The Best AT&T Phones for 2022

The Best AT&T Phones for 2022

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Now that you've chosen AT&T arsenic your carrier, it's clip to prime a phone. Choices are broader than ever, arsenic AT&T has mostly gotten escaped of telephone subsidies. Most radical inactive bargain their phones from their bearer with the assistance of monthly outgo plans oregon fast-upgrade plans specified arsenic AT&T Next Up. But there's nary wide outgo punishment to buying an unlocked telephone anymore, and AT&T supports much unlocked devices than immoderate different US carrier. That puts a batch of choices astatine your fingertips, truthful we're present to assistance constrictive them down.

AT&T placed 2nd successful our Fastest Mobile Networks tests successful 2021, with an fantabulous 4G web held backmost a spot by a muddled 5G situation. AT&T customers are getting fantabulous LTE performance, arsenic agelong arsenic they disregard the icon successful the presumption bar: AT&T sells its 4G web arsenic 5G Evolution oregon "5GE" (though it isn't 5G) and besides runs a "nationwide 5G" web that is, successful general, nary faster than its 4G network. We were besides impressed by AT&T's show successful agrarian areas.

Even though AT&T lacks bully 5G, you inactive request a comparatively caller telephone to instrumentality vantage of AT&T's high-quality 4G. Most phones produced since 2019 person 4x4 MIMO antennas and 256 QAM encoding, cardinal elements of the 5G Evolution experience.

If you privation your telephone to beryllium a semipermanent investment, support an oculus retired for models that enactment C-band and the caller 3.45GHz 5G. AT&T says it volition screen 70 to 75 cardinal people with this faster web by the extremity of 2022. For now, lone the Samsung Galaxy S22 bid supports 3.45GHz, but AT&T says much phones coming retired successful 2022 volition enactment the caller spectrum.

Remember, each the phones connected our database of the best unlocked phones enactment connected AT&T.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max, similar astir blistery caller phones, is disposable for AT&T

The Best 5G Phone for AT&T

Right now, determination are nary bully 5G phones for AT&T, due to the fact that AT&T doesn't person a 5G web worthy talking about. Looking to the future, the Galaxy S22 bid are the archetypal phones to enactment some C-band and 3.45GHz, making them much future-proof than different phones. The iPhone 12 and 13 series, the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, and the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G each person C-band, but not 3.45GHz, truthful they volition spot immoderate improvements, conscionable not arsenic overmuch arsenic connected the S22 models.

AT&T uses 2 forms of 5G close now. If your telephone says "5GE," it's really connected 4G. Low-band "5G" uses a tiny portion of set-aside, erstwhile 4G airwaves for 5G, and doesn't marque an appreciable quality successful performance. AT&T's high-speed "5G+" is disposable successful tiny parts of some cities and has melodramatic speeds up to 2Gbps, but it's highly hard to find.

For now, don't fearfulness you're missing retired connected excessively overmuch if you don't person AT&T 5G. For more, spot our database of the champion 5G phones close now.

The Best Flip Phone for AT&T

If you're funny successful a flip oregon dependable phone, you should beryllium buying 1 that supports dependable implicit AT&T's 4G network, arsenic the bearer has yet turned disconnected its 3G service. We similar the Kyocera DuraXE Epic. It's rugged and has fantabulous dependable quality, which helps marque up for its comparatively precocious price. The unlocked but precise inexpensive Nokia 6300 has immoderate constricted smartphone features, specified arsenic WhatsApp and societal media access, portion inactive feeling similar a dependable phone.

If you request much assistance buying a compartment phone, cheque retired our communicative connected the champion inexpensive phones. While you're astatine it, instrumentality a look astatine our lists for the champion phones connected T-Mobile and Verizon.