The best Genshin Impact Yelan build

The best Genshin Impact Yelan build

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Looking for the champion Genshin Impact Yelan build? Although Yelan hasn’t been confirmed for the upcoming Genshin Impact 2.7 update, it’s apt she’ll look connected the next Genshin Impact banner. Yelan’s abilities person already been datamined, truthful we person a bully thought of however to physique this five-star character. It besides looks similar Yelan could get alongside 1 of the next Genshin Impact characters, Kuki Shinobu, a four-star sword user.

You tin already get a headstart connected collecting each of Yelan’s ascension materials to level her quality and afloat maximise her talents to make the best Genshin Impact Yelan build. Many of the materials tin beryllium recovered successful the caller area, truthful beryllium definite to cheque retired our usher connected how to unlock The Chasm successful Genshin Impact.

Yelan is acceptable to beryllium a Hydro bow user, but that could alteration erstwhile she’s officially announced successful the adjacent livestream. From what we’ve seen from her abilities, Yelan’s attacks standard with HP, truthful we privation to usage weapons and artifacts that marque the astir of her complaint attack, and elemental accomplishment and burst to physique her into a lethal sub DPS character.

Genshin Impact Yelan sub DPS build

The champion Genshin Impact Yelan physique is:

  • Weapon: Aqua Simulacra
  • Artifact: Noblesse Oblige

Best Genshin Impact Yelan weapon

It looks similar Yelan is arriving alongside a caller five-star weapon, the Aqua Simulacra, akin to different quality banners. This bow is acceptable to summation harm by 16%, resulting successful higher harm results from some Yelan’s burst and elemental skill.

The Sacrificial Bow is different fantabulous choice, capitalising connected the secondary elemental recharge stat for her burst, and focuses connected Yelan’s elemental skill. After damaging an hostile with an elemental skill, the limb has a 40% accidental to extremity the skill’s cooldown, resulting successful much charges.

Best Genshin Impact Yelan artifacts

For the artifacts, we’ve chosen the four-piece Noblesse Oblige. This artifact acceptable is cleanable arsenic it increases each enactment members’ onslaught by 20% for 12 seconds aft utilizing an elemental burst. We highly urge aiming for HP, vigor recharge, and crit complaint for your artifact sub stats.

You could besides opt for a two-piece Noblesse Oblige and Heart of Depth set, but it depends connected your enactment characters and whether you person a healer successful your party. Noblesse Oblige provides +20% harm to Yelan’s elemental burst, portion Hearth of Depth provides a Hydro harm bonus of 15%.

Another enactment is the Heart of Depth four-piece set, which provides a 30% harm boost for 15 seconds to mean and charged attacks aft utilizing an elemental skill. You besides get a Hydro harm bonus of 15%, cleanable for dealing harm with Yelan’s abilities.

Now you person the champion Genshin Impact Yelan physique acceptable for erstwhile she arrives successful the game, cheque retired Genshin Impact Yelan’s champion squad creation to spot which different of the best Genshin Impact characters you should brace her with.