The best Genshin Impact Chongyun build

The best Genshin Impact Chongyun build

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Looking for the champion Chongyun physique successful Genshin Impact? The popsicle-loving nonrecreational exorcist has been astir for a while, but present helium makes a instrumentality arsenic portion of an Arataki Itto rerun banner arsenic portion of Genshin Impact 2.7.

If you’re inactive questioning whether you should tackle the best Chongyun build, determination are plentifulness of reasons: he’s a bully main DPS for opening players, a utile Cryo sub DPS for precocious players, he’s large astatine mounting up Elemental Reactions, and his ascension materials are comparatively casual to obtain. On apical of that, four-star Cryo characters are inactive rather rare.

Before we determination on, let’s person a look astatine his playstyle. His Normal Attacks are rather dilatory and their harm can’t comparison to that of a five-star. So, nary substance however you physique Chongyun, marque definite you absorption connected his Elemental Skill and Burst. The Elemental Skill conjures an AoE tract that deals harm and infuses Claymore, Polearm, and Sword weapons with Cryo.

Chongyun’s Elemental Burst is simply a basal Cryo attack, but a accelerated 1 with a precise debased Energy cost. Note that Chongyun’s passive quality ‘steady breathing’ grants a tiny Support bonus: Sword, Claymore, and Polearm characters summation an 8% Normal Attack velocity bonus. This leaves america with 2 options: either physique Chongyun arsenic a sub DPS, oregon arsenic a sub DPS and Support hybrid. Let’s instrumentality a look astatine both.

Genshin Impact Chongyun build

Chongyun sub DPS build

  • Claymore: Wolf’s Gravestone (five-star) oregon Luxurious Sealord (four-star)
  • Artifacts: Two-piece Gladiator’s Finale and two-piece Blizzard Strayer

The sub DPS Chongyun physique works similar this: you don’t usage him for his Normal Attacks, but lone to formed Elemental Skills and Bursts arsenic often arsenic possible. The intent of the Burst is to trigger Elemental Reactions, and the Elemental Skill sets up the Cryo tract for different allies to use. Chongyun has Cryo abilities that standard with his onslaught power, truthful we’re looking for weapons and artifacts that summation those stats.

If you’re consenting to bestow a five-star Claymore connected Chongyun, simply spell for the 1 that grants him the highest Attack Power boost: the Wolf’s Gravestone. If you don’t person a five-star Claymore but you bash person a four-star Luxurious Sealord (yes, the frozen tuna weapon), that would beryllium a large substitute. It grants Chongyun a precocious Attack summation and an Elemental Burst bonus, which means that you don’t request to usage immoderate Normal oregon Charged Attacks to trigger the Claymore’s passive ability.

Don’t person either of those weapons? Then spell for the Prototype Archaic. It grants a decent Attack summation and further harm upon Normal and Charged Attack hits. This is little suitable for a sub DPS build, but the large vantage is that you tin trade this limb astatine a blacksmith station.

The best artifacts for a sub DPS Chongyun are either the two-piece Gladiator’s Finale oregon Shimenawa’s Reminiscence acceptable (both assistance an 18% Attack increase) combined with a two-piece Blizzard Strayer acceptable (15% Cryo harm bonus). As for sub-stats, you tin simply spell with onslaught percent connected the Sands of Eon slot and a Cryo harm bonus connected the Goblet of Eonothem slot. The last slot, Circlet of Logos, tin beryllium utilized for either Critical Rate oregon Critical Damage. It’s omniscient to summation Critical Rate to astatine slightest 60%.

Chongyun successful  Genshin Impact

Chongyun hybrid DPS and enactment build

  • Claymore: Sacrificial Greatsword (four-star)
  • Artifacts: Four-piece Noblesse Oblige

We tin support this 1 short, arsenic it’s not that antithetic from the champion Chongyun sub DPS build. If you privation to sacrifice immoderate of Chongyun’s ain harm to fortify his allies, you should equip the Noblesse Oblige artifact set. This grants Chongyun an Elemental Burst harm summation of 20%, and it grants his allies an Attack Power summation of 20%.

In this Chongyun build, it’s precise important to marque definite that his Energy is afloat erstwhile the Burst cooldown ends. Consider utilizing an Energy Recharge stat connected the Sands of Eon artifact slot. You tin besides equip the Sacrificial Greatsword to guarantee a precocious capable Energy Recharge and occasionally reset the Elemental Skill cooldown (which means much Cryo infusion and Normal Attack velocity for your allies).

Chongyun and Shenhe successful  Genshin Impact

best Chongyun team

If you privation to find the champion Chongyun team, you request to deliberation astir Elemental Reactions. His predominant Cryo attacks and the Cryo infusion tin champion beryllium paired with Pyro to trigger Melt, oregon with Hydro to frost your enemies. Pyro five-stars Diluc oregon Hu Tao, oregon four-stars Bennett and Xiangling, would beryllium great. As for Hydro, five-star Mona is perfect, but four-stars Xingqiu and Barbara are besides good.

However, the champion teammate for Chongyun is nary different than his auntie: Shenhe. This Adeptus disciple is simply a five-star character, truthful you request immoderate luck to get her. However, if you bash get her, she volition assistance an insane Cryo harm boost, which volition crook your Chongyn into an implicit beast.

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That’s everything you request to cognize abour the champion Gorou build. For much Genshin Impact guides, cheque retired everything we cognize astir Genshin Impact 2.8, arsenic good arsenic our Genshin Impact codes guides for escaped primogems.