The best Google Pixel 6 Pro cases and covers

The best Google Pixel 6 Pro cases and covers

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The Google Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s flagship-tier telephone that boasts premium specs. The telephone features a Google-designed Tensor chip, which is aiming to vie with Apple’s Bionic scope and Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon chips. On apical of this, the telephone packs a triple-lens rear camera and an appealing caller design, with its rear camera barroom helping it to basal retired from the crowd. However, arsenic enticing arsenic it looks, you’ll privation to support it with a cover. Fortunately, we’ve enactment unneurotic a database of the champion Google Pixel 6 Pro cases you tin bargain close now. This covers everything from slimline covers to much durable and deluxe items.

Otterbox Defender Series Case

OtterBox Defender Series Pro Case for Pixel 6 Pro.

This robust lawsuit from Otterbox volition support your telephone harmless successful the toughest of conditions. It comes with a multilayer defence physique that protects from drops and scratches arsenic good arsenic particulate and lint. The makers assertion this lawsuit volition support your instrumentality against 4 times arsenic galore drops arsenic military-standard cases, truthful you cognize you’re getting coagulated protection. The raised edges are perfect for protecting the surface and camera from damage. It is made of 50% recycled integrative and doubles up arsenic a basal truthful you tin bask contented connected your smartphone hands-free. It comes successful 3 varieties — Black, Pro, and Fort Blue (pictured) — truthful you tin find what champion suits your style.

Ringke Fusion Clear Case

The beforehand   and backmost  of the Ringke Fusion Clear Case connected  the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

First connected our database is this wide lawsuit from Ringke. After all, you picked your Pixel 6 Pro’s colour to amusement it off, truthful wherefore not bash truthful with a transparent case? Ringke hasn’t skimped connected extortion present though — this lawsuit has a durable wide bumper to cushion your telephone against drops and supply a grippy decorativeness successful hand. There are besides raised lips astir the surface for other protection, and a dual QuikCatch lanyard spread you tin easy connect your strap of prime too. All-in, this is an fantabulous lawsuit for your caller Pixel telephone for nether $15.

Crave Dual Guard Case

Crave Dual Guard Case for the Pixel 6 Pro successful  Shaded Spruce (dark green).

Available successful 9 gorgeous colors — though we emotion Shaded Spruce (pictured), a heavy wood greenish — Crave’s Dual Guard lawsuit is the cleanable companion for your Pixel 6 Pro. Constructed from high-quality TPU and PC, this compact lawsuit is casual to gaffe into a pouch oregon container yet provides premium protection. The dual-layer lawsuit has a grippy decorativeness to support your telephone firmly successful your hand, with improved daze absorption and casual click broadside keys. It’s wireless charging compatible, too.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Case

Google Pixel 6 Pro Case successful  Soft Sage (light green).

Available successful 2 shades: Soft Sage oregon Light Frost, Google’s authoritative lawsuit for the Pixel 6 Pro is nary slouch successful the extortion department. The translucent dual-layer lawsuit allows your Pixel’s colour to radiance through, and each lawsuit is crafted with implicit 30% recycled materials, making this a planet-friendly choice. Raised edges support your surface harmless from scratches, scuffs, and drops, too.

Incipio Grip Case

Incipio Grip Case successful  achromatic  for the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

For those superior astir driblet protection, conscionable Incpio’s Grip case, which offers up to 14 feet of driblet extortion acknowledgment to Impact Struts. This lawsuit has multidirectional grips to forestall your telephone from slipping, raised bezels to support your surface and camera from scuffs, scratches, and cracks, and it’s scratch and discoloration resistant too. Incipio has built-in antimicrobial exertion to forestall 99.9% of aboveground bacteria, and each lawsuit comes with a beingness guarantee, truthful this could beryllium the lone lawsuit you’ll ever request for your Pixel 6 Pro.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Pro Case successful  achromatic  for the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

The Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case from Supcase is simply a multi-layered TPU and polycarbonate wonderment offering up to 20 feet of eventual driblet protection. That’s not each though — there’s a built-in surface protector to support your phone’s surface harmless from scratches, precise cutouts for each ports and buttons, and a built-in kickstand for representation oregon scenery hands-free viewing oregon video calls. Add a sci-fi-inspired plan and you person yourself an fantabulous telephone lawsuit for nether $25.

Bellroy Leather Case

Bellroy Leather Case successful  achromatic  for the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Sometimes a sleek, classical benignant is best, similar this leather lawsuit from Bellroy. Available successful 5 colors, it’s crafted from premium, eco-tanned leather that wraps your Pixel 6 Pro from borderline to edge, cushioning it against drops and bumps. Bellroy’s leather lawsuit is an environmentally affable choice, made utilizing its revolutionary DriTan method which saves h2o and reduces chemicals.

This leather lawsuit doesn’t adhd bulk acknowledgment to its ace slim profile, truthful it’s perfect if you similar to gaffe your telephone into a pocket. The brushed microfiber lining wards disconnected scratches and marks connected your Pixel 6 Pro’s screen, too. Bellroy’s leather lawsuit comes with a three-year warranty.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Spigen has a reasonably wide scope of Pixel 6 Pro cases, but this peculiar exemplary is our favorite. It comprises a azygous furniture of hard PC mixed with much flexible TPU, which unneurotic supply a bully equilibrium of durability and flexibility. It’s made of sturdy stuff, and its usage of Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology means its corners tin sorb shocks with the champion of them. However, its astir endearing diagnostic is its afloat transparency, allowing you to amusement disconnected the Pixel 6 Pro’s extremist redesign arsenic if you person nary lawsuit astatine all. It’s besides precise slim compared to different cases, truthful it remains convenient and comfy to usage astatine each times.

Ghostek Covert Clear Case with Kickstand

Ghostek COVERT Clear Case with Kickstand for Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Ghostek knows however to make modern cases that battalion (or rather, deflect) a punch, and its Covert Clear Case for the Pixel 6 Pro is nary exception. It has been drop-tested to a military-grade standard, with tests showing that it tin suck up falls from up to 8 feet. Helping it retired successful this respect is the usage of Ghostek’s R2X shock-absorbing engineering, with the case’s corners and bumpers helping to dampen falls and different impacts. Other protective features of enactment see the scratch-proof backmost (made of hard PC), arsenic good arsenic the raised bumpers and edges, which support the phone’s show and camera lenses. On apical of this, the lawsuit is besides appreciably slim and supports wireless charging, making it highly versatile.

Caseology Parallax Series Case

Caseology Google Pixel 6 Pro Parallax Series Case.

Here’s a Pixel 6 Pro lawsuit from Caseology that focuses connected ergonomics arsenic good arsenic protection. Specifically, it sports a 3D Hexa Cube Design intended to summation traction, with ridges connected the broadside besides enhancing grip. Aside from this, it has been certified arsenic offering military-grade protection, truthful it volition instrumentality a just magnitude of punishment earlier you adjacent statesman to fishy it mightiness beryllium suffering. It besides adds raised bezels astir the show and cameras, reducing the probability that either of these areas suffers targeted damage. Looking beyond its ruggedness, the lawsuit is besides laudably well-designed, featuring a two-toned coloring that’s disposable successful Ash Gray, Sage Green, and gold. It’s besides beauteous cheap.

Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case for the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

We emotion wallet-style cases, and here’s the champion 1 you tin presently find for the Pixel 6 Pro. Manufactured by Olixar, it’s made from 100% genuine soft-grain leather. This feels large to the touch, and erstwhile combined with the underlying PC layer, it besides provides a precise bully level of protection, thing heightened by the information that it besides covers the beforehand of the phone. As a wallet case, it comes with slots for cards and cash, allowing you to hide astir your accustomed wallet. It besides boasts a built-in viewing basal function, truthful you tin ticker movies oregon speech with friends with ease. You tin besides get it successful and retired of your pockets oregon handbag easy since the lawsuit doesn’t battalion overmuch unnecessary weight.

Nakedcellphone Slim Hard Shell Phone Cover

Nakedcellphone Slim Hard Shell Phone Cover for Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Here’s a quirky small Pixel 6 Pro lawsuit that offers a precise convenient holster successful summation to extortion for your caller phone. A holster clip allows you to connect it to your belt, keeping your telephone wrong adjacent and casual reach. Of course, this caller diagnostic wouldn’t number for overmuch if the screen besides didn’t support the Pixel 6 Pro reasonably well, truthful we’re pleased to study that it does so fulfill this function. It’s made of a hard polycarbonate that has been treated (with powder) to connection accrued durability, truthful it volition support your telephone protected from the immense bulk of mundane accidents. Not lone that, but its microfiber lining means that it volition besides support the phone’s rear scratch-free. One different bully diagnostic is that the lawsuit besides comes with a kickstand, truthful erstwhile combined with the holster clip, it is 1 of the astir versatile Pixel 6 Pro cases retired there. It besides supports wireless charging.

LoveCases Gel Case

LoveCases Google Pixel 6 Pro Gel Case successful  a rainbow print.

If you’re bored of the run-of-the-mill generic integrative cases, this screen from LoveCases whitethorn beryllium conscionable the ticket. Made from gel-based plastic, it provides plentifulness of flexibility and convenience portion besides affording capable extortion to defender the Pixel 6 Pro against astir damage, including raised bezels that support the surface and camera lenses. Most notably, the lawsuit features a colorful rainbow plan that adds property to your phone, portion LoveCases besides connection a scope of different designs successful the aforesaid line, truthful you tin truly take according to your tastes. In summation to the design, the lawsuit is besides 1 of the thinnest and astir lightweight covers presently disposable for the Pixel 6 Pro, adding precise small value to the telephone and allowing you to usage it without fuss. Comes with each the close ports and cutouts successful each the close places.

Poetic Revolution Case

Poetic Revolution Google Pixel 6 Pro Case.

Here’s a Pixel 6 Pro lawsuit for anyone who wants to marque definite that their telephone won’t beryllium damaged immoderate clip soon. Manufactured by Poetic, it has been drop-tested to a military-grade modular and promises it’s shockproof, fall-proof, and scratch-proof. The usage of raised lips besides protects the phone’s camera lenses and screen, making it much hard to harm the device. If that weren’t enough, Poetic has besides thrown successful a built-in beforehand frame, which attaches to the lawsuit to supply all-over extortion and to marque your Pixel fundamentally damage-proof. Its pull-out kickstand besides makes it casual to ticker media hands-free successful either a representation oregon scenery orientation. Sure, it whitethorn not beryllium the prettiest lawsuit retired there, but you’d beryllium hard-pressed to find a much protective one.

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