The best free music apps for iOS and Android

The best free music apps for iOS and Android

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It’s beauteous wide we’re present surviving successful a aureate property of euphony streaming. Using your humble smartphone, you tin stream immoderate fig of euphony tracks, from the latest Billboard bestsellers to tracks created successful someone’s store connected an aged keyboard.

You tin adjacent make your ain tracks without leaving your tiny screen, utilizing a assortment of music-creation apps. But based connected our exhaustive research, determination are betwixt a cardinal and a bajillion antithetic euphony apps retired determination — truthful which ones should you download?

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard enactment and created this database of large euphony apps. Some are escaped of charge, but galore of the champion ones necessitate a subscription interest oregon adjacent in-app purchases. Nonetheless, beneath are our picks for the champion euphony apps, whether you’re looking to simply perceive to music, larn philharmonic skills, oregon make your ain tunes. Before we start, don’t hide that euphony is champion listened to with a bully brace of headphones, truthful cheque retired our picks for the best headphones you tin buy and the best wireless headphones.

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The champion apps for listening to music

Spotify (free/subscription)

Probably the best-known euphony streaming app, Spotify is simply a monolithic unit successful the streaming industry, boasting much than 406 cardinal subscribers and offering entree to 70 cardinal tracks from astir immoderate creator you tin deliberation of. The mobile app boasts the aforesaid functionality arsenic its desktop counterpart, allowing you to watercourse azygous tracks oregon full albums with the enactment to make customized playlists. A escaped relationship is much than capable to watercourse your favourite songs, make playlists and perceive to podcasts. However, if you privation to perceive offline and get escaped of the ads, past you’ll person to cough up $10 a period for the Premium version.

There’s besides the enactment for a cut-price Student subscription that comes with Hulu and SHOWTIME entree and a Family enactment that cuts the terms for aggregate accounts.

However, support successful caput that the escaped relationship has galore ads perpetually interrupting the music. Moreover, Spotify is not disposable successful each countries, truthful cheque that retired if you program to travel. Finally, retrieve that erstwhile your subscription expires, you suffer entree to the downloaded content.

Android iOS

Apple Music (subscription)

Apple Music is — unsurprisingly — Apple’s euphony streaming service, and it offers you implicit entree to immoderate opus successful the Apple Music library, nary substance wherever you are. As you’d expect from Apple, Apple Music is well-designed, and you should person nary occupation swapping betwixt the radio, saved songs, and recommendations. As a bonus, it’s besides disposable for some Android and iOS, truthful you don’t request the latest Apple iPhone to bask it. The service’s catalog of 90 cardinal songs is intelligibly its biggest draw, but there’s plentifulness of different content, including documentaries astir a assortment of artists and bands, concerts, and different specified content. If you’re utilizing the app connected Android, you tin adjacent watercourse straight to a Chromecast device, making it arsenic flexible arsenic it is powerful.

How overmuch is Apple Music? A subscription starts astatine $10 a period for individuals. It’s $5 for a Student subscription, and a $15 Family enactment is besides available. You tin besides upload 100,000 songs to Apple’s servers, but unlike Google Play Music and Spotify, there’s nary escaped option. However, you get 3 months escaped if you’re new. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t connection a escaped plan, truthful you can’t trial the work without buying a subscription. Plus, you can’t usage the app without your Apple ID.


YouTube Music (free/subscription)

YouTube is 1 of the largest repositories of euphony successful the world, and YouTube Music gives you entree to each of it. It’s escaped to usage with ads, but if you privation ad-free listening, background listening (with the surface locked), and offline downloads, past you’ll request to download YouTube Music and get a Premium subscription, which costs $10 a month. Otherwise, if you’re already paying $12 a period for the YouTube Premium subscription (that comes with ad-free videos), you get YouTube Music Premium rolled into that subscription, too.

However, Youtube Music has less songs than Spotify and Apple Music and the escaped mentation comes with a batch of disruptive ads. The level besides requires you to support the surface connected and the app unfastened to perceive to music, unless you bargain a subscription — which tin beryllium rather the hassle if you’re multitasking.

Android iOS

Bandcamp (individual purchases)

It’s nary concealed galore artists don’t get a large chopped from astir streaming services, but that’s not existent for Bandcamp. It proudly bills itself arsenic the level for straight supporting artists, and 80% to 85% of the wealth you walk goes straight to the singer, band, oregon creator you’ve bought from, making this 1 of the champion ways to easy enactment much niche acts. There’s nary subscription outgo to download Bandcamp, but neither does it usage a escaped exemplary — instead, you bargain tracks and albums from each creator successful question, and you tin past watercourse oregon download them from Bandcamp. While you won’t find each creator connected Bandcamp, it’s an fantabulous spot to bargain contented if you tin spend to.

Bandcamp is not arsenic fashionable oregon well-known arsenic different euphony streaming apps and focuses much connected niche music, truthful it’s amended served arsenic a complement to different streaming service.

Android iOS

Shazam (free)

While Shazam is amended known for its music-detection skills, it’s besides a convenient means of streaming tracks erstwhile they are recognized. Shazam works champion erstwhile paired with different streaming app, recognizing songs and tv shows successful a substance of seconds, and providing purchasing oregon streaming options from Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. It adjacent provides lyrics for your chosen song. The real-time illustration is conscionable a plus.

Shazam isn’t truly a streaming app truthful it ever needs to beryllium paired with different “proper” euphony streaming service. It’s designed to place songs, alternatively than play them, truthful there’s nary euphony room and the app has constricted features compared to different euphony apps.

Android iOS

Amazon Music (free/subscription)

Amazon mightiness person been precocious to the game, but its Amazon Music app is beauteous good. It gives entree to a clump of escaped songs and besides contains your full Cloud Player library, including uploaded songs and those you purchased from Amazon itself. Access to the afloat 75 million-strong room is lone included with an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, which volition acceptable you backmost $10 a period oregon $8 for Amazon Prime members. If you lone person 1 device, past you tin wage conscionable $4 a period by tying your subscription to a azygous Echo oregon Fire device. Amazon Prime members besides get escaped entree to a pared-down mentation of the afloat rank with 2 cardinal songs. It’s not a atrocious bonus for an existing Amazon Prime member, but that enactment does consciousness somewhat rubbish erstwhile compared to Apple Music’s, Google Play Music’s, and Spotify’s tremendous offerings.

Android iOS

Idagio (free/subscription)

Despite being thing of a foundational genre, there’s a important deficiency of existent streaming services for classical music. Idagio is the go-to app if you emotion classical music, and it comes with almighty tools that lucifer the powerfulness of its genre’s offerings. You tin filter by composer, work, orchestra, soloist, and more, and there’s a Weekly Mix to bring you a personalized premix of caller and fashionable music. There’s a escaped tier, but it’s beauteous limited. The Premium and Premium+ subscription offers on-demand and ad-free listening, offline listening, a idiosyncratic postulation of tracks, and the quality to link to assorted Bluetooth speakers and different akin devices. That volition acceptable you backmost $10 and $13 a period respectively, though it offers lossless FLAC formats. It’s comparatively svelte astatine 2 cardinal tracks, but that’s not atrocious erstwhile you retrieve this is constricted to a azygous genre.

Android iOS

Audiomack (free/monthly subscription)

There are a cardinal streaming services, but Audiomack specializes successful getting you the hottest caller songs, mixtapes, and playlists from genres specified arsenic hip-hop, rap, R&B, EDM, Afropop, and reggae. Sign up and you’ll beryllium asked to prime a fewer artists to perceive to, oregon you tin leap consecutive to the trending database instead. Songs are organized into a assortment of playlists, including temper playlists, and you tin travel idiosyncratic artists. When you’re listening to a track, you tin remark connected it for others to find, prevention it successful playlists, and adjacent download it for later. A subscription costs $5 a period and gets escaped of those pesky ads. It lone has 4 cardinal tracks to take from, truthful it’s not arsenic wide-ranging arsenic the bigger apps, but it’s a must-download if you emotion the philharmonic genres available.

However, retrieve the app has a smaller room than Spotify and Apple Music and it’s much focused connected circumstantial genres similar hip-hop and EDM alternatively than offering euphony of antithetic styles.

Android iOS

TuneIn Radio (free/subscription)

The days of net pirate vigor has mostly passed, but there’s inactive immoderate large worldly retired there. A TuneIn Radio download grants you entree to much than 120,000 unrecorded vigor stations from astir the globe. The app offers a bevy of section contented arsenic well, providing on-demand streams encompassing sports, news, speech shows, music, and existent events, among different stellar offerings. There’s besides bully quality if you’re a sports instrumentality — TuneIn’s premium service offers vigor entree to unrecorded NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games, and ad-free listening for $10 a period oregon $100 a year. But if you’re not funny successful that, you tin inactive entree the unrecorded vigor stations for free.

Unfortunately, you whitethorn tally into show issues arsenic it relies connected unrecorded vigor stations for content. Additionally, users person to woody with changeless banner ads which tin ruin the listening experience.

Android iOS

Soundcloud (free/subscription)

Soundcloud is simply a wide-ranging assemblage of musicians, bands, podcasters, and more. The app retains each the hallmarks of the afloat site, allowing you to hunt for caller artists to follow, perceive to songs successful your feed, and adjacent grounds and station your ain audio. There are 2 types of premium subscriptions — the Pro subscription is for euphony creators and starts astatine $12 a month. It offers further retention abstraction and stats for uploaded tracks. SoundCloud Go is intended for listeners. Soundcloud Go costs $3 a period and offers ad-free listening and the quality to prevention tracks offline. Soundcloud is much creator-focused than listener-focused and the subscriptions don’t connection overmuch beyond the escaped features.

Android iOS

Pandora (free/subscription)

Despite a dwindling idiosyncratic base, Pandora is simply a mainstay of the streaming realm. Essentially a personalized vigor service, the app’s For You diagnostic creates a ceaseless playlist of caller euphony and podcasts conscionable for you by taking your likes and dislikes into relationship arsenic you listen. Simply footwear up the app and fto it go. If you privation a Pandora acquisition with unlimited skips, offline radio, and the quality to perceive to idiosyncratic tracks (after listening to an ad), past that’s disposable from Pandora Plus for $5 a month. The Premium experience costs $10 (with discounts for family, student, oregon subject plans) and mostly grants the quality to make shared playlists. You besides won’t request to perceive to an advertisement earlier playing a azygous song. Unfortunately for planetary readers, Pandora is lone disposable successful the U.S., but Pandora is dedicated to keeping its app updated, and the latest versions enactment the iOS Dark mode and a perpetually updated interface.

Pandora is lone disposable successful the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia. Plus, its interface is trickier than different euphony streaming apps and you request a subscription to make playlists.

Android iOS

Tidal (free/subscription)

Designed for the audio aficionado, Tidal boasts much than 60 cardinal lossless-quality tracks, an offline mode, speedy entree to euphony videos, tailor-made suggestions, and in-depth interviews covering everyone from Jack White to Jay-Z. It besides has a immense array of sharing features, including the quality to stock tracks to Snapchat stories. Tidal has a monolithic magnitude of subscription options, divided into Premium ($10 a month) for the modular work and HiFi ($20 a month) for wholly lossless tracks. There are discounts disposable for Family accounts, students, members of the U.S. military, and archetypal responders.

The HiFi program is much costly than astir euphony streaming options disposable successful the market. And still, the playlists whitethorn beryllium lackluster compared to Spotify. The app doesn’t adjacent connection podcast options which whitethorn beryllium a immense bummer for predominant podcast listeners.

Android iOS

LiveXLive (free/subscription)

Formerly known arsenic Slacker Radio, LiveXLive is simply a caller euphony streaming app that offers you entree to millions of euphony tracks, but besides to the latest unrecorded events by your favourite artists. The escaped mentation lone provides entree to euphony vigor stations, and you can’t prime and take tracks to perceive to, but you bash inactive get entree to the unrecorded events. Plus members get ad-free listening, maximum audio quality, and unlimited skips for $4 a month, but the implicit acquisition comes astatine the Premium tier for $10 a month. That gives you the quality to perceive to circumstantial tracks and albums connected demand, offline listening, playlist and presumption creation, and each the Plus benefits too. But the unrecorded footage of concerts and festivals is decidedly the gully here.

Before choosing this app, retrieve LiveXLive is focused connected unrecorded vigor stations alternatively than on-demand streaming truthful it appears to person a constricted room compared to Spotify and Apple Music.

Android iOS

Deezer (free/subscription)

Deezer offers a monolithic room of tracks, but its header diagnostic is the Flow feature. Flow learns astir your favourite types of euphony and creates a premix of euphony and artists conscionable for you, based connected artists it knows you similar and immoderate it thinks you will. Deezer Premium gives unlimited entree to each 56 cardinal songs, offline playback, and nary ads, and starts astatine $10 a month. If you privation the highest prime of euphony available, past Deezer besides offers a $15 HiFi subscription that uses high-definition FLAC codecs for the champion imaginable listening experience. If you’re rocking connected with the escaped version, though, past you’re restricted to the Flow diagnostic and mixes connected mobile. Finally, there’s besides a Family program for $15 a period and a Student tier for $5 a month.

The escaped mentation offers constricted options for users and comes with a batch of ads. Moreover, the audio prime is mediocre without the costly HiFi subscription.

Android iOS

Jango Radio (free)

A batch of euphony streaming apps are escaped for a portion earlier charging a fee, but Jango is wholly escaped with nary hidden costs. You tin browse music, research by category, oregon make your ain presumption by searching for an artist. There are ads, but they’re tiny ads that look conscionable nether the medium creation and aren’t peculiarly intrusive. You tin besides stock stations with your friends connected Facebook and Twitter. The downside? You can’t get escaped of ads and the app is hyper-focused connected indie euphony truthful there’s not overmuch variety.

Android iOS

Napster Music (subscription)

Though battling Metallica and Dr. Dre shouldn’t enactment you successful bully stead successful the euphony business, it doesn’t look to person done Napster overmuch harm. Now precise acold distant from its roots arsenic a P2P file-sharing platform, Napster has been reborn arsenic a subscription-based euphony service with 40 cardinal songs successful its database. The existent woody is the $10 monthly subscription, which offers an acquisition akin to Spotify and different services. Crucially, the Premium $10 subscription besides comes with a Kids Mode, which strips retired unsuitable music, which whitethorn springiness Napster’s offering the borderline if you’re looking for a child-friendly option.

Android iOS


Datpiff app euphony  library.

Datpiff is an fantabulous prime for mixtape lovers. It’s a escaped app allowing you to download unlimited mixtapes. The champion portion is that you don’t adjacent request to marque an relationship truthful you tin perceive anytime you want. Plus, it updates regular truthful you ever person thing caller to perceive to. The app focuses connected hip-hop and R&B euphony though, truthful you won’t get a versatile monolithic room similar Spotify, Apple Music, oregon Amazon Music.

Android iOS

The champion apps for creating music

If you’re conscionable starting retired successful euphony accumulation oregon conscionable consciousness similar you’d alternatively debar the hefty terms tags altogether, determination are free options for music-making software worth considering. We’ve listed the champion apps successful iOS & Android for creating euphony below.

GarageBand (free)

Screenshot of the GarageBand app.

The mobile GarageBand isn’t truthful antithetic from its desktop brethren. You tin play and loop a assortment of instruments, from cello and acoustic guitar to drums and synths, utilizing your iPhone’s touchscreen display. You tin adjacent tweak the tempo, key, clip signature, and chords successful the process. Unfortunately for Android aficionados, it’s iOS only, truthful cheque retired thing other if you’re stuck successful Google’s ecosystem. Plus, immoderate limitations marque it unsuitable for nonrecreational players.



Are you an Android owner, oregon are you an iPhone proprietor who’s bushed of GarageBand? Then look nary further than BandLab, an wholly escaped (no in-app purchases) alternate to GarageBand that’s precise fashionable and precise well-rated connected the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Its halfway diagnostic is simply a amazingly expansive multitrack exertion that lets you record, edit, and remix music, whether it’s thing you’ve recorded elsewhere oregon thing you’ve created with the app itself from scratch. It besides lets you spice up your enactment done a wide assortment of effects, beats, loops, and vocals, and it’s suitable for beauteous overmuch each fashionable genre nether the sun, from stone to rap and EDM. As an added bonus, BandLab contains a societal media constituent that lets you stock your creations — and collaborate connected them — with friends. The downside? The app has a spot of a learning curve for beginners and it doesn’t fto you batch edit.

Android iOS


Groovepad brings a akin attack to music-making arsenic different apps, but determination are different features present to warrant the download. The tutorial Beat School is precocious up connected that list, and it walks you done the process of making a chill song, gathering it from the crushed up. It has a immense scope of genres to take from with beats to match, and you tin easy use FX effects similar filter, flanger, and reverb — and erstwhile you’re done, you tin easy stock your opus with friends oregon family. It’s escaped to use, but it requires a premium subscription to entree each of the tools. Although, Groovepad offers constricted features without a subscription and comes with banner ads.

Android iOS

FL Studio Mobile ($14+)

Screenshot of the FL Studio Mobile app.

Looking for a GarageBand alternative? FL Studio Mobile is an precocious audio-editing app that offers synthesizers, drum kits, loop beats, and more. It comes with a clump of effects, and you tin expect to find limiters, parametric equalizers, a chorus tool, and MIDI controller support. It syncs your projects betwixt devices arsenic well, truthful you tin commencement a way connected the iPad astatine home, and marque tweaks to it connected your Galaxy smartphone portion waiting for the bus. However, the app has an costly subscription program and yet immoderate users kick of a laggy idiosyncratic experience.

Android iOS

Loopimal ($4)

Definitely 1 for the kids, Loopimal creates euphony loops by representing each idiosyncratic portion of the way arsenic a antithetic carnal oregon shape. Essentially a philharmonic sandbox for the kids, it’s nevertheless a beauteous almighty music-making tool, and it’s 1 that mightiness assistance spark an involvement successful euphony instauration that could past a lifetime. It’s 1 for the kids, but don’t deliberation it’s conscionable child’s play due to the fact that of that. The app is made for tiny kids and doesn’t connection overmuch for teens and adults. Moreover, there’s nary escaped mentation to try.


DJ Studio 5 (free)

Turntables that acceptable successful your pouch are hard to travel by. DJ Studio 5 provides 2 virtual turntables astatine your fingertips truthful you tin remix, pitch, scratch, loop, and grounds a customized track. When you’re finished putting your masterpiece together, you tin adjacent prevention and station the last mixes to SoundCloud, oregon stock them connected Facebook. The app has received immoderate complaints of audio distortion, and reviewers accidental it whitethorn beryllium hard to usage for beginners.


Ultimate Guitar Tabs (free/subscription)

You don’t request to beryllium capable to work expanse euphony to play the guitar. Ultimate Guitar Tabs touts interactive lessons and a robust catalog of much than 800,000 ukulele and guitar tabs, which let you to presumption chord diagrams and the placement of assorted notes connected the fretboard astatine a glance. The basal app is escaped and is simply a large jumping-off constituent for learning the guitar. Some further features necessitate you to wage a rank fee, but erstwhile you spot what the escaped worldly is like, you’ll cognize if you privation to put successful the afloat app.

On the downside, Ultimate Guitar Tabs requires cognition of speechmaking euphony to get started. Additionally, it is focused connected circumstantial instruments similar the ukulele and guitar which means it does not person a batch of assortment for dabblers.

Android iOS

ForScore ($20)

Three-ring binders tin get heavy, truthful wherefore not transport each your euphony successful your overmuch lighter telephone oregon tablet? ForScore is tailor-made for stowing your expanse euphony connected the go. The app allows you to edit and annotate your euphony portion providing you with options for tagging, sharing, and displaying your euphony alongside the accompanying audio track. You tin entree the aforesaid information crossed antithetic platforms, truthful the outgo of the app has accrued proportionately. For the quality to person the aforesaid functionality connected your iPad and iPhone positive being capable to usage the Apple Pencil, we deliberation it’s worthy the cost. Users accidental it runs into a batch of bugs and it’s pricier than comparable apps.


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