seven-day escaped illustration number. Additional telephone numbers are disposable done in-app acquisition oregon subscription. You tin usage Burner via a prepaid program oregon subscription and tin alteration your program astatine immoderate clip successful the U.S. oregon Canada, but successful Puerto Rico.

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2ndLine is simply a full-featured concern telephone strategy that you tin usage successful summation to your idiosyncratic telephone number. The app is disposable successful the U.S. and Canada and lets you telephone and connection from a antithetic fig connected the devices you and your employees own, either via Wi-Fi oregon your existing cellular network. You tin take a section telephone fig with unlimited substance and representation messaging, unlimited telephone calling, and inexpensive planetary calling. Frills similar emojis, stickers, and GIFs fto you person a small fun, too. It besides offers voicemail transcription, caller ID, telephone forwarding, customizable substance and ringtones, and speedy reply. You tin besides adhd your signature to each text. Passcode functionality lets you support each calls and messages secure.



Hushed lets you support conversations private. You get a 2nd smartphone fig with this app, including section numbers for much than 60 countries, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. You tin usage your 2nd telephone fig for backstage calls and texts portion concealing your caller ID. When you decorativeness with the numbers, you tin pain them. This app features afloat representation messaging (MMS), substance (SMS), speech capabilities, and unlimited texting and calling successful North America. Each fig comes with telephone routing, telephone forwarding, auto-reply messages, and customized voicemail greetings. You tin entree your relationship connected immoderate instrumentality connected to Wi-Fi oregon data, and you tin adjacent usage your tablet arsenic a phone. The app offers flexible prepaid plans for 7, 30, 90, oregon 365 days successful summation to pay-as-you-go plans. Test it retired archetypal with the app’s escaped three-day trial.

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