The Best Apps in the Windows 11 Store in 2022

The Best Apps in the Windows 11 Store in 2022

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The Microsoft Store app, sometimes called the Windows app store, makes it casual to find, install, and uninstall apps connected Windows 11. Apps from the Microsoft Store merit much of your assurance than apps you mightiness download elsewhere, due to the fact that they’re vetted by Microsoft unit for security, method compliance, and content. Plus, they tally successful a sandboxsandbox so that they can’t wreak havoc connected different parts of your system. We're fans of desktop app stores, including the App Store for macOS, due to the fact that similar Windows’ store, it lets you reinstall purchased apps connected immoderate machine you signed successful to.

Traditional Windows Apps, Android Apps, and More

The large quality for the Microsoft Store is that it’s gaining enactment for Android apps you tin tally connected your Windows 11 PC, courtesy of the Amazon AppStore. This roundup, however, is constricted to existent Windows apps. Microsoft precocious made it easier for developers to person some accepted Windows applications and PWA apps (basically app-like websites) for inclusion successful the store arsenic good arsenic UWP apps (Universal Windows Platform apps), truthful the enactment is increasing successful much ways than one.

Now that we’ve sold you connected installing Microsoft-vetted apps connected your PC, lone 1 question remains: Which ones should you download? In researching for this story, we recovered that determination are a batch much bully choices than we'dexpected. Sadly, arsenic with each app stores, there’s inactive a bully woody of cruft successful the Microsoft Store. We prime retired the gems that are destined to present enjoyment and functionality.